Bambi Tomlinson

Hi my name Bambi Tomlinson I am 16 and love Fruit Loops, I also have a thing for tattoos, and yes, Louis Tomlinson is my older brother, the type that would ignore me.
I have light blue hair and very odd purple eyes, although my natural hair colour is oak brown.


4. chapter3

Harry’s P.O.V

When she first took her clothes off I was like, fuck yea I get a free show and then I don’t know what it was but I think I’ve seen her before.

before I could control it a gasp escaped my mouth, this was Bambi the name suited her, big doe eyes, soft gental nature, very pretty to look at and probably owns the biggest heart in the world.

I wish I had a sister like that but im glad I don’t because this way I get to date her; I just want her to be mine, just to hold her in my arms forever.

“who’s there?” she said wearily and I moved so she couldn’t see me “come out now” she said louder

I guess she caught me then “Fine, fine” I say stepping out of the cupboard I look down at her and notice that she didn’t put her clothes on. I feel myself turn red and she looks down at her half naked body

“Okay, get out. GET OUT NOW” she says throwing a pillow at me but I catch it and cover my eyes

“Okay GOD, it’s like no-ones’ seen you naked before” I say still covering my eyes

I thought I heard her say “no-one has” and realise she’s still a virgin

“ummm” I turn away and run a hand through my hair “I’ll go” I walk out wondering why this is so complicated, she was so innocent.

I walk into the lounge room and sit on the couch making myself at home, that includes me taking off all my clothes but I had the decency to keep my boxers on. I see her walk out and say “hey there mister”

“Oh hey, I’m sorry for that whole thing back there I’m trying to make it up to you, my names Harry by the way” I say rubbing the back of my neck

“Huh, so that’s what this is. I thought that this was a way of flirting” she said half joking, she didn't tell me her name but i already knew it

“oh no, this is flirt” I say wanting to tease her, so I lean down and kiss her I ran my tongue along her bottom lip asking for entrance but before I could get in someone pulled me away yelling at me to stop. It was Louis. Ohhh god he’s upset and before I knew it I was getting pushed up against the wall Louis was still yelling, his face inches away from mine.

When I look past lou I saw her laughing and the more I stare the more she laughs, finally lou looks around and ask’s  “what?”

“I’m glad to see that you care about me” she said happily “I could see you in the kitchen, why else would I kiss him?”

“WHAT??” I say, why would she do that, I feel really hurt, nah jk

“Duh” she says like a teen

“Well in that case I won’t tell you where the rest of them are” I say not really knowing where they are  

“ugggggghhhhhh nnnoooottttt mmmooooorrrrreeeee” she basically yelled and I laugh at her reaction

Bambi’s P.O.V

I looked through the living room next and surely enough I found an odd guy with a very odd hairdo that’s name is apparently Zayn, after that the dining room and that’s where I found, hopefully, the last one named Liam we all sat down and watched a movie.

We decided on finding nemo, cause who doesn’t like plot like; a serial killer kills a man’s wife and children. Just 1 child remains. Crippled by the attack. In a horrid twist of fate, the crippled child is kidnapped. The father embarks on a daring journey, assisted by a mentally disabled woman in the search for his son.

I’ve always loved it, that’s why lou sent me to get popcorn for all the boys and told me that they eat a lot so imma need A LOT so I went into the walk-in pantry and there I saw a boy sprawled out on the floor eating all ma fruit loops (BITCH EATIN MA FRUIT LOOPS) “step away from the loops” I say not joking at all

“Whatever” and he kept on eating MY FRUIT LOOPS

“Bitch you gunna put MY fruit loops down or do I have to eat them out of your mouth?” I say

“Either’s fine” he says opening his mouth to show me half chewed mushiness so I walked up to him and pulled a glob out of his mouth and put it in my own “ewwwwwww”

“Mmmm this is soooo good, I might start eating it like this instead of out of the pack” and with that he rolled his eyes


Sorry for such a short chapter but I’m skyping my ex and I can’t stop looking at him so I’m not really concentrated but I will do more soon I promise

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