My Summer love

When Sam gets sent to a musical talent camp everything seems dull, until she sees who the councilors are. 5 dreamy boys, but she keeps her eye on Niall who ends up becoming the boy of her dreams. She thinks everything seems well until one of the one of the very jealous girls starts spreading rumors about Sam and Niall.


14. Caleb Archer

I saw him and my jaw just dropped. It was Caleb. Caleb Archer. He had jet black, slightly curly skater hair, and stunning blue eyes. He smiled and walked inside the cabin. I looked around all of the girls were wide eyed and most of them looked like they were gonna start drooling. Puberty did him well. He was wearing a tight black tank-top that showed his perfectly toned abs through his shirt. He was wearing a black cowboy hat and blue jeans, he was tan and his muscles were huge. 

"Hey Sam." He laughed, "I see you still got that voice of yours." He said with his country accent. 

"Yeah and I see you're still, well, I see you're still not over me." I replied.

All of the girls looked at me and Caleb laughed.

"Haha hey Sam why don't you introduce us to you little friend here." Maddie asked not taking her eyes off of him.

"Ok. Everyone this is Caleb, my ex boyfriend." I said, "and Caleb this is Maddie, Sarah, Courtney, and Alexis." I said pointing them out.

"Nice to meet y'all but I would like to talk to Sam real quick if you don't mind." He smiled and gestured that we step out of the room.

"So I have a lot of questions that need answering." I started. "First, what are you here? Second why do you have a country accent? Third..."

"I love you" he blurted out,

"Why are...wait WHAT?" I finally noticed what he said.

"I am..still in love with you." He said. Wait something was different. His accent disappeared!

"Where did your accent go."

"Oh I just pulled that off because I thought you might think its attractive." He chuckled.

I gave him a blank expression.

"Not funny? No of course not." He said to himself.

I gave him a weird look.

"Any way I was thinking, maybe you would want to go out and get a coffee or something, you know catch up on everything." He asked nervously.

"Well one I am not a counselor and I can only go off of campus with one and two I" I didn't know whether to call Niall my boyfriend or not.

"You what?"

"Never mind." I replied.

"Wait a second. If your by the councilor who is?" He asked.

"His name is Niall, he's from Ireland." I informed him.

"Oh. Well if you ever want to talk here's my number. Make sure you call me."

"Yeah of course." I replied, still a little stunned after what just happened. I took the slip of paper from his hand and tucked into my pocket. And just like that he was gone.

Caleb's point of view

Wow I just did that. I actually told her and got the courage up to tell her I still loved her and asked her on a date and she pretty much rejected me. That Niall guy though, I need to talk to him. I went to the front desk and asked the head counselor where Niall might be. He told me Cabin 1. I thanked him and went down the road.

I opened the door and tapped on the frame lightly letting them know I was here. There were 5 guys in there and two girls.

"Um I'm looking for Niall." I said and they all looked at each other.

"I'm Niall." The blonde one stood up. Sam was right he was very Irish.

"Oh hey can I talk to you?" I asked.

"Yeah sure mate." He stepped outside.

"Ok so my name is Caleb Archer and well in a figure from one if your camper's past. Her name is Sam."I stated. I scanned his face looking for any changes. Meh face turned a little paler and he looked a little flushed.

"You ok man?" I asked.

"Yeah, yeah. I know Sam she's a star camper." He replied.

"Well I was wondering if you and her had a thing?" I asked. I could tell he was thinking and moments later he blinked and told me no. Score.

I quickly went to the main cabin to check out. I grabbed my car keys jumped into my black Ferrari, put my shades on and drove away.

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