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Hi my name Bambi Tomlinson I am 16 and love Fruit Loops, I also have a thing for tattoos, and yes, Louis Tomlinson is my older brother, the type that would ignore me.
I have light blue hair and very odd purple eyes, although my natural hair colour is oak brown.


23. chapter 22

Harry starts to Harry starts putting his pants back on and I stand there waiting for him to pass me his long sleeve T-shirt 'what?' I didn't notice that I was looking at him while I thought

'oh, nothing' I look away until a shirt covers my sight 'so I guess it's my turn' I turn around and Harry nods and blushes. I take my jacket off and put the shirt on over my singlet and I start to pull my blue and red jeans down... blue and red!! I look down at my shoes and see blood splattered over them too 'Harry... is this blood?!' I guess it was from when I kicked the glass into Cody’s beautiful face

'yea, I guess we thought you'd explain when you wanted to.. you did get kidnapped, we just didn't want to mention it' I understand, I would've done the same thing

'alright, lets just get this dare over with' the shirt easily came down to my knees so I didn't feel too vulnerable without my pants or panties on. I hold my pants and underwear up to the boys so they could see that we weren't faking it

'you ready?' Harry asks me just as the boys open the window to stop me

'yup' I smile at Harry and hold the shirt down while we jump in the freezing water together, touching the water was like throwing ice down your pants and not moving for an hour 'ahhhhh' I scream when I surface. The boys look at me with wide eyes, sure enough my shirt had come up and they could see my parts through the water, I cover myself and my face goes red. I didn't know what I had to do, If I pulled my shirt down I couldn't swim, if I didn't they could see my bits. Soon after the cold froze my brain I decided to sink while holding my shirt down, better to go down with dignity.

I was looking up from the bottom of the pool and I decided to wave at the boys from down there, when I did Liam started yelling and I couldn't help but giggle... letting out most of my air, soon after I thought that I get lifted up by a pair of strong arms 'Connor!' I yell until I see the bare chest hugging me to him 'I mean, Harry!!' he laughs and I could feel the vibrations tingle my chest through his

'good to see you're still conscious, the boys would of killed me if they found out that you started to black out, again,.... good to see you prefer dignity over life' for once in my life I didn't laugh with Harry

'hh-Harry, how much do you think they saw?' I try to turn and look at him but that causes my head to go underwater' I pull myself back up and spit out the water that entered my mouth

'ummm, I know I saw a lot, I don't know about them'

I was really scared that Connor might leave me because of that.. what if he doesn't like my body? What if there's something wrong with me? I could be deformed or have something extra 'Harry.. I know this is weird to ask but--' I fall under again but Harry pulls me up and sits me in the steps to the pool 'but because you saw.. everything, and you've been with other women, is everything alright... down there?you know?'

'I know what you're talking about but I don't have the answers... from what I could see everything was fine but there was stuff that I couldn't, and didn't want to, see. Why not talk to your doctor about this stuff?'

we sit in the pool for a little longer until I speak again, I stand up 'never mind, lets just go inside' we start putting our clothes on and a man arrives at the gate

'HEY! You're not suppose to be in there' he yells to us, I had just gotten my underwear on so I made a run for it and so did Harry

'I knew we would get kicked out for this' I yell to him while he runs in front of me

'hurry he's right behind you!' I glance back and sure enough the guy was hot on my tail

'Harry!!! Help!' I slow down a little and he stops a few feet away from me

'ugh' he runs back just as the guy gets to us and picks me up 'lets go. Climb around and onto my back' Harry says while he was slowly running, the climb around was difficult but I made it 'is he still close?' I look back behind me and see the man slowly fading away from exhaustion and the coldness

'nah, but how are you still running... you're soaking wet' I look down at his soaking pants and his bare chest

oops I forgot that I have his shirt 'don't worry about it' he says as if he could read my mind

'but I really should give it back' I start to wiggle out of it but it was clinging to every part of my body

'are you wearing pants?' he turns his head while he slows to a walk

'n-no' I sigh and I knew he had won this one 'can't we just stop off at the room to get clothes?' I try to get off his back but he holds me there while putting his fake moustache back on

'we can't do that because they'll see us go in and they might kick out the boys, you don't want that do you?' he won again

'no' I sigh, I look behind us and see the hotel fading from sight. We had gone through a back entrance and gotten out just before the gate locked for the day 'can we go to the shops? I'm sure if you told the owner that you're Harry Styles they would give us some clothes'

'that would be taking from our fans and I don't think we should do that' Harry was casually walking down the road in only pants with me on his back

'what about your tattoos? Wouldn't the fans notice them?' he looks down to his chest and sighs

'yea I guess' we walk around for a bit without getting noticed because hardly anyone was out and if they did stop and look at us we just turned the other way.

We find a second hand store and try on some clothes 'what about this?' Harry walks out wearing a pink frilly formal shirt

'mmm. Damn styles you rock that shirt' I laugh

'I know right... here try this on' he pulls out a long blue dress that had white lace fall from the right ribcage down and across until it covered the lower front of it, I would assume a dress this was a prom dress. I grab the dress from mister Styles and go to the dressing rooms.

When I put it on I look down and see it slightly fan out around my legs. The front fell just low enough to show my cleavage and the back dipped half way down my back, I run my hand across the intricate patterns of the lace 'why would someone give this up?' I play with my hair until it was practically dry and hung around my face in wet waves.

I walk out and Harry looks up from the rack he was searching 'oh my goodness' his jaw drops as I look in the dress mirror I ruffle up my hair and smile at myself. I needed to lose some weight but you couldn't see that through the smooth blue silk, it only showed off my curves 'I think you need a jacket though, it shows a bit much at the back'

I sigh and look at my brother 'Harry I'm not going to be a child forever' he laughs nervously

'you should wear that to the concert on Wednesday' he walks over to me in his pink shirt and puts a formal coat on 'we match!' I look down at his jeans 'kinda!' he adds

'Harry we don't even know if Simon will like me' I rub my cold arms and Harry puts a hand on my shoulder

'he will' I look at Harry and see slight fear in his eyes but it was slowly disappearing

I turn around and face Harry 'if Simon says yes is this a tour thing or just a one off?' I think about Connor.

He's silent for a second 'I think tour but I don't know' I walk away and start looking on the racks again, me and harry were mostly alone with the exception of the cute old ladies sitting behind the counters 'why?'

he follows me around and I look up a couple of times to check if he was close or not 'I was thinking that Connor could come with us' I wait for the rage or disbelief but nothing came

'you really like him don't you?' Harry asks me quietly

'yea, I do' I pick out a long sleeved shirt that slipped off the shoulders and had thick red and black stripes and I continued to look for some pants that I could wear

'I'll talk to simon' he pulls out a pair of ripped and studded jeans that had a bloodish red stripped under the rips

'thanks' I take the jeans and put them on, as well as my shirt, in the change room. It didn't look to bad but I was still walking around with bare feet 'hey do they have shoes here?' I call out and pull my top over my head.

I her him walk to me 'pardon?' I pull off my jeans and fall against the wall 'are you okay?' he peaks over the top and I cover myself.

'hey!' I yell and throw my jeans at him

'sorry' he giggles and I bang on the door of the dressing room 'anyway what did you want?'

'could you check for shoes?' I hear him shuffle around a bit

'nah there isn’t any here, we'll have to go somewhere else'

I look over the top after I put my shirt on 'how are you going to pay for this?' I stand there in my panties and sigh

I throw my new clothes over the door and Harry takes them 'I've got my wallet in my pocket' I laugh, of course he has it, why wouldn't he? He must have picked it up when we got out

'can you pay for that and then pass them back over because I still don't have any pants' I lean on the door and tilt my head back and close my eyes. Standing here, like this, left me completely vulnerable.

I was stranded.

I open my eyes and realise where I was. I'm with Harry, nothing could go wrong, he wouldn't let something to go wrong.

'here you go'

he dropped the clothes right on my face and I jump up 'oh thanks' I start putting on my pants while Harry waits 'how do I look?' I walk out and do a fancy kinda spin

he looked me up and down 'hmmm I don't know, you could use some socks' he winks at me and I scoff and shove his chest... then I stumble laughing.

'come on, lets go get some shoes' I didn't notice that Harry had changed into black jeans and a Nirvana shirt that he covered with a black jacket.

'alrighty then' I jump on his back and he carries me out of the little shop that sat in the middle of a street.

We continue down the road until we reach a shopping mall, we must have been far from the hotel because I haven't seen this shop before 'what size are you?' Harry looks at me over his shoulder

I giggle a little 'I'm size 7 (40)' he drops his arms and try's to spin around but I cling to him and he just makes himself dizzy

'how can you only be a size 7!?' he grabs my foot and brings it closer to his face, surely it isn't that small.

I try to wiggle my foot free but his grip was too tight 'can we just get the shoes' he lets go and I hop down as we walk through the mall trying to find a shoe shop

'this good enough?' I look up at the massive “Converse” shoe shop and I gasp, I felt like I was in a dream and that none of this was real

'y-yes' I breath and walk in.

I try almost every shoe on and Harry just sat there with his yellow and black chucks in hand 'are we done yet?' he calls as he lays back on the couch with a huff

'no, not yet. What do you think?' I show off the bright orange shoes to him and laugh

'no way!' he yells when he sees them

I pout 'why not?'

'because they look ridiculous and they're way too big for you' how could they be too big? they were size 7...

'but—' I look down at my feet when he cuts me off

'try these on and lets go!' he picks me out a pair of simple black high tops in size 7 and throws them at me. I put them on and check the size on my foot.... they were to big.

'umm, Harry?' I look down at my shoes and he laughs at how small my feet are compared to the massive shoes 'maybe some smaller ones' I innocently smile at him and his jaw drops.

He looks around a little bit then looks back at me 'smaller?' he squeaks

I nod and he pulls out a size 4 'thanks, those other ones were huge' I slip my shoes on and walk around a bit 'perfect!' I yell and hug Harry 'thank you' I whisper.

While Harry pays for the shoes as I sit outside the shop, I look around at everyone and everyone had a smile on their faces... everyone except a boy standing across the mall.

Looking right at me.

His smile haunts me and he flicks his golden hair out of his face. My jaw drops and my faint smile falls, Cody was back.


Hia!!!! so what do you think so far???? (tell me about it in the comments) and what do you think should happen next!?!?
I am really happy with the way this is heading, although I have been wanting to get out of my shell and writing more serious book (no fanfic). I'm just wondering about when I finish this one, should I do another non-fanfic book? would you all read it?
I do hope this isn't like some of those other books on here that have so many grammer mistakes and terrible plots (no hate) and I want you to let me know if it is and tell me any ways i can change it.
Go check out my bestie babybitch, she hasn't been updating recently because she doesn't have Internet at her house and she only gets to do it at school, but she's a pretty good writer and I hope you all love her as much as I do!

love from Jess A.K.A Jenty_Blue XD

P.s recently my mum called and asked me about my movella name and I was freaking out because of some of the stuff I have on here is pretty bad and because she isn't really "into" One Direction or their songs. xoxo

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