What Changes Your Life

Two girls travel to London, just wanting to explore, but one unthinkable event changes their lives. They meet One Direction. They never imagined it would happen and they never thought that romances would blossom. Join Tiffany, Tatiana, and the boys of One Direction on their journey to through friendship and love. Will it last or will it crumple to the ground before it even begins?


4. Hello

Tiffany's POV 

I woke up to something banging.

"Shit where did that come from?" I heard someone say. I quickly got up and ran down stairs to see Tatiana standing there with a pan and pots and pans surrounding her and not to mention three eggs on the ground."Oh good morning Tiff-Tiff, I just thought that i would make breakfast....." She said while picking up the pans. "Then the pans decided to attack me, and I guess the eggs agreed with them cause they flew out of my hands." Tatiana explained while continuing to pick up the pots and pans.

I face palmed myself, I just couldn't help it. This girl knows how to mess things up. "Look,why don't you go clean the mess and I'll cook,yeah?" I asked Tatiana while getting out more eggs. "By the way, NEVER call me Tiff-Tiff."

"Oh thank god i thought you were going to make me cook." Tatiana answered while letting out a sigh.

I quickly made eggs with bacon, and put them on the table. Before I could even start eating mine, Tatiana devoured 3 pieces of bacon and 2 eggs. Then she ran away. Whatever. When I finished eating, Tatiana ran down wearing white shorts with a purple blouse and purple converse and not to forget the purple snap-back. Let me tell you, I'm pretty sure Tatiana is obsessed with purple.

"Why are you all dressed up?" I asked Tatiana while thinking if we made any plans. When I looked up at her she had the most dumbfounded look on her face.

"Seriously Tiffany, like how do you not remember? We're going to walk around London , now go get dressed." she yelled the last part. Oh yeah, how could i be so stupid. I quickly ran upstairs, got ready and went back downstairs. I was wearing hot pink shorts with my favorite white blouse and my hair was braided to the side with a bow in it. I almost always braid my hair in some cool way, I don't know i just have this thing for braids. Then we started walking around since we were pretty close to the heart of London. First we saw the London Eye and we had to go on it , and let me tell you , it was beautiful! Then we passed Starbucks and we had to go get coffee. We both ordered Caramel Ribbon Crunch since it was our favorite drink. We chatted by the pick up place. Finally we got our drinks. Being me I opened my lid to eat some whipped cream, but then i heard Tatiana yell, "Tiffany watch out!" I started falling, and my drink flew right out of my hands and all over someone's shirt.

Tatiana's POV

We finally got our drinks. We were making our way to the exit when i say Tiffany's foot about to trip over someone's chair. "Tiffany watch out!" i yelled as Tiffany went toppling down while the drink made itself at home on some girl's shirt."Oh I'm so sorry" I told the girl."My friend can be such a klutz sometimes, wait what no, all the time." I told the girl while handing her napkins.She laughed while taking the napkins.

"Oh no, it's okay" she said in a British accent,"I'm Eleanor by the way"

"Oh and I'm Tatiana and that's Ms.Klutz over there." I told her while waving my hand at Tiffany.Tiffany got up and started to apologize to Eleanor."No, no it's okay" Eleanor cut off Tiffany," trust me now I have a reason to go shopping."

"Oh okay, I'm Tiffany" Tiffany said while holding out her hand to shake. They shook hands and we all sat down at a near by table.

"You guys are not from around here are you?" Eleanor asked us.

"No we're from America and actually just moved here a yesterday" i explained to her.

"Yesterday" she exclaimed,"well then, let me show you around" By the time we got home we had a ton of clothes,nail polishes and hair products, and we all exchanged phone numbers since our phones were in London too. Me and Tiffany had a great time and Tiffany managed to spill 2 more coffee drinks, crazy. For the rest of the day me and Tiffany decided to relax and watch Disney movies while eating junk food.

"Eleanor seems nice, don't you think?"Tiffany asked me after watching Despicable Me."Yeah, she wasn't even mad when you spilled coffee"I replied while putting in Despicable Me 2. Just then my phone rang, i picked it up and read the message it was from Eleanor

From El:):

Hey, do you guys wanna hang out with me and my friends?

we're watching movies!

I asked Tiffany "yeah sure i mean that's what we are doing and hey the more the merrier."Tiffany replied so I quickly replied back to El.

To: El:):

Yeah sure, where do you live?

She told me where she lives and me and Tiffany got into my Volkswagen Convertible 2018 Beetle, which was a light purple color. We arrived to El's house in less 15 minutes.

Tiffany's POV

I got out of the car with Tatiana and we made our way to the door. I rang the doorbell and El answered."Hey guys come in" El greeted us.

"Wait I forgot my phone in my car!" said Tatiana and she ran off.

"Go ahead Tiffany, make yourself at home we're all in the living room. I made my way to the living room and looked around then my eyes wandered to the couch and I froze.

Tatiana's POV

"Wait i forgot my phone in my car!" I said and ran off. I came back and El showed me the way. I came up to a frozen Tiffany and gazed in the direction of what she was staring and quickly froze too.





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