My Summer love

When Sam gets sent to a musical talent camp everything seems dull, until she sees who the councilors are. 5 dreamy boys, but she keeps her eye on Niall who ends up becoming the boy of her dreams. She thinks everything seems well until one of the one of the very jealous girls starts spreading rumors about Sam and Niall.


9. The Mall part 2

We bolted after Louis laughing our heads of as the whole mall was giving us dirty looks and telling us to stop acting like maniacs. It wasn't until I heard the sound of rubber tires running against the tile floor that I noticed the mall cops were on us. I let our a burst of laughter and that just made Louis trip on his cape and fall flat on his face. Then the two cops went on either side of him and hauled him off the floor and into the nearby mall jail. Ok this is getting a little more serious then I expected. Then Louis started yelling which made all 5 of us burst out in laughter.

"You can't put Clark Kent, also known as SUPERMANNNN!!! In a cell!" He kept yelling that over and over again until the door shut and everyone went back to what they were doing.

Louis point of view

I was running down the hall laughing and yelling Superman at the top of my lungs as people on either side of me gave me dirty looks. I ran by a couple of teenagers who were laughing a video taping it, that made me feel very proud of my actions. Then suddenly I heard Sam let out a huge laugh and I turned around just to see the mall cops were riding on their little segways. I made a half smile and then slam! I fell flat on my face, stupid cape. I just laid there for a second and then I felt four stong hands haul me off of the floor. I looked on either side of me and saw the two cops, well I better make the most of it.

"You can't put Clark Kent, also known as SUPERMANNNN!!! In a cell!" I yelled, struggling to get free.

"You think you're funny kid? Well you though wrong, common." The cop said. He was an older man probably in his late forties and was bald. He had a Southern accent which made everything he said sound frightening. He shoved me into a cell and I took a seat on the bench. There was writing all over the walls cuss words, hearts with names in them, names etc.

"Alright kid, I have to go to the bathroom stay here, and no funny business!" He scolded and left.

Once he was gone I took out a silver paint marker and wrote SUPERMAN! in huge letters across the wall. Then I took the gum out of my mouth and stuck the marker under the bench. 

"Lou! Lou over here!" I turned to see Sam and the boys leaning into the room.

"Sam! Boys! You came to bust me out!" I said cheerfully and walked up to the bars.

"Are you guys sure this is a good idea?" Liam asked cautiously .

"Liam stop worrying and get me out of here!" I hissed.

"Okay, okay." He said. 

Sam made her way to the key and unlocked the cell door. I gave her a huge hug and then a smile. She pulled away and gave me an 'are you serious?' look and then laughed.

"Hey! Stop right there!" I flipped around and the cop was on us. We all ran as fast as we could but i suddenly noticed the cop was only on four of us. Who's missing? Sam and Niall weird. Then I saw then walk out of the office and follow us.

Sam's point of view

"Hey! Stop right there!" Louis turned around and then the four of them ran. I went to run but then the unexpected happened. 

Niall grabbed my arm turned me around and placed his lips on mine...Woah.


****Hey you guys! It's me and I just wanted to say it's like crazy I have over 100 reads on my story! That's ridiculous! Thank you so much :D So that's why i decided that the time had to come eventually and this was perfect. Thanks again feedback is much appreciated. 





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