My Summer love

When Sam gets sent to a musical talent camp everything seems dull, until she sees who the councilors are. 5 dreamy boys, but she keeps her eye on Niall who ends up becoming the boy of her dreams. She thinks everything seems well until one of the one of the very jealous girls starts spreading rumors about Sam and Niall.


34. I love you

I woke up way earlier then I usually do, I guess it was the excitement. 

"Are you nervous too?" I heard a voice say. I think it was Alex.

"Alex?" I said a little confused on why he was in our cabin.

"Ya?" He said.

"What are you doing in here?" I asked.

"I fell asleep talking to Niall last night. I think he left though." He replied.

"Oh. Ok then." I said. I turned on the lamp next to my bed and grabbed my phone. It was 5:47 great.

"So are you nervous?" Alex asked. 

"Probably more excited then nervous, but if I wasn't nervous that wouldn't be normal." I laughed. 

"I'm really nervous. I want this so bad. I've been going t this camp for a while now and Harry's cabin has gone undefeated ever since he became a counselor. It would be great to beat him. I would just love to see his face. I actually think we have a pretty good chance this year." He said through the darkness. 

"I think so too. How good was the song they wrote last year?" I asked curious about what we were up against. 

"It was really good. He beat my cabin by a landslide." He replied widening his eyes.

"what was it called? I asked.

"Don't Let Me Go." He replied.

"Oh wow." I said. 

"What?" He replied.

"I don't know that name just sounds familiar. I think I might have heard another camper talking about it." I said. 

"Oh." He said. That was all I remembered since I fell asleep. When I woke up for the second time it was 8:00 we had 5 hours to get prepared for the competition. I got out of bed and saw Alex laying laying on the floor snoring like a pig. I laughed and got in the shower. When I got out I saw he was still sound asleep so I decided to get some payback. I went outside and filled a bucket with lake water, scum and all. I walked back into the cabin and looked at Alex. I laughed to myself as I turned the bucket upside down sending he filthy water all over him. He jolted up and the look on his face was priceless! He gave me a dirty look as water dripped down his face. I laughed and saw Niall  walk in the doorway.

"What did I miss?"  He laughed looking at Alex who was still speechless. 

"Well you could say I got a little pay back from yesterday." I said laughing and Niall joined. Alex started stuttering as he looked at me and then at Niall and then at his soaking wet torso.

We were laughing so hard I didn't even notice Sarah emerge from the bunk room rubbing her eyes.

"What is going on here?" She said tiredly. The thought just made us all laugh harder.

"Ugh. You woke me up you guys." She said taking a seat.

"Sorry!" I said half laughing. 

"You were supposed to be up earlier anyway. We have to rehearse." Niall said calming down. 

"I'll go get the guys...and change." Alex said eyeing me. I smiled to myself. He walked out the door and Niall told me to grab my guitar. I said ok and Sarah went to get the other girls up. 

"So Sam." He said.

"Ya?" I said.

"Well I was thinking since camp is ending in a few days and we haven't really been on a real date. I mean there was the mall, but that doesn't count." He said.

"So...?" I asked even though I knew where this was going.

"I was wondering if you would like to go on a real date with me Sammy." He asked walking up to me and smiling. 

"Of course I would Nialler." I smiled back. He gave me a soft kiss and then he went back to tuning his guitar. I did the same. 

After The others joined us we rehearsed until 11. Then we decided we could all just chill. 

"Hey Niall want to go on a walk with me?" I asked.

"Sure." He said pulling a sweatshirt over his head. We headed out the cabin door and I lead him down the hill to the start of the trail that follows the river.

We walked in silence. Not long after we started walking Niall reached for my hand and intertwined his fingers with mine. I leaned into him as we walked. I soon as the familiar flat rock where I first formally met Zayn. This time he wasn't there. 

"Follow me." I said guiding him over to the rock. He hopped up on the rock with me and I proped myself up on my elbows. 

"It's really pretty here." He said squinting his eyes at the glistening water. I felt like this moment was perfect. I looked him in the eyes. They looked bluer then ever as he looked out at the river.  He finally noticed me staring and turned his head to face me. 

"What?" He said smiling.

"Nothing." I said turning my head. 

"Hey Sam?" He said.

"Ya Niall?" I replied facing him.

"I love you." He said. I felt my heart skip a beat as I saw the words come off his lips. I felt myself blush.

"I love you too Niall." 


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