One Direction Imagines

One Direction Imagines:
Comment Name, Boy, What happens, and a little bit of your personality
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7. imagine for Leslie

Today was my birthday and normally any other day i'd sleep in and my boyfriend Liam would normally let me sleep in, and he would take care of things , but our 4 year old daughter Maya didn't.

I felt jumping on the bed and then when i opened my eyes i saw Maya jumping on Liam's side of the bed and when she saw me she said

"mommy your up happy birthday mommy"

"thank you sweetie, where's daddy?"

"he's making breakfast for you mommy, and he said not to wake you up but i wanted to give you

your present is that okay?"

"of course it's okay Maya"

"so what did you get me"

"i drew you a picture of me, and you and daddy"

then she handed me the picture and then i smiled and said "Maya why is daddy far away from mommy"

"Cause daddy doesn't love you as much as i do"

then i kissed her forehead and Liam came in with breakfast and then we ate and then we all stayed in bed for the rest of the day watching movies together.

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