The Way I Met One Direction!! Me and my Best Friends went to London, UK to spend a week at the beach, having fun all over the place, and mostly Meeting One Direction... The beach was fun since I loved swimming... Until I ALMOST drowned........


5. One Direction Flat


"Come on in" Harry said.

"Are you sure you have room for ALL of us?" Merna asks.

"Yes! just come in." Niall said from behind us with a light little push.

"Ok",we stepped in and our mouths dropped to the ground.

It was humongous!

"Are you ok girls" Louis asked us.

"Oh yeah were fine it's just the house is HUGE!!" Ereni said looking around. We agreed.

"haha thanks ok your room  is the last one down the hall" Liam siad.

"The bed is pretty big so I'm guessing all of you can fit but if you can't you can come  to any of us and sleep in there for a while." Harry said while me and the girls were walking up the stairs.

"Thanks" Germeen yelled down the stairs.

*One Direction alone in living room*

"I guess your fancying Merna" Harry said nudging Niall.

"Ummm... ya she's beautiful and sweet. I'm guessing your fancying Febronia a.k.a Febe?" Niall said.

"Ya she's amaZayn"

*Back To The Girls*

"OMG girls guess what!!" Febe said excitedly.

"What what's wrong?!" Ereni asked worriedly.

"Harry said he fancies me and Niall said he fancies Merna. I was walking downstairs when I heard Harry say something and stopped to listen and then I was so shocked after I heard what Niall and Harry said and just ran back here to tell you." I said out of breathe.

"Heyyyyyy...... There's no room here you have to sleep in Harry's room, Febe." Mia said with a smirk and continued, "Anddddddd....... Merna there is no room sleep in Niall's room hehehehehehehe."

"Ok since me and her already like them" Febe and Merna said at the same time.


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