What Changes Your Life

Two girls travel to London, just wanting to explore, but one unthinkable event changes their lives. They meet One Direction. They never imagined it would happen and they never thought that romances would blossom. Join Tiffany, Tatiana, and the boys of One Direction on their journey to through friendship and love. Will it last or will it crumple to the ground before it even begins?


5. Fans or Friends or More

Liam's POV~

"Hey guys! I'm inviting my new friends over." Eleanor's eyes are filled with excitement as she looks as if she's gonna explode. Whoever these friends are, they must be pretty amazing. I haven't see El about friends since all the fame. I think it's because it's harder to find true friends nowadays cause of the fame and everything.

Harry perks up at the sound of Eleanor's friends coming over. I mean of course he does. "Are they hot?"

El laughs and shakes her head at Harry's blunt question. "I don't know. Sure, I guess. Don't ask me that, I don't think like guys do, but they're pretty. Tatiana was slightly more outgoing and Tiffany took a little longer to warm up to me but they're really nice girls. Don't scare them away Harry."

Zayn and Louis were too engaged in a game of FIFA to care about their surroundings and Niall...was stuffing his face.

"IMF GOINSMH TO THA KETCHEN!" Niall announces.

"I'll come with, I'm hungry." Harry and Niall scamper off into the kitchen. I feel kinda bad for El. I guess she'll have to do some serious grocery shopping after outer visit, knowing Niall, he's probably already eaten half of the food in the pantry.

About 5 minutes later, the doorbell rings. Niall and Harry were still in the kitchen, Zayn was still playing video games, and Louis was on his phone. El got up to welcome her new friends. Footsteps approach and I look up, stunned. There was a girl with long black hair and chocolate brown eyes. I guess she didn't know who El was talking about when she said "friends" as she stood there frozen in shock? Her eyes were wide, but they captivated me much like Danielle's did when we were dating and I couldn't help but feel intrigued by this girl. Another girl followed a few minutes later with light brown hair and hazel eyes, but I barely spared her a glance as I continued to watch the first girl who was now looking down.


Harry's POV~

*buzzzzz* The doorbell rings while Niall and I were finishing up our sandwiches in the kitchen. I hear faint footsteps tapping against the floor. "Harry, Niall, c'mon lads. The girls are here." Louis eyes are still on his phone as he walks back to the living room with me and Niall trailing behind him, sandwiches in hand. In the living room, I see one girl with shoulder length slightly brown hair with hazel eyes. My eyes then trail to the other girl that's looking at the ground. I was still looking as she suddenly snaps her head up as if realizing that she wasn't alone in the room. Her cheeks were rosy and she had these big brown eyes that held me in place. Niall seemed to be off in his own world as he hasn't moved since we got in, kind of like me, except his eyes were glued to the taller girl with hazel eyes.

Eleanor walks up next to me, "Well boys, these are the two crazy friends I made at Starbucks."

The taller girl sticks out her hand finally recovering from what I guess was shock. "I'm Tatiana and this is my best friend, Tiffany. Sorry, she's just a little shy."

"Hi." The captivating girl whose name I now know is Tiffany squeaks out.

Suddenly 'Kiss You' blasts out as Tatiana's face turns red. "Sorry." She quickly turns off her phone and reverts her look back to Niall who's obviously infatuated.

Apparently, Zayn was now done with gaming, as he bursts into the laughter along with Lou. Louis manages to breathe out through his laughing as he says, "So I take it that you girls are fans and had no idea that you were meeting One Direction."


Niall's POV~

I follow Harry and Lou out of the kitchen only to freeze in my steps as I make eye contact with one of the prettiest girls I have ever seen. Eleanor then introduces the two girls, but honestly I just couldn't stop staring at Tatiana. I felt as if she were a goddess. 'Kiss You' suddenly blasts through the room and breaks me out of my trance. Tatiana turns as red as a tomato as she quickly shuts off her phone. Following that, laughter fills my ears as Louis and Zayn start literally howling. Gasping for air between breaths Lou says, "So I take it that you girls are fans and had no idea that you were meeting One Direction."

Maybe these fans are friends, but will they be more than friends?



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