Marcel On Outside (One Direction FanFiction)

Marcel is bullied at school and hes finally had enough during the summer Marcel Works out and Changes his loks has this Sweet Nerd Truly Changed into the new bad boy. What Does Marcel have to go through to Loved and treated equally. Will the new reputation bulid him up or tear him down.


1. Where it All Starts

Hi all, i'm marcel harry edwards I live in Cheshire with a group of friends the only friends i have. One day a lovely lady came up to me and asked to sit down of course i let her but little did I know this girl was going to be my forst love " movr nerd don't get any your drool on her" my happiness was taken like usual James then Shoved me knocking all my books out of my hands and me to the ground. I just glared up at him some day he will pay for embarrassing me " aww is the little baby goig to cry?" ' leave him alone' Niall, Zayn, Louis and Liam were standing there my best friendsof course. But they were soon on the ground with m. Last day of school And we still get treated like shit. I helped the lads up grabbed my bags and the boys headed to the car before i began to walk I ooked back " what are you looking at Deweeb" I just smirked and his face looked confused . " You'll regret EVER pushing me and my friendpat at him before i left . ----------------------------- Hopefully You Guys will like it comment, like and Comment and favorite need some push to keep going
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