Long Time Coming

A 'Warriors' fan fiction.

Tension has long built up since prey was found stolen on AirClan's territory. A full waged war follows, driving together enemies, and pulling apart the closest of friends. Who is safe?


1. Beautiful Eyes

   Weeping, she crawled into WaterClan camp, crying for help. All that stared back at her were big, cruel eyes. Cruel, yet . . . "Beautiful," She whispered, awed.

   The laughter that followed sent shivers down her spine. "Too late for that, honey."
 The cat stepped out of the shadows, into the moonlight. The she-cat gasped. "No!" She shrieked.


Author's Note

Okay, I know it's really short, but I think this is a good way to start Long Time Coming. Enjoy the rest of the book! And make sure to check out Rising Star, my other movella!

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