Bambi Tomlinson

Hi my name Bambi Tomlinson I am 16 and love Fruit Loops, I also have a thing for tattoos, and yes, Louis Tomlinson is my older brother, the type that would ignore me.
I have light blue hair and very odd purple eyes, although my natural hair colour is oak brown.


24. chapter 23

Cody starts walking towards me and I get up, I walk inside as Harry was handing over the money 'Harry we have to go' I grab his arm and look out the clear glass door, sure enough Cody was standing right in front of it 'Harry run!' I pull him towards the back exit

'why? Are you okay?' we hear a crash from the shop as we run through the dimly lit hallway

'I TOLD YOU I ALWAYS GET WHAT I WANT'' Cody yells while he throws open the door

'Bambi, who is that?' Harry looks behind us

'ummm... Cody' I whisper and Harry looks shocked

'that's Cody?' he practically yells

'yup, that's me!' Cody yells while Harry slows

'you cunt!' Harry picks me up and runs faster away from Cody 'don't worry, we'll make it out of here' he whispers to me

'thankyou' I tuck my head into his chest and hide as he runs away from my past and probably part of my future because I know that Cody will never stop trying to get me.

We run down the smelly hall until we see a light at the end of it 'I think that's the way out' Harry pulls me closer and runs faster. We burst through the door and out into a car park that must have been around back

'can't we call someone?!' I yell from Harry's arms

'no, I had to leave my phone when we got out' I sigh and look around Harry, Cody was standing at the door for a second until our eyes locked and he ran straight for me

'Harry! He's coming' I cry and a tear falls from my eye. I can't believe that I'm putting Harry through this, all of the boys will be like this until Cody gets me. So why don't I just go with him? The boys won't have to worry about me getting in their way for a while and I'm sure Cody will be gentle.....


'your not fucking leaving again' he reaches for my foot as I hop out of the car, I trip and fall face first into the gravel

'let go!' I yell and start kicking the shards of glass further into his face with my free foot.

--end flashback--

'maybe it would be easier if--' I start to suggest leaving me behind to Harry but he cuts me off

'NO! We are not leaving you. I am not leaving you' he looks down at me and I give him a sympathetic smile

'okay Harr-' I whisper until I feel gravity pulling me down then the cold hard smack of the tar road on my skin

'you bastard' I hear Harry say through gritted teeth and I feel him get up from on-top of me

'all I want is the girl' Cody said 'we can do this the easy way or the hard way' Cody smiles as I look over to the boys, Cody sees me moving and smirks at my glare

'I rather the hard way' Harry said lunging for him

Cody move out of the way like a graceful ballerina compared to Harry’s ogre like movements 'okay. OMG IS THAT HARRY FROM ONE DIRECTION!?!?' Cody yells and points to Harry

'IT IS!' a fan screamed and ran up to Harry but Harry just brushed her off.

The girl grabbed out her phone and took a pic of Harry, probably to send to her friends, and then went back in to get his attention. All the while Harry was punching and lunging for Cody but he just moved out of the way each time, he was smart enough to know not to hit Harry Styles from the famous 1D and soon there were fans everywhere. Cody scooped me up in his arms and I didn't fight it because I knew that it would be easier for me to go with him.

A man starts walking towards us, his face was covered with a grey moustache and a blue striped scarf.... LOUIS?! I recognise the brown eyes looking back at me an I instantly feel safe but Lou simply walks past me and doesn't even look back. What?

Cody catches wind of my excitement and starts franticly looking around for the reason I was so happy 'wher--' he starts to say but his mouth gets covered my a fist and I could hear the snap of Cody's jaw

'I wasn't gunna let you go that easy' I look at my....


I don't know if I should put brother (any of them but I like the idea of Zayn), boyfriend or I could even do Niall but I think he's over Bambi... I don't know, let me know in the comments below who you think it should be and it could be anybody from the story e.g Mary or Robert or Paul... OR SIMON ect. Anyway, who do you think it should be and why??
P.s I'm sorry the chapter's so short I wanted some input and I couldn't decide on who it should be!!!!!

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