Bambi Tomlinson

Hi my name Bambi Tomlinson I am 16 and love Fruit Loops, I also have a thing for tattoos, and yes, Louis Tomlinson is my older brother, the type that would ignore me.
I have light blue hair and very odd purple eyes, although my natural hair colour is oak brown.


28. chapter 27

I look at Zayn now and he looks more relaxed but still a tad confused, I attempt to write a message in Niall's phone but I have to keep retrying all over until I just settle on the obvious and pass it to Zayn.

Zayn are you okay?

He looks at it and pulls his eyebrows together again, then types something back.

why aren't you talking? I'm sorry if I did something wrong.

He throws it back and I snatch it out of the air, Why would he think that he did something wrong, and is it really that obvious that I'm not talking to anyone but Niall?

It's just my decision, you didn't do anything wrong, I just feel like when I talk I create a mess.. you know?

He reads it and sighs 'why don't you just talk to me B? I just wanna talk' I shake my head and sigh, Niall is the only person I can talk to and not worry about getting hurt or hurting anyone else. Harry looks over at me and I put on a smile and jump at Zayn, I mess up his hair and poke him in the ribs. Harry just dismisses it as normal but Zayn knows it's an act an doesn't help me in winning them over, but soon enough I find Zayn's tickle spot and he's howling with laughter. I feel someone lay on top of me and I yelp.

'sorry bub' Niall says to me and pinches me on the cheek.

I shuffle around trying to get him off me but nothing works, he tickles me and I giggle 'STOP! Haha no stop Niall!' Zayn looks into my eyes and my cheeks flush red

'ugh whatever' he says to himself and pushes both me and Niall onto the floor of the limo, I look up at him but he faces the window again. I wonder how many fans are out there thinking he's just trying to see them or that he's ever going to chose them over One Direction. Millions of girls think that they can end up dating the boys but that will never happen, not while they're together!

'what’s up his butt?' Niall snaps me out of though and I look at him he rubs his back end 'whatever it is doesn't mean he has to take it out on mine' he sits in the middle of my seat and his so there wasn't anywhere to sit. I'm assuming he wanted me to sit on his lap so I look at Liam and crawl onto him, I curl up and he puts his arms around me. I poke my tongue out at Niall and rest my head on Liam's warm shoulder. I leave my eyes open but only look at Liam's shirt, I didn't know what to do, why is it that I can only talk around Niall? Why do I only want to talk to Niall anyway? My first impression of him when I talked to him was that he was an ass.. A complete jackass. I sigh. It doesn't matter now, all I know is that I trust Niall and whatever choices he makes.

'hey' Liam says and I look into his oak brown eyes, I smile and he chuckles a little 'why Niall?' he asks as if reading my mind and I shrug 'why not.. me' I see a wall of water cover his dark, beautiful eyes. I snuggle my head into his chest and refuse to answer the question 'B? Why?' I hear the tears in his voice as it cracks. To many people are wondering why I won't talk to them, I just want to save them. Can't they see that?

I sit up on Liam's lap and hug him properly, I shake my head and Liam pushes his head into my neck. I feel his warm tears trickle down my spine and get soaked into my shirt 'Liam, are you okay?' Lou asks and he nods without lifting his head from my shirt. I lace my fingers through his hair and I feel him smile a little

'I'm sorry B, I should have never of asked you why, I should have just accepted it' I pull his head away and smile at him. I look around and see everyone consumed in their own business so I turn Liam's head and kiss his cheek, I pull back and see his face turn beet red 'I really am sorry B' but I answer by looking down.

'we're here' the driver says after a short while of snuggling with LiLi

'alllrrright, you ready for this B?' Harry asks and I nod, I was definitely nervous but I don't want them to know that, not now.

'K lets do this!' Niall yells and bends his knees a little

'it means jump on his back' Lou whispers in my ear and I nod. I run and jump up onto his back, landing on Niall's soft muscles

'woohoo!' I yell and Niall spins

'now, lets go see uncle Simon' He runs straight forward and to the doors, there wasn't many fans around because they didn't know we were going to be here but there was those few who predicted it and were here waiting for us.

We go through the doors and Niall runs wildly around the waiting room while Zayn goes up to the desk 'hey, we're here to see Simon. We have an appointment for Bambi Tomlinson'

'oh, Hi Zayn, is that a band it's a nice name for it' Zayn point over his shoulder and she looks at us all 'Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall..' she looks me in the eyes and narrows them 'who's that?' she asks and he points down at the computer 'ohhh, okay' she clicks the mouse a couple of times before she waved us through but I still saw he sneak a peak at Zayn's butt.. eww. She wasn't to bad looking, she was a bottle top blond that wore deep red lipstick, false lashes and it probably took her more then 30 mins to do her hair and make up. She looked like a complete barbie doll but Zayn deserved someone as pretty as her but I believe that he could do much better. I mean, Zayn's such a good guy, he's funny, sweet, nice.. HOT. And so mysterious.

But, that doesn't matter now because I have to go sing in front of the person who created the biggest boyband in the world.. I am so dead. I start to fell light headed while on Niall's back so I rest my head on his shoulder and I squeeze his chest lightly, telling him to cool it for a bit, he slows down and I close my eyes. Taking big breaths in and out I finally start to feel good again until someone yells 'UNCLE SIMON' and I hyperventilate

'Ni—all- I nee—d a pap—er bag' I wheeze into his ear and everyone looks at me, even Simon I feel my face go red and my breath gets faster

'Si, I think you need to go inside for a bit' Lou says and Liam passes me a paper bag that he got from the front desk

'calm down baby girl' Niall says as he sits me on is lap and strokes my hair

'Bambi? Are you okay?' Louis comes over to me and I nod. I have to be okay, for the boys! I try to calm my breathing but it just gets quicker 'Bambi, calm down! You're gunna kill yourself' Louis hugs me and I continue to breath into the brown paper bag, each breath crinkles the bag and by the time I breath better the bag was in shreds.

I look at Niall and he sighs 'I'm sorry for scaring you NiNi' I whisper and he shakes his head

'it's all right now that you're okay' He says and hugs me tightly, he picks me up and Lou looks at me with a shimmer of tears in his eyes but as quick as I saw it, it disappeared and we walk through the doors to see Simon.

'hello' he said from his chair at the back of the room 'lets get this show on the road' he smiled and the boys run up and hug him, only Niall stayed back because he was holding me.

'go' I say as I crawl out of his arms and he smiles

'thanks' he says and places a kiss on my cheek, I blush as he runs and jumps on all the boys and Simon

'alright, alright boys. Now, who is this special young girl that you told me so much about?' he says and everyone looks at me 'so this is her' I nod and he walks over to me 'well from my judging you should be able to tell that I am very hard on people' he smiles and I nod again 'you're quite a quiet one aren't you?' he says and I smile to him

'sorry, she's just a little nervous' Niall walks over and grabs my hand to comfort me 'she's not normally so quiet, but she has been recently because she was very overwhelmed with the info I gave her on you' he winks to Simon and Simon laughs

'alright then, lets see what you got' the boys take me to what looks like a recording studio and they point everything out 'okay, just sing into the mic and I'll record and play it back once you've done a bit' the boys leave the room and give me a thumbs up from the other side of the window.

'what do you wanna sing?' he asks me and I shrug 'how about this' he plays a track that I only just know so I sing what I can

'And I--' I stumble 'am feeling so small.' my voice is much weaker then I would have expected, why did he get me to sing a duet, I don’t have any partener

'I'm sorry, hold it' I hear Simon say over the intercom 'do you need a minute?' I look at Niall and a tear falls from my cheek

I see him talk to Simon and Simon nods, he then walks in and sets another mic up next to mine 'I' gunna sing with you' Niall smiles at me and wipes away the tear that lay stranded on my face 'lets start it from the top' he says to simon

'Say something, I'm giving up on you.
I'll be the one, if you want me to.
Anywhere, I would've followed you.
Say something, I'm giving up on you.' Niall sings and nods for me to follow suit

'And I am feeling so small.
It was over my head
I know nothing at all.

And I will stumble and fall.
I'm still learning to love
Just starting to crawl.

Say something, I'm giving up on you.
I'm sorry that I couldn't get to you.
Anywhere, I would've followed you.
Say something, I'm giving up on you.

And I will swallow my pride.
You're the one that I love
And I'm saying goodbye.' we sing together and my voice grows stronger but Niall's still sounds like silk compared to me

'Say something, I'm giving up on you.
And I'm sorry that I couldn't get to you.
And anywhere, I would have followed you' I sing and I realise that Niall had stopped singing, I look at him and stumble but I pick it back up 'Say something, I'm giving up on you.
Say something, I'm giving up on you.
Say something' I end it and close my eyes, waiting for the verdict but Niall grabs my hand and pulls me into the room Simon is in

'that was absolutely stunning, but now I'm going to listen to just.. sorry, what was your name again?' Simon looks at me with a bright smile on his face

'her names Bambi' Louis says for me 'Bambi Tomlinson, My sister' he says it so proudly and looks at me with his most sincerest apology

'and My sister' Harry says

'and My sister' Liam follows

'and My sister' Zayn pipes up with a smile on his face, I guess he wasn't angry anymore

'and I love her' Niall pulls me to him and kisses me passionately, I feel all the love he has for me warm my lips and I smile into the kiss. He pulls away and looks me in the eyes 'I love you Bambi' he says to me and I sigh

'I love you to Niall Horan' I laugh as he picks me up and spins me 'put me down before I puke' I yell at him an he complies

'do you wanna listen to your voice?' Simon asks and I nod furiously, I want to see if those singing lessons paid off I wait for him to bring it up and it was only my voice and the backing track. I listen to every syllable that left my mouth and I can't believe it's my voice, My mum and dad always told me was never as good as my brother or anyone else but I can see that my voice is so much more then any other born celebrity. My voice contained emotion and I put all of that on display when I sang. I try not to smile but it creeps onto my face and Niall pulls me tighter to him.

'that was almost as good as you with Niall' Lou looks at me and smiles

'really?' Niall says with a hint of jealousy in his voice 'No way!' he yells and Simon pulls up the original of me and Niall, none of it was polished or anything, it was purely me and him singing and it sounded like heaven on earth. 'Babe, that's us' he says and sighs 'it's amazing, almost better then One direction put together'

'I think you and Niall should play opening tomorrow' Simon says 'as a test run' he smiles and we all know that he wants me there on a permanent basis

'thank you so much' Lou says 'now you can prove mum wrong' he pulls me away from Niall and into a hug of our own

'group hug!!!!' Liam yells and everyone joins in.. everyone but Simon, he just looks at me like I was his own Daughter. I slip out and walk over to him. He smiles and puts a hand out but I dismiss it and move in for a hug, he hugs me back and I hear the boys laugh 'looks like she got you' Liam walks over to us and hugs us both 'glad we got you on our team' Liam kisses the top of my head and I laugh.

We went back home and I told mum, dad, Sophie and Travis, they were all ecstatic with my accomplishment and Mum even cried when Niall said it.

The next day we were flown out to Australia to do our first tour and when I went on first with Niall the fans there were overwhelming, I almost fainted but Niall hugged me and we sang hand in hand.

I was finally Happy with my life..

I was so glad that I came here to Ireland and left my horrid mother and step father because now I get to sing on stage in front of millions of people and live the dream with my 4 big brothers and I have a proper family waiting for me at home. I'm still not talking to people but they got use to it, they know that the only time they hear my voice is when I sing. But Niall and I.. we talk every night, he's like my personal diary that can console me when I need it. But tha isn't very often, we're happy together and I'm glad..





I guess thats all guys.. I hope you liked it and if you want more tell me and I'll start making a sequel to it. It has been a dream making this, even when I got so angry at it I stopped writing for like 2 month, and I really hope that I get to become an Author. That is my true dream, to be an author and be able to put all your emotions into words that you are able to share around the world and make any girl feel like a princess or any boy feel like a prince..

I want to become an author because I wanted to help people believe, to help them dream of something big and then become it. But until then I only help few fans out there to believe that they can be happy with One Direction or whoever they want! I put love into my work because people get love out of it and that is what reading is..

From Jenty_blue XD (jessica) <3 xoxo

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