Do You Remeber (A Niall Horan Fanfiction)

80 Year old Brooke Horan lives in a nursing home, everyday she sits at the window and looks at the house her and her husband Niall used to live in, she remembers everyday they spent together, from the time they met to the time the tragic accident happened


1. Remebering

*Brookes P.O.V*

I sit at the window of my bedroom in the nursing home that has been my home for the past 15 years, I was 65 when my children and friends admitted me, I look out the window and at the house that was once my home, all the memories that were in that house.


*Flashback 60 Years Ago* "Niall Give it back!!" I yell and chase after my boyfriend who was running off with my Guitar "Never!!" he yelled back and laughed, I catch up to him and tackle him to the ground "got you" I whisper in his ear and kiss him passionately, I smile as he kisses back, I grab my guitar and quickly stand up and run off. "Brooke!" he laughs and runs after me, I shut the bedroom door and put my guitar on the bed, I open the wardrobe and look for a dress, today was my 20th birthday and the boys were throwing a big party for me, I get my Blue cocktail dress and lay it on the bed, Niall runs in and kisses my cheek then runs out to the kitchen. I giggle and put my dress on then my nude colour heels, walks to the bathroom and grabs my make-up from the bathroom draw, I apply some foundation and lightly puts some smoky eye shadow, I look for my baby pink lipstick and take the lid off and apply some to my lips. I walk out of the bathroom and grab my purse and Phone. "Niall are you ready?" I ask him as I walk downstairs "yeah, lets go" he says and grabs ,my hand as we walk out of the house and to his car. he opens the door for me, I get in and he walks to the drivers side and gets in starting the car, I smile and put my hand on his knee as he drives off and towards Zayns house, Niall turns the radio on and starts singing along to the song, smiles and listens to him, Niall parks the car and I get out, he gets out and walks to me grabbing my hand and we walk inside. the whole night consisted on drinking beer, shots and dancing, all I remember from after that was waking up the next morning laying next to Niall who had Harry passed out on top of him, I look around Zayns now messy House.


*End Of Flashback*

"Mrs Horan its time for your daily walk" the young nurse says and helps me up and walks me outside into the grassed area with beautiful gardens




********Authors Note****** im so sorry if it sucks, the idea just popped into my head at 12 am . I think I may need a co-author so if you want to be my co-Author send me a fanfiction, can be about anything it has to involve one direction my kik is __loveiseasy__ kik me if you want to ask questions or if you want to be my co-author

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