Bambi Tomlinson

Hi my name Bambi Tomlinson I am 16 and love Fruit Loops, I also have a thing for tattoos, and yes, Louis Tomlinson is my older brother, the type that would ignore me.
I have light blue hair and very odd purple eyes, although my natural hair colour is oak brown.


27. chapter 26

I felt the ground shake beneath me and I was startled awake, I had completely forgotten that I was on a plane to London to sing in front of Simon Cowell!

I completely woke up and sat up on the couch, I didn't hear the boys talking so I looked around and they were all still sound asleep. I get up and look out a nearby window, it must have been turbulence that woke me. The clouds look white and fluffy compared to the iron set sky that was hiding so well. I saw green below us and the thin line where sky met ground, there really wasn't much else to the beauty of flying up so high.

I walk around the plane and look through every compartment I could find and I soon found what I had subconsciously been looking for, Wine!. I try to silently pull the cork out but it still made a slight “popping” sound, although no one stirred I sat down quickly with a glass and the bottle in my hand. I pour myself a drink and set the wine beside me silently drinking while I waited to be judged by someone who didn't even know me...

'hey' I heard someone say, I turned and I saw Niall sit up on the couch he was laying back on 'why are you awake?' he still sounded a bit sleepy so I shrugged and turned back around 'you got some of that for me?' he walked over and sat next to me.. I know how to handle him now so I decided I could talk to him for a little, but I think it was just the alcohol going to my head already because I'm not really much of a drinker.

'um, sure' I get up and grab him a glass, as I go to sit down the plane moves and I fall half on Niall

'careful!, don't spill any wine' he said placing me back on the seat beside him

'I won't' I said and I poured him a glass 'I'm fine too thanks' I sigh and push the wine into his hands. We both sit there for a minute and drink our tall glasses of wine, I finish mine by the time he's gone through about half and I can feel my head beginning to lighten already

'whoa, slow down there, you're gunna get completely smashed if you keep drinking like that. Just wait for me and I'll pour the next glass' he sipped at his wine slowly and I start to get impatient

'are you done yet?' I ask as he tips his head back to take another tiny sip

'no' he says simply. I wait few more minutes until I can't stand it any longer, I need more alcohol. I don’t know why I just do. I get up and walk towards the bar fridge that was behind the couch, I grab out a mini bottle of vodka and skull half of it, I feel the burning cold liquid fall down my throat and into my stomach, I swear I can feel it tearing my insides away. I've never had vodka before..

I then go and sit down again with the half empty bottle and Niall looks at me shocked, he still had about 1/3 of the glass left to empty but I didn't really care about that now 'did you drink that?' he asked

'um, yea?' I said in a sassy tone, I giggled to myself and a silent tear slipped out of my eye.

Niall brushed away the tear and laughed too 'you know if someone silently cries when they're drunk it means that they're really sad on the inside?' he says softly

'What does that have to do with me?' he held my hand and looked me in the eyes.. those beautiful blue eyes, I see the Niall that I cared for trapped behind bars of peer pressure

'what’s wrong Bambi? You think I don't notice that you don't talk anymore? You think none of the boys notice? Because we do, we all d-' I cut him off by pushing myself forwards and pressing my lips against his, I could taste the sweet wine on his lips and I wanted more wine, more to drink in, so I open his lips with mine and he gladly agrees. I pull him in closer to me and search his mouth for more sweet wine and more sweet him.

He lays a hand on my shoulder and stops moving his tongue that danced so well with mine, I pull back and look into his eyes. Eyes so concerned for me, I crawl closer to him and lay in his embrace. He puts an arm over me and snuggles in close so we share each others warmth.

I sigh and start to fall asleep when I feel his lips press against my forehead 'Bambi, we all care, even me.' he says and I drift into a soft drunken sleep.


'Bambi!' someone yells at me, they must be angry with me for something 'Bambi wake up now!' I feel something move beneath me and Niall's groggy voice falls above my head.

I drift in and out of consciousness 'B you should take care of this' I feel something curl around me and I fall into the middle of it 'seriously, fix it' he says and I remember where I am, Niall must be laying down now.

I open my eyes and look at the scowling face that just so happened to be my boyfriends 'what?' I say, my voice just as tired as I am

'what are you doing?!' he spits at me

'what do you mean? I'm sleeping, duh' I close my eyes and snuggle back in to.... Niall 'CRAP' I yell as I jump up 'I'm so sorry' I say to Connor as I hug him, but he doesn't hug me back

'and what about the alcohol? Should I be angry at him? Did he get you drunk and fuck you?!' he yells the last part at me and I back away towards the couch 'did you fuck him Bambi!? Did you FUCK this lowlife pig!?' I feel the tears starting to come to my eyes 'Or do you just want to fuck him!? Did you get him drunk!? Maybe I should just let you two get back to it' he says and turns around, I don't want him to go.

I walk forward two or three steps and put my hand on his back to let him know that I was sorry 'NO!' he yells and spins around, his hand out, he slaps me square on my cheek. I stumble backwards and fall on the couch, Niall slides his arms around me and hugs me to him, I sit there in Niall's arms, nursing the pain on my left cheek.

'B, I'm so sorry. I am so so sorry' he takes a step forward but he gets pulled back by Zayn pulling at the back of his collar

'no, you don't go near her now' he says and drags Connor backwards, towards the seat at the other end of the plane 'now sit' I hear him in the distance

'Bambi, are you okay?' Niall looks at me and touches the sensitive spot on my cheek. I flinch and pull away as the pain shoots from his fingertips, he says sorry and pulls me into his chest, the tears I was holding in pour out. I shake my head and pull him closer to me, I don't understand why Connor would be so mean? Why would he hit me? I never knew he would hit a girl. I look up an Niall and his eye are filled with tears, I use my thumb to wipe them from his eyes and he smiles, a small, sad smile.

He tightens his grip around me and sighs 'I'm sorry, this is my fault' he kisses the top of my head

'SEE I FUCKING TOLD YOU THEY WERE FUCKING!' he yells at us and I turn around to see Connor, I meet his eyes and he smiles 'YOU FUCKING SLUT' he yells at me, while he looks into my eyes

'just shut up! You're making it worse for her and you and NOTHING is going on between us. She usually hates me, and I usually... be Niall.. THE NIALL YOU TOLD ME TO ACT LIKE' Connor gives Niall the evil eye and I gasp

'wh-what?' I whisper

'I'm so sorry for treating you so bad' he hugs me again and I breath him in, I haven't done this since we broke up 'and you're going to be great for Simon' he smiles at me and I remember that I have to go sing for Simon Cowell

'thanks' I sigh and hold his hand, he helps me up and we walk to the door 'what are we going to do with Connor, I don't think I want to give up on him, I mean it did look pretty bad' I look up to Niall

'I think we're just going to send him back to his sister' he squeezes my hand and we walk down the stairs to together, I see flashes before I hear the screaming and the crush of fans and paparazzi 'sorry' he drops my hand and continues on.

Harry picks up my hand and smiles at me 'hey princess' he smiles, flashing his dimples and some more girls scream 'I really have to stop doing that, this happens every time' he looks at me and I keep a blank face. He looks up again and runs forward, dropping my hand as he does so. He whispers in on of the bodyguards ear and smiles the girls screams go up again.

'hold on' the guard says out loud 'are you sure?' he laughs while he talks

'hell yea I am!' Harry replies. The guard stops and the rest go on, when I reach him he smiles at me and winks at Harry, he cups his hands and kneels down, I look at Harry and he puts his hands on my hips 'Just trust me' he smiles and turns me around, he pushes me backwards and I lift my foot into the guards hands. The guard pushes me up and I lean backwards, by the time I do I was up above his head and sitting on his shoulders. I could see many girls doing the same thing but they could never stay up for long because of the flow of things. I had a big goofy smile on my face because I was so far from the ground and Harry called out to me 'hey up there, hows the view?' I laugh and give him a thumbs up

When the guard walked I swayed and sometimes I felt him get pushed my the fans but he always caught himself, I feel us fall sideways again and Harry shouts 'Careful there Paul, you got the most important thing in the world to me up there' he smiles up at me and I shy away from him. He must be trying to make me happy, that's all.

'yo Hazza! Come take a picture with these girls' Liam yells and Harry jumps on his back, I see Harry talk to some girls and take some photo's too but I couldn't stop glancing at Niall. He was silently following at the back of the small group, looking at the ground with a fake smile plastered on his face

'Niall?' I say and he looks up at me, I give him a, hopefully, reassuring smile. He nods and looks down again, I hope he's okay. I look at the sea of fans again and see a few girls crying and falling over just to get to the front, someone grabs at Paul and we stumble. I throw Paul off balance and we both fall forward, sending me right into the fans. They hold me up and pass me away from the boys, most of them pulling at my hair and yelling a me and others just pushing me this way and that.

I look back over to the group and see Harry looking around, maybe this time I can actually leave them to be happy without me, I lower my head and try to just get carried away from here and to the end of the line. I soon get to the back and the fans just drop me down onto the ground, some even spit on me.

I look back only for a second until I run away from them and towards the airport. In there I look around for the exit amongst the bustling people 'um excuse me, how do I get out of here?' I ask a lady who looks fairly important in her business suit. She points over somewhere and I head in the general direction she was talking about.

'where the fuck is she!? I told you to take care of her and this is what you do? Paul how could you?' I hear Harry yell, I hope he doesn't go too mad on finding me..

I go through the doors and out into the thrash of cars, there were important men in suits honking their horn at everyone and swearing in every direction 'Bambi!' I hear Zayn yell but I keep moving towards the taxi bay 'Bami, stop!' I stop and lok around for him but I cant see anything, the crowd is too thick. That means he wont be able to see me, then I remember that I have Blue hair and I sigh.

I pull my hair up into a low bun and I continue to walk towards the taxi bay, I get in the nearest taxi and tell him where I want to go, he looks over his shoulder at me and stops, wide-eye and mouth gaping 'what?' I ask

'is that One--, get out I have some new customers' Oh no, I look out the window and Liam is looking at me with tears in his eyes again.

I get out of the cab and Liam walks over to me 'we're starting to think we kidnapped you and you want to go home'

I look at him with sad eyes ' I know you miss your family but after this you can see them again, I promise' he grabs my hand and smiles at me 'B, I have to say, I think everyone's fallen for you' I open my mouth to say something but he cuts me off 'you got Harry first, by kissing him, and the after that you got Niall. Then, I must say, you had me stuck on you for a while, Zayn has always loved you but loves you like a sister. Louis is the only one who doesn't obsess over your safety'

I look at him and he pulls me to him 'B, you will always be special to someone and if someone ever chooses to let you go so easily then I will always be here for you to fall back on. I don't care if you have to use me for anything, I will always be with you and happy with whatever you choose to do'

I hug him and breath a deep breath in. 'is she with you!?' I hear Niall behind us

'yea, I just caught her' he turns and smiles

'thank the heavens' Niall says and hugs me 'I don't want to loose you again' he says and something clicks around my wrist

'Niall?' I look at him and he smiles, I look at my wrist and see cuffs connecting me to him

'just a precaution' he smiles and drags me along behind him, we walk inside and Paul stands next to me again

'I'm sorry' he says and I look up at him and smile 'thanks'

I feel the cuffs cutting into my wrists so I'm constantly flexing my wrists and accadentally pulling on Nialls hands 'you alright love?' he asks me

'the cuffs are just getting a bit uncomfortable' I glance down at the cuffs and adjust them again

'sorry' he gabs hold of my hand and intertwines my fingers with his 'that better?' he smiles down at me and I flush red, I nod shyly and he chuckles 'good' he lifts my hand to his mouth and kisses my knuckles. I blush a deeper red and look at the ground.

We get to a guy thats holding a sign that says 'Mr kitten' I look at Harry and he shrugs, the man points to the card and Harry nods 'well lets go then!' he says and we follow him out to a limousine, we all clamber in and giggle as we fall on top of each other 'Hazza get off me!' Lou yells and Niall sits on top of Harry, putting more pressure on Lou, Niall sits me on his lap on the boys and doesn't let go of my hand.

Someone outside pulls at me and I get dragged out of the car, pulling Niall along with me 'whore!'


'slimy toad'


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I don't know when the voices turned into my own, I yell and scream at myself. My vision black and wet from angry tears. I repeat the things in my head and out loud, the words sinking in and taking my soul from me. Leaving me with nothing but the crazy darkness that haunts me forever.

I feel lips on mine and warmth radiated through me, they pull away and I open my eyes 'you alright now?' Niall asks while he looks into my eyes, I nod and look around, I'm sitting in the limo with the boys all looking at me like I was crazy.

Huh.. Crazy, I didn't add that to my list..

'B? that stuff you were saying, you don't really think that's true do you?' Zayn asks

I look at Zayn but keep my mouth shut 'B?' Niall looks at me and I move my gaze from Zayn to Niall 'what was I saying?' I ask Niall but Zayn answers

'just a load of crap that no one should ever think, say or hear' he says with spite in words

'don't worry now B, every thing's all right now' he says pulling me into a hug, I disregard Zayn's words and let myself fall into Niall's chest, I feel something wet drop on my head and I look up. Niall's crying.. for me..

'what did I say?' he starts to shake his head and the tears fall harder 'don't say no, what did I say Niall?' I say with a sterner voice

'horrible things about yourself and more stuff about how depressed you are. But you shouldn't be, I'm here now and you don't have to worry' he rushes through each sentence as though it pained him to say them.

'What happened to me Niall?' I look into his eyes but he closes them before I could search for answers 'tell me' I cup his cheek in my hand and try to sooth him

'the girls--' his voice was croaky, as I he hadn't truly used it for years 'the girls pulled you out, and I came with because of the cuffs, and they started pulling your hair and calling you such bad things and I was just trying to get to you but the girls were pulling so hard and you were crying and I didn't know what to do. Then you started to say those things, you started calling yourself names while you cried and when I finally got to you.. You were a mess, you were openly crying your heart out and you were screaming those words over and over again. I'm so sorry B, I really am' he said and collapsed into me, I sit there holding him and he slowly starts to cry; at first his tears were silent, the only way I knew he was crying was the change in breathing but soon it became soft sobs and I couldn't stand to see him like this.

'it's okay' I whisper into his ear 'I'm alright and your alright, we're all alright' I smile a little and he looks at me

'Okay, but remember, you can tell me anything. I won't be annoyed or upset or anything, Just as long as I know you're okay' he sighs, wiping the water from his tear stained cheeks

'I'm fine' I say and for one second I feel my smile falter, my lips quiver and I feel like he's caught me with my wall down but he just shuffles into place and I feel the limo start moving, Niall's arm stayed laying casually across my shoulders while he goofs around with the boys. I could see the tension from what had just happen leak out from everyone.

I look at each of the boys faces and when I reach Zayn I see him looking at me with concern, I meet his eyes and shrug my shoulders but he just turns away from me and the boys and he looks out of the tinted windows to the streets full of passing fans I reach around to Niall's back pocket and grab out his phone, he looks at me and then dismisses my actions. I log onto facebook and see a picture of Zayn at the top of my feed 'huh?' I had “liked” a page about One Direction because it kept me up to date with what my brother was doing but all it really showed was a whole bunch of pictures of them.

I look closer at the picture and realise that it was a picture from just then, I see his eyebrows pulled together as if he was working something out and he was subconsciously biting his lip. The girl wrote “omg that lip bite!!!!!!!” did she not notice that he was angry or confused about something?

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