One Direction Imagines

One Direction Imagines:
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9. imagine for Priya

Today i was going to the mall with my best friend Jessica, and we are going to be going to the food court first to get something to eat since, it was almost one.

When we got to the food court, Jessica went to get pizza and i went to go and get something from the nando's that was in the food court, and when i got in line i was behind a guy with blond hair and at first i thought nothing of it.



A few minutes later he turned around, and i saw that it was Niall Horan from One direction, and then he said

"So you like Nando's?"

"i love Nandos if i had a choice this would be the only thing i'd eat for the rest of my life"

"me to i'm Niall by the way.....Niall Horan"

"i'm Priya"

"wow....beautiful name for a.....beautiful girl, how would you like to come and sit down with me while we eat our food"

"that sounds great"

and then i got a text from my friend saying that she had left the mall cause she had to go to soccer practice, and then Niall said

"is everything okay"

"yeah everything is great"

then we sat down and eat our food together and talked for hours until the mall closed and before we left we exchanged numbers and that was the start of a great friendship and something a little more.

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