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Hi my name Bambi Tomlinson I am 16 and love Fruit Loops, I also have a thing for tattoos, and yes, Louis Tomlinson is my older brother, the type that would ignore me.
I have light blue hair and very odd purple eyes, although my natural hair colour is oak brown.


21. chapter 20

I finally call a taxi and make my way back home, so far today had been good and bad (more bad then good) but I still have to tell Connor about the fact that I might have to leave him until we're done with the concerts.

'here you go ma'am, that'll be $496.67(€327.99) please.' (A/N that is the actual fare to travel three hours here in Australia, it took me forever to calculate that!!!!) I hand over the money and get out 'have a nice day' I start walking towards the park for the second time today, when I get there I didn't sit, I didn't stay, I didn't even hesitate, I just kept walking in the general direction of the hotel that the boys were staying at

'Bambi!' I look behind me to see Connor and that girl sitting on the exact bench that I wanted to avoid, but I guess I can never run away from the past, I start walking back to them and Connor jumps up 'are you okay' worry was all over him face as he hugged me

'yea, I'm fine' I collapse on him and he carries me for a second, until I get my feet under me again, 'I just don't want to do that ever again' Connor picks me up and carries me back to the bench.

He sits me on his lap and looks into my eyes 'as long as you're okay' he hugs me again and the little girl tugs at his sleeve 'oh, I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce you to my little sister' the little girl looks down and smiles, her dirty-blond hair falls around her face so I could only see the top of her head

'hi there' I smile at her but I could see all the sorrow in her 'I'm Bambi, like the dear, what's your name?' I try to make her laugh but nothing works

'I'm Natasha' she sits next to her brother and hugs his side, that was all she said until Connor pulled out his phone 'who are you calling?'

'I'm calling uncle Harry' for the first time since the morning I saw her smile

'will Niall be there?' Connor nodded and her smile got even brighter

'where are we going after this?' I asked Connor but he was to engrossed in calling Harry to answer me

'yea, hey...... yea we found her... she's okay Harry....... no I'm here at the moment, can you come get us?' I guess now I know where we're going 'thanks Hazza.... I know... yea, she's still with me.... yea she really likes Niall..... haha I was pretty cute' there was silence for a second and I wonder what they were talking about 'kay, bye Harry' he hung up

'what was all that about?' I ask trying to get up off of Connor's lap but he held me there and put his head on my shoulder, not answering my questions 'hello'

I look at him and I see peace in his eyes 'sorry, I was just daydreaming'

he smiles at me and I could feel the love radiating from him 'it's okay, I was just asking about that phone call'

I use my best puppy face and he laughs 'Harry's on his way and we'll be going back there, that other bit was just about Niall making my little princess smile' he looks at Natasha and hugs her 'for the first time in a while'

'maybe he's not always an ass' I smile at the picture before me just as I hear a horn honking

'come on guys' Harry yells from the side of the park and I see the worry wrinkles I had given him from all of this, I really need to talk to him and just tell him that I was sorry for always making him worry about me

'coming Hazza' I yell back and I jump up off Connor's lap, I run towards the truck and Harry gets out knowing what was going to happen next 'I missed you Harry' I hug him and squeeze, he struggles but gives in when he realises I wasn't going to let go any time soon.

'it hasn't been that long, you were gone for like half a day' he still hugs me back even after the words he said

'I know-- I'm just--- I'm sorry' I look down and Harry lifts my head

'don't be, I will love you no matter what' he smiles at me and I hug him again

'I love you Harry Freaking Styles' he laughs and I feel his chest vibrate

'I love you too' Harry holds me at arms length 'now, go get your boyfriends ass over here'

'c'mon Connor' I laugh at how slow he was being 'ya lazy bum' I smirk at him and poke my tongue out at him

'that's it' Connor comes running at me and I flinch as his body and lips crash into mine, he pulls back and twirls me like he did the day we met 'Bambi, you have completely flip my world, for the better, and I'm glad your brother burnt down that apartment because if he didn't I doubt you would of noticed me before that day' I smile at him and his transformation, today he was wearing one of his black shirts with the jacket I got him and greyish jeans. His voice had smoothed down into a confident deep hum that could calmed me with his simple words.

'me too' I snuggle into his chest and I feel some ones hand slip into mine but it was to small to be Connor's or Harry's.

I look down and see calm hazel eyes 'thank you, I've never seen my brother this happy before' surely she must be joking, what about in his childhood, he must have had better family moments then this. What about the proud look in parents eyes when he starts to walk? Or when the look at him, surprised, with his first words?

The first time he road a bike must have been better then this, maybe she's lying.

'don't worry about it' I smile back at her and dismiss the idea that she was kidding, she says what she says I guess, I pick her up and carry her on my hip. She wasn't to big and she was really light, to light, I look at Connor and he smiles back. Completely oblivious to the fact that his sister was half starved to death 'can we go somewhere to eat?' I look at Harry and he shrugs

'I was ment to take you straight to the boys but I guess we could make a detour' he smiles at me and gets back in the car, I get in the back and convince Connor to sit in the front so me and Natasha could have some privacy

'so, Natasha, how have you been?' I start it off nice and casual so I could work my way up to the matter at hand

'I can't complain' she answered straight forward but I could tell that she wasn't happy unless she was with her brother

'what was your brother like when he was younger?' I smile to her and try to convince her that she could trust me

'hey! I can hear you' Connor looks back and smiles brightly,

I laugh and flash him a guilty smile 'sorry' I guess I wasn't getting away with that. 'anyway, what's it like having Connor as a brother?' I guess light conversation would have to do for now

'good, I guess, he protects me and keeps me safe. He's always there for me and I love him for that' she sighs and smiles at her brother 'he protects me from everything and when I need him, he's there' I wish my brother was like that

'when do we have to take you home?' she looked at me with panic covering her face, she looks from me to Connor and he smiles. She instantly calms down and I could tell that her home life was why she was so thin

'actually we're going to be staying at a friends place, he said it would be fine and you guys will be able to come see us whenever' Connor smiles at me and I could see the relief on his face

'okay, but you can come stay with us any time' I wanted to make sure that Natasha always had a brother that she could rely on, not like me who’s brother disappeared for half my life, I wanted to make sure that she had true family for the rest of her life.

'cool' Connor said just as we pulled up at Nando's

'we have to get some for Niall and the other boys' Harry said walking in. Harry really was the big brother, even if he is the youngest, he took care of everyone of those boys and made sure they were alright.

'kay, lets just get some food into us' I carry Natasha into Nando's and I feel like she was my child, she looked young enough to be carried around but I knew she was old enough to be walking by herself

'what do you want Tash?' I smile at her and she looks at me like food was an alien object 'do you want me to order for you?' she nods her pretty little head and her blond hair sways behind her. I look back to the lady behind the counter and ask 'could we please have a classic chicken burger and supremo chicken burger, could we get them cut in half please?'

'yea sure, do you want chips with that?' I look at Natasha and she nods her head

'yes please' I smile at the sight of Natasha's hungry face

'and what drinks would you like?' I look at the board and I couldn't choose

'surprise us, we're not picky' the lady smiles and taps everything in

'that'll be $28.30 (€18.34) thanks' I hand over the money and sit down as I wait for the boys to finish, Connor comes and joins us first and we sit there in silence until Harry joins us, we all chat until the food comes and Tash looks at her burger like it was as big as a pizza she started to eat but I grab her hand before it touches the patty

'just wait' I switch half of mine with half of hers and she smiles hugely

'thanks so much' she hugs me as tight as she could and I giggle to her

'well? Go on' she looks back to the burger before her and dives in, grabbing fries in between bites, she must be a hungry girl.

I take bites of my burger and look at Connor and Harry, they look so happy, they were eating and talking to each other and at some parts Natasha would join in with the conversation. Everyone was laughing and talking happily, I wish that it could always be like this but at some point I have to tell Harry and everyone else about Cody.. Talking about Cody I wonder how Jacob would be doing, maybe I could visit him some time.

Just as we started to leave Harry's phone rang 'hello?.... who is this?..... NO, I will not let you do that.... Piss off' Harry hung up and looked at his phone for a moment until he showed me who called..... it was me



heyyy guys. I'm so surprised at how many reads this book has gotten, at how many all of them have gotten, I'm happy that you like it and I hope it keeps getting more and more popular :)

If you like my book could you please like it and/or fan me. If you think it could be better tell me how to fix it and could you please read the rest of my books, there is a lot of variety there so I guess you can choose what you like and just let me know so I can continue with them.

thanks everyone!! love yall ~ jess (Jenty_blue XD)

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