UNMASKED - A Newspaper's front page

This newspaper front page (based on Phantom of the Opera) was designed and written by me (Mirlotta) and Sophella on a school visit to some newspaper offices. This movella includes both articles written and a photo of the full front page.
Please like, fan and tell us your opinion :D


4. Author's note!

Thank you to everyone who liked and favourited this book! It's not long or anything, but it took a while to design and write! (A whole six hours straight in fact!) It would be greater than great if you could give us some feedback on our articles, and also on the overall design of the front page! We are also thinking of posting some other articles up here, which some of our classmates (who are on movellas) have written. Please tell us what you think of this idea ASAP!!


Thanks again!!!!



Mirlotta and Sophella


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