At the healthy age of 17, every boy and girl must be chipped, this chip will take one week to complete a full cycle of searching your memories, fears and secrets. However, if you are hiding any secrets or information that could be dangerous, the council will not hesitate to kill you.
A few days after Cassia has been chipped, she uncovers more and more about her past, and some very emotional secrets, but she only has five days until her cycle is complete, and she knows what will happen to her if the council finds out.
Rebellious and Determined Cassia doesn't want to live by the rules anymore, and she plans to bring an end to them...


3. Chapter three

Chapter three

After a long two hours of waiting for my test results to come back in, I was finally discharged from the hospital. Mum and Dad had gone to collect our food from the Euphoria, so I started to head towards the park. The park was the place that I could think, despite the chatter of people walking past, I felt alone. I shouldn't be thinking too much whilst the chip was in me. 

It was abnormally cold for an early September afternoon, the mist curled around the tree trunks, being whipped around by a biting gale of wind. Although it was no use, I pulled my jacket tighter around my angular body, in a lame attempt to keep my body heat content. I thrust my hands into my pockets and curled them into fists. 

Having the chip inside of me felt like having a disease. I could almost feel it coursing through my veins, it made me feel dirty and ill. Maybe that is what it is like for everyone though, so I shouldn't worry too much. Next week it will be out of me, and I will get my test results back - which will be fine, because as far as I know I have no secrets to hide from them. 

But that is what the chip is for, finding long lost secrets that you could have buried under many other thoughts, or you were told when you were just a toddler, because your sub-conscious remembers these things. If the chip digs deep enough, it will find it. 


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