A New Life

One Direction has split up now. Zayn and I are married and had three children. We never want to see the boys. We moved on. We have jobs, a new life! But that all changes soon.


2. Uh-Oh


Jacqueline's POV

"Hi honey! How are you?" I asked right as Zayn walked straight through the door.
"Not in the mood to talk," he said angrily.
"Hi daddy!" Ariel yelled.
"Can't talk now! Jesus"
I followed Zayn up the stairs while cradling Ariel in my arms. I put her in her  little bed and told her, "Nap time! Luv u."
She responded "luv u too." I went into my room where I saw Zayn looking out  the window. "What happened to you? You are acting like a jerk!" I yelled at him.
No. No. No. The last time I've seen the guys all of them got in a HUGE fight. The cops had to come separate them all. Zayn came home with bruises, scratches,  and a worse of all, TWO black eyes. Since then no one has spoken about that incident. 
"Wha- wh- what do you mean?" I asked confused.
"I mean that we are forced to meet up again and have a 'reunion'," he motioned with his fingers "or else, well lets just say it will be NOT good."
"Ok," I whispered quietly. Oh dear. I can't believe this would happen. Bad. Bad. BAD. Ariel is too clingy with Niall. She refuses to leave and when we do she yells and screams at us. I logged on my twitter and looked at the trends. Wow. #1dreunion and #directionercelebration. Just great management. Just great. More mobs and paps now. I logged out and went to sleep. It was 8:05. Guess I'll go to bed early. I set the alarm to 7:15 and went to a deep sleep.

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