The Way I Met One Direction!! Me and my Best Friends went to London, UK to spend a week at the beach, having fun all over the place, and mostly Meeting One Direction... The beach was fun since I loved swimming... Until I ALMOST drowned........


2. Why?

Febe P.O.V.

"My parents said i can't go" Sarah said. We all said "WHAT!!!!" and she walked away after saying "I have to go I'll text ya later" and i ran after her and found her in the bathroom crying. "Sarah?" i said. "leave me alone Febe" "No come out and talk to me why can't you go?" "No" "Sarah come out and tell me i can help you!" "ok but how" suddenly i thought of two ideas they weren't awesome it was ok "Ok my mom can convince your mom after all they are best friends or i can convince your mom I'm persuasive" i said like an stuck up snob. she giggled which made me giggle.she came out and her make-up was messed up. i looked at her grossed out and she asked me "do you have make-up" "ya" "gimme some" "kay" I got the make-up out and fixed her make-up  AFTER: she looked like nothing happened. she was amazed and said "thanks" and hugged my tightly. "ok, ima call your mom first." she nodded and i dialed. ''Hi" i said "hey how's ur mom" " shes ok i have a question" "Yes" "ummm... why can't Sarah go with us to the UK" "shes not old enough shes 17" "when she's 18 or have a guardian" "Me, Emily, Germeen, Merna, Ereni, Christeena, Melanie, and Mia. are 18 years old so we can be her guardians" "you are? i guess if all of the girls are 18 she can go I'll start packing for her cos you girls are leaving tomorrow byeeee" "thanks byeeee" Sarah was so happy and said "thank you" again "No Problem lets go to class or we are in trouble"

a/n heeeeeyyy it was a short chapter One Direction will be introduced the nest chapter or the one after looking for admins please read and tell you friends... like? favorite? THANKS!!! LOVE YA STYLES!!! ~febe (febronia

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