Bambi Tomlinson

Hi my name Bambi Tomlinson I am 16 and love Fruit Loops, I also have a thing for tattoos, and yes, Louis Tomlinson is my older brother, the type that would ignore me.
I have light blue hair and very odd purple eyes, although my natural hair colour is oak brown.


6. chapter 5

That night was the best night ever; Niall and I cuddled for the rest of the movie, it was Niall and I on a couch and all the other boys on the ground but Liam was sitting right up front and Liam wouldn’t stop glaring at me like he was angry or something. So after the movie when all of the boys were asleep, I can’t sleep through movies, I went over to where Liam was laying on the ground and shook him awake

“Liam?” I ask quietly in his ear, but all he did was mumble something “Li Li wake up, we need to talk” I say shaking him more violently

“what?” he says in that husky sleepy voice, when he opens his eyes he sits up straight away and blushes “umm hey Bambi”

“hey we need to talk can we go to my room?” I ask him and he whispers something, this boy likes to mumble a lot!, we jump over Harry and walk around Zayn almost stepping on his hand. As soon as we enter my room I run over to my bed and jump on it. “you coming?” I pat the seat next to me

“no im okay” Liam looked really awkward just standing there like an idiot

“why do you keep staring at me?” no answer “alright then. I just want you to know that Im really glad I met you guys, Louis didnt let me meet his friends when we went to school together..” I continued talking for what seemed like an hour and all Liam did was stand there looking at my face “Liam I just hope that we can stay friends even if my brother isnt” (A/N BAMB FRIENDZONED :D) I swipe at my chin hoping to get off what was distracting Liam so much.

Liam’s P.O.V

I look over to Bambi cuddling with Niall and I almost vomit I couldn’t help but look at her, her hair perfectly framing her face , those gorges but unusual purple eyes that glinted from the light of the t.v I lay down trying to forget about her but I must of fallen asleep because she was even in my dreams

Liam’s dream

We got home from the beach and she asked ‘Baby you coming to bed?’ She asked her hair all over the place from the wind and I laugh

yea go up there and ill see you in a min’ I say still chuckling, I tuck a lose strand behind her ear so I could see her face better

okay, don’t be too long’ she glances back and winks while walking up the stairs to the bedroom

I walk into the kitchen and get out a bottle of water, having a sip I put it on the counter getting out my phone to check twitter

im glad she’s dead’ one girl wrote and I frown, dead?, another wrote ‘I should thank who ever killed her’

I threw my phone down almost breaking it and ran my way upstairs I open the door to see Bambi laying there lifeless ‘babe?. Babe are you okay?’ I say shaking her

huh? Yea im fine’ she says opening her eyes. I lay down next to her and fall asleep

“liam?” I hear her ask quietly but I just tell her that its to early and that I love her “Li Li wake up, we need to talk” I open my eyes to see a dimly lighted Bambi leaning down shaking me

“hey we need to talk can we go to my room?” she asks me “you would let me into your room?” I mumble hoping she didn’t hear me . We got up and I just follow her every move, if she jumped I jumped right? when we walk in she sit down on the bed and patted next to her “come sit down” she say but I don’t think I could control myself if I was on her bed

“no im okay” I say embarrassed

She just goes on and on about something but all I could do was focus on her lips and wonder what they would feel like on mine. She looks at me with a questionable face wiping away something on her chin, great she asked me a question “um… okay?” I say hoping this was the right answer

“okay, im glad we sorted that out” she said in a tone that sounded like honey. She walked out and left me standing there, in her room staring where she once was. I notice IM IN HER ROOM ALONE I go over to her wardrobe where it was still hanging wide open from when Harry got out of it, I pick up a top that was laying on the floor and smell it (I know it seems weird but she smelled so good) im glad she leaves her clothes strewn across her room. She smelled like strawberry and pancakes.

I put the shirt in my pocket hoping she wouldn’t notice until we left

Bambi's P.O.V

I walk out and see Niall standing up looking everywhere for me “Niall? Isnt it a bit early to be playing hide and seek?'

he fake laughs while whispering “you worried me sick, I thought someone had taken you. To be specific I thought Liam had taken you” he ruffles his hair “Wow. Now that Ive said it aloud it sounds really stupid”

“Dont worry I just had to talk to Liam about something” I say making my way over to him

“where is he?” I look behind me and see that he didn’t follow me out

“I dont know” I was just about to go back and look for him when Harry sat up, not wearing any clothes this time (AT ALL), and told us to go to bed “fine Harry as long as I can turn the movie off”

“awww but Bambi I'm scared of the dark” Harry said in a sad voice

Niall turned to Lou and woke him up “Lou, Hazza's scared of the dark and we want to turn the movie off”

“Fine” Lou said as he sat up and got under the blankets with Harry, eww.

“thank you Ni Ni” Harry said laying back, soon we could hear the soft snores of all the boys.

Me and Niall walk back to the couch and as soon as I put my head on his chest my eyes flutter close and I fall into a restful sleep

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