The Way I Met One Direction!! Me and my Best Friends went to London, UK to spend a week at the beach, having fun all over the place, and mostly Meeting One Direction... The beach was fun since I loved swimming... Until I ALMOST drowned........


12. Try... Please...

Hey guys sorry I didn't update since for ever so I'm gonna make this one is special it took like 3 days long! Thanks alot everyone your amazing! Here we go...

Same day:

Febronia P.O.V.

"Let's try to tell them about there past" I said jumping up from the couch. We have been sitting thinking of what to do and Emily showed the girls around the house to try to let them remember anything. Just then Emily walked in and showed us to the other girls. They looked at us happy but I knew they didn't know us.

"They can't remember anything!" Emily yelled getting frustrated.

"it's ok let's try my idea we got nothing else to do" I said.

"What is your idea" Liam asked.

"You'll come with us." I said to the girls and they did as I told them and I grabbed there wrists and grabbed the keys and yelled walking "Harry come your driving us somewhere!" He came to us.

"where are we going" he asked catching up to us.

"the beach.. they might remember if they see since that was the last thing they saw since you know they went knocked out"

"you got knocked out too" Harry said smiling and then chuckled. Soon I joined him.

"Ya ya but right now they can't remember anything!" I snapped back and smiled. The car ride was awkward and frustrating they didnt remember anything. UGH! YESH!

We arrived and we all got out and I showed them where we went.

Mia P.O.V.

A very nice girl named Febronia was trying to get to remember stuff. I remembered a little stuff from the iPhone which I think was mine but I didn't tell them until I remembered everything. "Try... Please..." She asked and we looked at the water and I tried really hard and concentrated. Everything started flowing back like a river. Memories and my past and everything was back in my head! I was so excited and yelled "Harry?... Febronia?! OMG I REMEMBER!" I ran and hugged them both and me and Febronia squealed. Then I looked at Merna, Christeena, and Sarah they had a confused look on there faces. "Do they remember?" I asked worried pointing at them. They shoke there head 'no' and I was sad and I started crying. "What's wrong baby" Harry asked. Which made me chuckle because I remember that he said he and Febronia were dating and how they kissed but I kept crying.

"What's wrong wifey" Febronia asked that's her nickname for me I was so sad I couldn't talk so I just hugged her. "Are you sad that they don't remember" she asked, I swear that girl could read my mind! I just shoke my head in her shoulder. She passed me on the Harry now I was crying in his shoulder. Febronia went to the other girls and told them some stuff, I couldn't make out what it was beacuase of all my loud sobbing. All there faces light up, smiled and hugged her and came to me and Harry and hugged us. They noticed I was crying and asked "what's wrong why is she crying" I was still hugging them and told them I was fine and we went to the car and Harry drove us back and we were talking about girly stuff as Harry was annoyed which made us laugh!

We arrived at home and everyone jumped of the couch and walked up to us. Obviously Niall was in the kitchen and eating chips. He walked out because he heard something fall which was Louis dropping his drink. "Do you remember anything?"  Ereni asked looking worried. We all nodded and she gave us all hugs. The boys came and hugged us too. Niall came and kissed Merna on the cheek and she blushed. Everyone looked at them. Niall obviously understood and he explained, " Were dating!" He yelled and everyone cheered and started jumping so much to celebrate right now. "Lets party" I yelled.


Louis P.O.V.

"Lets party" Mia yelled and we all agreed by using a cheer. We were excited. Harry invited people. Febronia and they girls were changing and then they did the decorations and the music. Liam, Me, and Zayn helped the girls. Niall made the food Dur! It was gonna be so much fun!

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