Marcel On Outside (One Direction FanFiction)

Marcel is bullied at school and hes finally had enough during the summer Marcel Works out and Changes his loks has this Sweet Nerd Truly Changed into the new bad boy. What Does Marcel have to go through to Loved and treated equally. Will the new reputation bulid him up or tear him down.


2. Interesting

*Skipping Summer* when me and thr lads were getting out of the car we had everyones eyes hit us it felt really akward *Flash back during summer* c'mon guys one more mile to go then we can have a break. whrn we stopped all I could think about is how much wr have changed all our work out have not only made us stronger but ot personailtyis have gotten stronger no one will believe what we look likr honestly we lookway older than 16 and 17*Falsh back ovet* as we walked into the school we grabbed out schedules we had every class together what a. Relief I looked up yo see the lovely lady from last year she looked up at me. "Hey Marcel" she had a beautiful smile i guess I couldn't hide my true geeky side . ' erm ek erm eh hey sierra you look great i kean you always looked great and that urm I mean i go by harry now ' I coukd tell she was blushing that's not cause of me is it well of course not. " oh well harry you've changed" shes right I wear beanies and skinny jeans i look like I can be taken seriously. ' in a good way? Or? " i just like you, i mean like whatever you think is right or good for you. She said that really fast is she okay. " erm i got to go see you later *sierra's p.o.v* omg that was close harry has changed but he was so perfect I saw my best friend bree" bree!!!" ' hey whats going on?' "Harry hes changeed so much i almost well basically told him i liked him " ' who are you talking about ?' " Marcel he wrll he wants to be called harry now and i liked him for so long but, o think he'll think that i want him now caused he changed but its so much more than that you know?" "Bree, Bree!! Answer me " she grabbed my shoulder and tutned me around Niall was standing there woth wide eyes he shut his locker and walked off did he hear anything omg what if he tells harry " why didn't you say something" ' you know i can't speak around niall hed just so idk seret and when I try to soeak, lets just say i get crazy looks he has changed so Much he looks so much older" the bell rang and we started walkingto class i dropped brre of at algebra and headed to english when i walked in first thing I notice was the boys and they noticed me i think niall yold only one seat left and its next to niall behind hrry this will be very interesting.
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