Bambi Tomlinson

Hi my name Bambi Tomlinson I am 16 and love Fruit Loops, I also have a thing for tattoos, and yes, Louis Tomlinson is my older brother, the type that would ignore me.
I have light blue hair and very odd purple eyes, although my natural hair colour is oak brown.


7. chapter 6

'Bambi?' I roll over 'BAAAMMMMMBBBIIIIII' I hear people yell

'WHAT!?' I yell back

'make us fooooodddddd!!!!!!!!' they yell at me

'make it yourself' I groan at the while pulling the blanket over my head... blanket? Where did this come from, I look at it and see that its the one Harry was underneath 'ewwwww get it off me!' I yell while throwing it off me and getting up

'I told you that would work' I hear Harry yell and laugh at Liam who was looking disgusted as fuck

'wow Liam, you look so attractive with that face' I say winking at him

'not here, they can't know yet' he chuckles along with the joke, as does everyone else

'fine I'll make you breakfast.' I tell them with looking up into their sad little faces, they remind me of puppies a lot 'You boys are soo needy' I breath

'we heard that' Louis and Harry yell giggling although Lou was jumping on Harry's back and laughing the loudest.

I walk into the kitchen and I'm just able to pull the bacon out of the cupboard before Liam comes in and starts getting out the eggs. I don't say anything but I just let him help.... until all the boys are in the kitchen raiding my fridge 'what are you guys doing?' I say louder than the sizzling bacon that was cooking at my side

'well I'm helping. I don't know about the others' Harry says 'they can't really cook, normally I have have to feed them. Your gunna need help' he whispers into my ear

'I want food' Niall yells to me over the fight about drinking out of the carton between Louis and Harry

'I know you want food bub' I turn to face him and give him an obvious wink and he turns red in the cheeks, clearly not being use to call endearing names

'aaawwwwwwwww' Louie yells while pointing to Niall 'he's blushing'

'no I'm not!!!' Niall says running into the bathroom, I just laugh and face palm myself c'mon guys, stop embarrassing the poor boy' I turn back to the carrots I was chopping up for Lou, knowing that if anyone else did it he wouldn't eat them. He's kinda funny like that, he wouldn't even let mum make them.

'such a funny boy' Louie says to Harry

Harry yells at me while I'm laughing 'watch he bacon!' I turn and see some of it turning black at the edges. He runs over and takes it off of the stove putting them on a towel that was sitting on a bench. He walks over to the toaster as it pops and puts the 6 pieces of toast on separate plates 'none for Liam, some for Niall, Louie likes the most and Zayn doesn't like toast' he says a little butter rhyme to himself

'what about you?' I turn to the fridge to get the butter out for him

'I'll get Macca's (McDonalds) later' he shrugs

'wow you really have done this a lot' the kettle bubbles and I pull out 6 cups 'you want coffee?' I turn to him and he looks so concentrated

'one coffee and tea for the rest please' he says spreading the butter with my best knife 'OMG I forgot you, do you want toast?' He turns to me and looks embarrassed

'no, I'll join you at McDonalds' I smile at him and he turns bright red 'don't worry Hazza, I can take care of myself' I giggle to myself

'okay' he continues with buttering the bread while I make the coffee, the rest of the boys left the kitchen with my brother.

We cooked a feast, there was bacon, eggs, cheese toasties, pancakes, woffles with syrup and my brothers favourite carrot dippies... he was littler then

'you ready to go?' Harry asked me while I was walking out of my room

'yea, just let me grab a coat' I smile at Harry and walk over the the coat rack by the spare room and I open the door to see Zayn sleeping on the giant bed 'kay I'll tell the boys we're leaving'

I did something I haven't done in forever, I run up and stand on the couch that was positioned in the middle of the apartment 'BOYS! ME AND HARRY ARE GOING FOR A DRIVE TAKE CARE OF THE HOUSE FOR A WHILE' I yell in my loudest voice. Per usual Louis stomps out and scowls at me

'you know I hate it when you do that' he pulls me off the couch

'exactly why I do it' I smile at him and give him a big sloppy kiss on the cheek 'see ya Lou' I say running to Harry and pulling him out the door by his hand. I could hear Lou calling after me but I kept running and pulling Harry along with me until he could run by himself.

'wow' Harry said between puffs 'you can really run' we had stopped once we got to the elevator

'yea, I've done this a lot' I chuckle to myself 'Louis hates it when I do' Harry looks at the door as it closes and turns to me

'shouldn't we go back and tell him that we're coming back later?' he looks really worried

'nah! I though you were ment to be the “rebel” Harry Styles' I put my hands on my hips adding my own sass to the words

'wow, you really are your brothers sister' he smiles and pulls me out of the now open doors and into the lobby c'mon lets go get some food into us' his eyes twinkle and I see that he is truly happy'

'kay' I pull my car keys out and walk over to my tiny candy blue buggy

'are you sure you don't want to go in the jeep?' Harry pointed to the car parked in front of mine, it looked more like a monster truck then a car.

'but... my baby' I give him my cutest puppy dog eyes and he shrugs getting into my car 'so mister, do you know the way to the nearest micky D's (McDonalds)' I ask him while I put on my seat belt

'nah, I'll just use the GPS on my phone' he pulls out his phone and I can see a picture of all the boys as the background

'do you have embarrassing pics of my bro?' I ask with a smirk on my face and an idea in my head

'yea....' he looks uncomfortable and was squirming in his seat 'why?' he eyed me suspiciously

'I'll tell ya the details when we get there' I wink at him and start my buggy.

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