My Summer love

When Sam gets sent to a musical talent camp everything seems dull, until she sees who the councilors are. 5 dreamy boys, but she keeps her eye on Niall who ends up becoming the boy of her dreams. She thinks everything seems well until one of the one of the very jealous girls starts spreading rumors about Sam and Niall.


26. Zayn

Hey everyone this is going to be a shortish chapter that is in celebration on Zayn's birthday in his point of veiw...ENJOY!!!

I guess this camp isn't as bad as I remembered, at least Alex isn't here 24/7 getting me in trouble. I walked up to Cabin 1 which is where all the boys and I hang out, along with the girls from Harry's cabin. You know I'm not really the kind of guy for a relationship with someone that I have only known for a couple days, but one of the girls in Harry's cabin is really hot. Her name is Perrie and she has a voice like an angel. I think I might ask her out. I mean I would be second guessing myself right now because of the rules about not dating a camper, but Niall has been getting away with it for almost the whole summer, so why not? 

I entered the cabin and saw that it was just Harry and Perrie. No one really knows that I fancy her because I like to keep it to myself, but I guess that Harry will be the first to find out.

"Hey Zayn!" Harry said looking up from his phone.

"Hey Harry...Perrie." I smiled and gave her a nod. 

"hey Zayn what's up?"She asked.

"Just decided to stop by for a bit." I replied taking a seat on the couch next to her.

"Nice." She said a little awkwardly. I thought for a second of how to ask her.

"Eh I'll be right back you to, I have to use the restroom." Harry said throwing his phone on the bed and getting up. I paused for a second and then turned to face Perrie.

"hey Perrie I was wondering, maybe do you want to go um out with my sometime?" I asked swallowing. My hard was racing as I saw the surprised look on her face.

"You know I was hoping you would ask me that. I've kind of liked you for a while. Since we met actually." She smiled.

"So is that a yes?" I asked hopefully.

"Defiantly," She smiled, "but we have to keep it on the down low since we're breaking the rules." She smiled leaning in.

"I have to go meet the other girls, see you around Zayn!" She smiled getting up and walking out of the cabin leaving me smiling like a idiot. Harry came back in the room looking confused.

"Did I miss something?" He asked.  I smiled.

"Nope nothing man, I gotta go though." I smiled, stuffed my hands in my pockets and waked out of the cabin. 

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