Bambi Tomlinson

Hi my name Bambi Tomlinson I am 16 and love Fruit Loops, I also have a thing for tattoos, and yes, Louis Tomlinson is my older brother, the type that would ignore me.
I have light blue hair and very odd purple eyes, although my natural hair colour is oak brown.


29. The end

So now thats all over... I hadn't read through my book fully and all I did today was read the last chapter and yet I loved it! I cant beleived that I made something like that, I know that it wasn't that good to all you people who read/write on wattpad, but it was the best I have written for a while. I really don't care if you want a sequel or not.. IMMA GIVE YOU ONE ANYWAY ;) My friends have read this book and told me how it gets better as it goes on because I got better at writting and they tell me what I need to do and I do it. I hope you guys liked the end as much as I did and I wont be writting the sequel for a while because I'm finishing my other book. Much love, Jenty_blue XD xoxo
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