UNMASKED - A Newspaper's front page

This newspaper front page (based on Phantom of the Opera) was designed and written by me (Mirlotta) and Sophella on a school visit to some newspaper offices. This movella includes both articles written and a photo of the full front page.
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1. Article 1: THE MAN BEHIND THE MASK (Fictional)

Over the past two weeks, six girls have been reported missing, all with a link - a lone, scarlet rose, left at their front door the day after they vanished. Yet this sinister case has one too many connections with another frightening tale. The Phantom Of the Opera, the tale of Erik, an elusive inventor on the brink of madness and genius. The legendary myth tells that he haunted the ground beneath the Paris Opera House, gradually convincing Christine Daee, an innocent chorus girl that he is an angel her dead father sent her. The Phantom left a single rose for the girl when pleased with her singing...

Though this similarity is already suspicious, there is more to come. The last person seen with every girl, was a man, cloaked, with a mask covering his face, a hat atop his head. The universal costume of the Phantom of The Opera. 

An interesting point, is that all the young ladies missing happened to have something to do with the music industry - music being the Phantom's deep passion. 

All this, combined with the fact every girl went missing near or in an Opera House leads us to the question..

Why is the kidnapper playing by The Phantom Of the Opera?

And more importantly - who is the man behind his mask?


By Mirlotta and Sopella.

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