UNMASKED - A Newspaper's front page

This newspaper front page (based on Phantom of the Opera) was designed and written by me (Mirlotta) and Sophella on a school visit to some newspaper offices. This movella includes both articles written and a photo of the full front page.
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2. Article 2: THE CURSE OF THE OPERA? (Also fictional)

Three days ago, on the 23rd of June 2013, a crisis to go down in the history of musical theatre occurred. The female lead, Christine Daee, in London's best loved musical, the Phantom of The Opera, was found dead in her hotel room after the magnificent first show's finale. Phillipa Jones, who played the role, had previously been telling the rest of the cast outlandish rumours of a face appearing behind her mirror - as the Phantom did to Christine's in the play.

Distraught, yet convinced the show must go on, the director (who will remain unnamed) forced her understudy to take to the stage the night after. As the morning dawned, the cast grew anxious as she did not appear for rehearsal. Later, she was found dying on her hotel bed. Luckily, she is now in intensive care, recovering, but unable to remember her attempted murder.

Tonight, Bella Hadfield, the final understudy, will be playing the part of Miss. Daee.

She told us : "I am aware of the supposed curse on Christine's role, but it's show business - the audience must see their show!"

Has the curse of Macbeth become the curse of the opera?

We nervously await the answer to this fatal question - and more urgently so, whether Bella will survive the night.

Watch this space!

By Mirlotta and Sophella

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