With a Tight Grip

Abigail Lanie Adams was a shy, talented, 19 year old girl who didn't expect what she got the first year of college. Her roommate was a slut, her best friend was always traveling, and almost all of her free time was taken up by cheer. When something happens that causes her to quit cheer, she meets someone who makes her life a living hell and an amazing trip to heaven. Harry Styles comes around.


2. I'm Leaving

 Not that I cared about where Kayla was, I was just confused as she said people were coming over. Not caring anymore to think about it, I walked to my bedroom to put away my stuff and change. I walked in and the room was dark.

"Why the hell is it so dark in here?" and I flipped on the light.

"HOLY SHIT Lanie!" yelled Kayla in her bed.

"Sorry to interrupt, Kayla and... oh my gosh is that Blair?" I asked with my mouth wide open.

"Hey Lanie..." said Blair very awkwardly, giving me a small smirk.

"This is so great. This is so great... and I am leaving," I said grabbing a different pair of nike shorts, a t shirt and my bag. I grabbed my charger and my keys and I left.

I wasn't mad, I was just disappointed. I guess you couldn't expect anything other than one of the hottest guys at Southwark, and one of the biggest sluts at Southwark, to hook up in your dorm room.

I was thirsty so I decided to grab some Starbucks. The drive through was too long so I decided to run inside. "Can I have a venti white chocolate mocha, extra whipped cream, extra hot, please?"

"Sure, that'll be 4.02, can I have your name?"

"Lanie," I said and I walked to a table, got out my lap top and got on twitter.

I was tagged in a tweet from my back base Carter and it said:

"@carterblake_: GIRLS we did TOO good today on that stunt, way to hit it @lanie_gail ! @ellery21 @kenkenkennedy"

I just favorited and retweeted it. He was obviously gay, and one of the only nice people to me on the squad. He was my friend and one of the other flyers, Blake was my friend. She was the cutest little thing. Ellery and Kennedy weren't huge fans.

"Lanie, white chocolate mocha extra whip and extra hot," said the lady.

"Thank you." I grabbed the drink and sat back down. It was 9 by the time a worker came up and told me it was closing time. It was raining, yay. I walked outside to my car and drove back to the dorm. They were playing Ben Rector on the radio...what?

I knocked on my bedroom door.

"Kayla.. is Blair gone?"

I got no answer, but the door opened. And sure enough, Blair walked out.

"Lanie, I had no idea your roommate was Kayla... I was kind of eying you and thinking  of asking you out," he said to me smirking.

"Hahaha, it's too late now though, isn't it?" I laughed, rolled my eyes, and walked past him into my room.

'Where's Kayla?" I asked out to Blair.

"Shower... which means..." and he pushed me back into the room and closed the door.

"Um, do you mind? I'd like to get some sleep, and you're drunk. So let's not touch me and leave," I said trying to get his hands of me.

"Lanie, come on... I see you look at me all the time."

"Before you hooked up with my roommate. Get out."

"Fine, you slut," he said, while squeezing my arm and then let go, and left.

I waited for Kayla to get out of the shower.

"Where's Blair..?" she asked.

"Oh, yeah the drunk one? He tried to fuck me while you were showering, and I told him to leave. Now if you don't mind, I'd like to shower and go to sleep. I have class in the morning."

Kayla gave me a bitchy look and walked away.


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