Bambi Tomlinson

Hi my name Bambi Tomlinson I am 16 and love Fruit Loops, I also have a thing for tattoos, and yes, Louis Tomlinson is my older brother, the type that would ignore me.
I have light blue hair and very odd purple eyes, although my natural hair colour is oak brown.


10. chapter 9

She ran off and down the stairs, Niall chasing her. I sat and leave the rest up to the boys.

They should know what they were doing, they’re much better brothers then I am. Zayn has a little sister and he tells me how much he loves her and misses her but all that time I never though of my own little sister, Zayn and his sister often send each other messages (full on mail type messages) but I didn't even know where Bambi was until dad told me that she had moved out and was now annoyable.

'It's okay Lou, we all make mistakes' Harry says to me, he was obviously still mad at me but he “had” to comfort me

'you don't' I whisper. He was always such a good friend and when I saw him with Bambi I couldn't help but think that he could make her happy, whether it was being her brother, lover or just friends....

'I do' he sat down beside me and put a stable hand on my knee, he was always so calm and perfect in every way, no wonder all the girls liked him.

I look at him with disbelief 'no! Your always so perfect and I hate it, we're all in your shadow. I don't want to hear how “Harry is so gorgeous” and how “His dimples are so amazing” the fact is that even uncle Si thinks your the best, why do you think your always getting the lead parts?' I ask him while I jump to my feet 'because you have the girls lining up, where as I can't even take care of my sister for 48 hours, and you have the sweetest background and because of your damn curly hair!' I turn and march down the nearly empty stairs, most of the boys had left after Bambi but me and Harry stayed by the heat of the fire.

'I'm sorry Louis' I hear him faintly say under his breath, I look back and tell him that I should be the one who's sorry.

Bambi's P.O.V

'I'm sorry miss but would you like some help there?' a man with dainty blond hair and chestnut brown eyes asked me

'n-no' I get up off of my knees. I had walked for about 7 hours and fell down in front of a house that had a cute little picked fence, I hadn't wanted them to come out and see me all I wanted to do was rest and this seemed like a fair place to sit.

'please, let me help you' he had an Australian accent so I giggled at his tentative voice 'is something funny?' he smirked and looked at me like I was helpless, no one ever looked at me like I was a lost puppy before this man, I had only ever know the cold stares of my parents as I was living in the shadow of my famous big brother.

I take his outstretched hand and he pulls me to my feet 'no, I just--' I look down at my scuffed shoes, they weren't made for walking that long, and wiggled my toes 'thank you' I say walking away.

I didn't get to far until my knees gave way and my vision blurred, I found myself laying flat on the ground with the man standing over me 'come on' he said pulling me into his arms and carrying me into the quaint little house.

My vision blacked and when I woke I was laying in a soft little bed with clothes laid out on the dresser beside me. There was a baby blue T-shirt and black shorts, it was warm in the little room and I was happy to wear a pair of shorts.

The clothes were a tiny bit to big but I was glad to be out of those smoke ridden pieces of my memory, all I wanted to do was forget that day and forget that my brother ever came back for me.

Someone knocked at my door, probably that guy that helped me, 'can I get you anything' he said from the other side of the door

'no, thank you for everything though' I smile even if he can't see me I feel as if it would help

'dinner will be ready in a second' he said and I listen as his footsteps fade

'alright' I said, more to myself then to him. I walked out of the room and ended up in a hall that lead to stairs, I followed the stairs down until I reach a finely decorated sitting room. 'wow' I breath, mum and dad were pretty well off but this was so much homier and way more comfortable. There were plush lounges surrounding a fireplace that was crackling and a t.v next to it

'I'm in here' the voice snapped me out of my trance and I follow the delicious smells into the kitchen 'what do you think?' the man asked. I looked down at the food sitting on the counter top and smiled at the feast that laid before us.

'wow' I said again

'my family won't be home for a little but I'm sure they wont mind if you start eating without them. I mean, I found you half starved and completely dehydrated' he has a family? I should of seen the photos in the sitting room, the picture flash through my head and I saw a wife and her husband, with two children standing at their feet. The mother looks so proud of both her children, not just the one who has accomplished the most.

'was that your wife and children?' I ask him

'huh?.. oh, yea. I can't wait until they meet you. Sophie and Travis have been so bored around the house, I can't imagine the surprise on their faces when they see I've brought home a visitor' I look at him shocked. I can't stay here, I have to get home!

Do I want to go home? Louis will be there and so will Niall, I don't think I can deal with his possessiveness right now. I'll go home in a little, I just need a vacation. The boys have been with me for a day and I already need a vacation. 'okay' I sigh and sit on one of the chairs by the table 'I'll stay, but only for a little' I smile at the man

'oh that's great. I don't want you half dying again missy' he looked stern but still quite relaxed, I knew he was joking but I felt as if I was making a real promise...

'okay.' I look down and then back at him 'I'm Bambi by the way'

he beamed 'nice to meet you Bambi, my names Robert' he held out his hand and I took it in mine.

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