Bambi Tomlinson

Hi my name Bambi Tomlinson I am 16 and love Fruit Loops, I also have a thing for tattoos, and yes, Louis Tomlinson is my older brother, the type that would ignore me.
I have light blue hair and very odd purple eyes, although my natural hair colour is oak brown.


8. chapter 7

We arrive at a McDonalds that was moderately small but Harry still put his beanie on with a pair of glasses and I reach into my centre console picking up a fake moustache 'you can use this as well' I smile at him and he gives me a confused look 'hey, a girl never knows when she needs to pretend to be a man' I give him a wink and he laughs putting on the fake moustache

'how do I look?' he asks me changing his voice to make him sound older

'you look.... absurd' I giggle

'good' he smiles and winks back at me 'shall we make an entrance?' he was looking at me with a cheeky grin

'how could we do that?' I like his thinking

'easy, just follow my lead' he jumps out of the car and walks to my side opening the door and holding his hand out to me

'thank you sir' I say in my most lady like voice. Harry kneeled down and kissed my hand whispering to me “get on my shoulders” or something like that. I looked at him like he was crazy but I did as he said and he slowly stood up taking my hands in his and surly that got peoples attention quickly enough 'Harry are you sure you can take my weight?' I leaned down and whispered into his ear causing him to stumble and almost bump my head on the side of a door

'yea sure just don't do that again' he laughed at my worried face.

I had to duck to get through the doorways and everyone at the tables and the people that were taking orders looked at me like I was crazy but I lifted my head and pretended that I was more important then the queen.

'my lady would like hotcakes with two maple syrups rather then one' he looked up and was smiling like a fool 'my lady could I please have something too? I haven't eaten in 2 days like you said and my royal fast is over' to everyone else it looked like he was begging but I could see the laughter in his eyes

'hmm, do you love your queen?' I asked him trying to stifle my laugh and act like a superior

'yes, my queen, I love you very much' he changed his voice to sound as heart felt as he could but it still came out empty to me 'shall I declare my love to the world?' he asked looking up at me

'no, you may eat today' I say looking up enough to keep him out of my view and so I could finally smile and let out a small giggle. He jumped a little obviously telling me to shut up.

'thank you my lady. I shall have the English brekkie wrap and 9 hash browns for my lady and me' he said to the young-ish girl in front of us. She hadn't stopped looking at me since we walked in, she could only just be older then me 'please do not keep the queen waiting' Harry said to the girl, she must of dropped out or something because I'm pretty sure she believed I was the queen.

'uh.. um would you like to eat in or take away your majesty?' she said and I barely choked back a laugh

Harry had to answer for me knowing that if I opened my mouth it was because I really needed to laugh 'we can eat here but we would like the best booth in the house' Harry looked as though I treated him poorly and he was so good at faking I felt bad for him.... until he looked up and poked his tongue out at me behind the girls back.

The girl showed us to the birthday room and sat us at a large table with really comfortable seats for the parents who had to sit there for hours while their kids ran around screaming. Harry put a small napkin on my seat and lifted me over his head like I weighed nothing and sat me on the seat as if he had done this before.

'Harry how--'

'I do that with Lou a lot' He interrupted me, already knowing my question 'you are so much lighter then him though' he laughed and winked at me. When he saw the lady approaching he sat on the floor and looked up at me with fake adoration

'here you go your majesty' she paused looked down to Harry and smile 'and for you kind sir' she did a little curtsy thing and walked out.

The door shut and Harry and I started laughing so hard it took at least 5 minutes to calm down. Harry got up and sat across from me while he pulled out his wrap and an extra bacon and egg muffin 'I think I got the better end of the deal' he smiled at me and I cautiously looked at my hotcakes and sure enough there was spit on it

'eww, I don't think I can eat these if there's a loogie on them' Harry handed me his bacon and egg muffin

'it's okay your majesty, I don't want to eat any way ' he said on his servant voice and I punched him on the arm

'oh, shut up' I giggle at him 'why so many hash browns? And what if she spit on these to?' he looked at me as if I was an amateur

'she wouldn't because I said some would be for me and I got some for the boys' he handed me two and I still looked them over before taking a cautious bite.

Harry laughed at me and we continue eating for a little until I remembered something 'oh, I forgot to tell you the plan about the embarrassing photos' Harry nodded again eyeing me suspiciously 'we can make a slide and send it to mum and Mark' was all I said, I don't think he would let me have access to all the pics if he new what I was really going to do..

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