One Direction Imagines

One Direction Imagines:
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6. imagine for Rebekah

Today was the day that my husband Louis was getting back from touring with his band 

One Direction.

Louis and i have been married for 5 years and we have a 4 year old set of faternal twins

Ashley and Eric.

Today i was gonna be pranking Louis and our children would be helping me.

I knew that Louis would be home soon so i decided i was gonna pull the old chicken trick, at least thats what i call it where you put glue in a bucket and then it comes out on the person and then you turn on a fan and feathers fly onto them and stick to them, well thats what we were gonna be doing.

"Okay Eric i want you and Ashley  to set up the feathers okay"

"okay mommy" they both said at the same time and then ran off to grab the feathers and set them up in front of the fan, and as soon as they were done i said

"okay now who wants to help mommy put glue into this bucket"

they both started jumping up and down and said

"We do mommy"

then they carefully helped me fill the bucket with glue and then we heard a car pull up and then i quickly put the bucket of glue on top of the door and then we ran to our hiding spot where we had tied a string to the fan so we could grab it and pull when the glue got on him, and once we heard the door open, and the bucket fall.

Ashley,Eric, and I pulled on the string together and then came out of our hiding spot to see our prank completed and it  had hit the right target, and then at first Louis looked angry, but then he smiled and started chasing us around and then he got me first and then Eric and Ashley and then we were all covered in feathers, and i went to give Ashley and Eric a bath.

While i was bathing them Eric said "we'll get daddy next time real good mommy"

and then Ashley said

"i already have a plan

and then i smiled and kissed the forehead of my little pranksters 

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