One Direction Imagines

One Direction Imagines:
Comment Name, Boy, What happens, and a little bit of your personality
And I will make outfits on Polyvore: crystella15gurl <3


2. Imagine for Poppy

                                    "Do you remember how we met " Harry asked me .

  * Flash Back*

          I heard screaming, then I saw girls running not running, but chasing towards me so I ran into a alleyway. Is that the guy from One Direction they are chasing? I looked really careful and I saw that it was. He ran straight in front of me then, stopped to catch his breath. I pulled him into the alleyway  and he tripped and fell on top of me. Our lips touched and I felt a warm feeling of happiness. At that moment we both knew we could never be apart.

*End of Flash Back*

      "Yes I do remember how we met" I said staring into his green breath taking eyes while he stared into my brown ones. " I love you Poppy " He said smiling " I love you too, Harry " I replied


     Sorry if you didn't like it Poppy I can always change it if you want me too. Also sorry about the shortness this is my first imagine so if you don't like it then you can tell me but otherwise look on Polyvore for your outfit  Username: crystella15gurl



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