Bambi Tomlinson

Hi my name Bambi Tomlinson I am 16 and love Fruit Loops, I also have a thing for tattoos, and yes, Louis Tomlinson is my older brother, the type that would ignore me.
I have light blue hair and very odd purple eyes, although my natural hair colour is oak brown.


22. chapter 21

Cody must have found my cell and called one of the contacts, I don't know what he said but I know that I was in trouble, we shuffle into the car and sit in silence until Harry breaks the silence 'you're not to go to that park until we find that guy'

'what guy?' Natasha asked, she was still young and didn't know what I was talking about so I just shook my head and told her not to worry about it

'I know that but what if he comes looking for me? What if he comes for you guys? I can't let him hurt you guys' I sigh and start to get out of the car 'I'll be better off by myself, you'll be better off without me' I slip out of the back seat and start to walk away.

I turn the corner and push my back up against the side of Nando's, I sink to he ground and put my head in my hands. I sit there like that until I hear footsteps rounding the corner and I look up, I see the pretty hazel eyes of Natasha. She reaches out her hand and I grasp her dainty fingers in mine, she tries to pull me up but I seemed to be to heavy for her to pull up alone so I help by using the wall behind me 'come on' she said as she leads me back around the corner, I probably hadn't been there that long but I knew that I never wanted to actually leave them.

They were my whole world.. are my whole world and as long as I have them I'll be fine. I know I will be.

I get back in and no one even looks at me, they all sit there in silence as Harry starts the car. It was like I wasn't even there, were they ignoring me? Probably...

We were silent the whole way home and even Natasha wouldn't talk to me, I tried to start conversation between us all but they wouldn't even give me one word answers, they were completely ignoring me. By the time we got to the hotel I was kinda worried that I had done something wrong, maybe.... nope, I have no idea what I could have done to deserve this. We got there and Harry got out still saying nothing he then walked around to Natasha's side and picked her up to take her inside. I stayed there until Harry was gone and it was only Connor and I, he turned to me and only then could I see that he was about to cry

'why do you want to leave me so much?' I start to tell him that I don't but he continues 'you run away, you stay at that place for longer then you should have and now you say that you shouldn't see me, us? Why do you do this to us Bambi? We were so close the other day but now... what are we gunna do?' a tear slips from his eye and I wipe it away

'we're gunna be fine. I'll stay with you, I just didn't want you to get hurt' I place my hand over his and smile to him but he turns back around so he was looking out the front windshield

'you're hurting me by leaving me all the time, we just met and I just got you back, I don't want you to go a few days after we met' I heard the sobs in his voice so I climb over into the front seat and sit on his lap, we were eye to eye with each other and I saw all the hurt that he had been through just to find out that I was going to leave him so soon

'I can't promise you that I won't leave because... well, Harry said he could talk to the boys for me so I could start singing with them. Like on tour' I put my head on his shoulder 'I was going to tell you sooner but, he told me that yesterday and then all that stuff with Cody happened and I didn't have time' Connor didn't speak for a while he just sat there and held me

'I'll come with you' I lift my head and see Connors sparkling eyes 'on the tour, I'll come with you' he smiles and I mirror his emotions. I was so happy that he said that, I was dreading having to tell him that I would be leaving so soon... will Harry and the boys let him come? Obviously it'll be a field trip for the paparazzi but if he can't go then why should I?

'I'll talk to Harry about it' I hug around his neck and we sit there for a moment longer until I feel my head drifting and my mind wondering.


'Bambi?' I pull the blanket over my head 'BAAAMMMMMBBBIIIIII' the boys yell at me

'WHAT!?' I yell back

'make us fooooodddddd!!!!!!!!' they all yell at me

'make it yourself' I turn over, I feel like there's Déjà vu all over this scene.

I remember what happens next so I sit up and stare at Harry then look at the blanket 'did you--'

'no! How dare you suggest I would ever do that'

Harry smiles to me and I throw the blanket off me 'ewwww' I yell while jumping out of bed

'Bambi?' Zayn walks in an I see the surprise on his face I'm sure the boys would of told him that I was back but he hasn't seen me since the day we met... even if I had seen him after that

'hey Zayn' he smiles lightly and then throws himself at me

'Bambi! I've missed you so much' he whispers in my ear as he holds me tight to him

'it's nice to see you too Zayn'

I smile as I hug him back, he tightens his hold on me and sighs 'never, ever, do that again'

he kisses the top of my head and I smile 'I still have to go back home tonight'

he pulls away and looks me in the eyes 'home?' I could see his heart sink

'yea, I have a home now' I smile and he looks down

'but, you have a home with us--' he hugs me again

'the boys have already given that speech and they understand that I'm happy where I am' he looks down 'it's okay, I'll be coming back everyday and hopefully I'll be staying with you guys again soon'

I look at Harry and he smiles 'they said yes?' I nod my head and his smile gets bigger 'umm, I have to talk to you guys... now' Harry pulls everyone out the door and I could hear everyone grilling Harry for answers but other then that I couldn't make out their words,

I sit there and look at Connor with worried eyes 'don't worry, Louis is your brother, he's sure to let you in'

just as he finished saying that all the boys walked in with straight faces 'we have to hear you sing' Liam said, I forgot that Harry and Louis were the only ones who had heard me sing and Lou heard me sing like once, years ago.

'alrighty then' I smile, I wasn't really that scared of singing in public. I didn't like it but it wasn't the worst thing in the world. I walk out into the lounge room and I stand in front of the T.V, they all look at me like I was crazy 'what?' I smile

'not here, we're not in the right conditions' Lou smiles evilly 'we're going to give simon a little visit and see what he says' the nerves of meeting Simon Cowell wash over me like a wave crushing a boat in a storm

'Simon Cowell? Are you sure we need to see him? He's so far away and I need to be home by 11'

Harry smiles 'don't worry Bambi, he's going to love you, anyway we'll see him tomorrow. You need to get home soon, you were asleep for a few hours.'

'but you still have time to hang out with us Bambi' Zayn spoke up, I looked at him and smiled at his shy face

'okay, how about we......' I didn't really know what to do but I knew I had to be quick and fun 'truth or dare' I look at Harry, it was time to get my revenge

'I'm in' Lou yells

'so am I' Niall calls, it's the first time I've heard him speak to me since I left... he sounded different, more happy but still kinda sad at the same time. I don't know, I'm confusing myself.

'sure' Liam says to me and Zayn nods his head

'how about you Harry? You gunna join us?' he looks worried and I smile wider

'sure' he eyes me suspiciously, we all sit down in a circle and I continue to look at Harry with an evil expression 'Liam can start' Liam smiles

'Connor truth or dare?' Connor laughs

'dare, I like to live dangerously' he looks at me and winks

'I dare you to.... give Bambi a noticeable hickey, and make it big' Liam was pretty lame at these types of things but he knew exactly what the other person didn't want

'alrighty then' Connor leaned over to me and started nibbling on my neck, kissing it and sucking it. I felt a tingle run from my neck to the place between my thighs, a small moan escapes my throat and Connor sucks harder as he pushes his body up against mine. He traces kisses up my neck and across my jaw until he reaches my mouth, I feel his lips over mine and I deepen the kiss

'hey! I said a hickey not a make out sesh' Liam yells, we snap out of it and turn to the boys. Liam was looking shocked, Harry was kinda angry, Lou was looking down and trying not to look at the scene in front of him, Niall was openly gawking at us two and Zayn was frowning.

'sorry LiLi' I smile a little and Connor moves back to his spot next to Harry

'he just went up in my books' Liam smiles at me and I smile back

'and down in mine' Lou says quietly, I don't think anyone but me heard, I nudge him and he looks at me faking a smile.

We continued in a circle which meant that it was Louis' turn 'hmmm Harry, truth or dare?' Louis would always choose Harry. Lou was the reining champion of dares and Harry would never turn a dare down

'Lou, do you really have to ask? Dare it is!!' Harry declared

'I dare you to go outside casually, strip and then jump into the pool' Lou wasn't doing his best today... then I looked out the window. IT WAS STILL DAYTIME! And it was cold

'Lou, there could be people out there. Worse paparazzi' I complain

'then Harry should really put on a disguise' Lou smiles and Harry stands up

'Harry, your not really going to do this are you? There could be families out there' I giggle at the sad face he was making

'my dear sister, you have only seen one side of me so far and I hope you turn out like me or your brother' Harry walks into his room and comes out wearing my fake moustache and a wig 'what do you think?'

'I think we're gunna get kicked out, so make it worth it!' Louis yells as Harry runs out the door. We all watch from the window as Harry strolls out to the pool and stretches, he looks up to us and waves as he pulls off his top and I could see him shiver instantly. He continues to strip and wave at the people passing, everyone up here was laughing their asses off... everyone but me, I was standing there looking shocked watching my big brother wave to everyone that passes while he takes off his pants!

'I have to go down there and stop him' I yell as I run out the door, I get to harry just as he was about to pull down his boxers 'Harry please come inside' he looks at me like I was crazy

'I would have to do something worse in order to get out of doing this' he laughs 'this is one of Lou's easy ones, he was nice to me because you were there'

I try to think of something worse that would make sure he could get out of this 'what if...' I couldn't think of anything

'well, you could do this dare... I don't think people would mind if you stripped down in front of them, I mean, look at you! You're way better looking then me' I smile at the compliment but there was no way I was going to do that dare for him

'could we do half-half?' I suggest

'what?' he looks at me like I was crazy

'well, I would be willing to take my bottoms off if you're willing to take your top off' he smiled

'that'll work, but I think I'm getting the better end of the deal here...' he looks me up and down and for this time he isn't my brother, he was a friend, a very gay friend that was so gay that I would strip down in front of..... I guess he has seen all of this before so I wouldn't have to worry about that

'yea but if we did it the other way you and I would both be embarrassed, this way I can cover it with my shirt' I look down at my singlet 'okay, then I guess I’ll be wearing your shirt' I smile and he shakes his head

'you're one silly girl. But okay'

'hurry up Harry!!' Lou calls down

'can we switch up the plans a bit?' Harry calls back to Lou

'yea sure just as long as someone jumps in that pool!' Lou didn't know what he just agreed to....

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