Bambi Tomlinson

Hi my name Bambi Tomlinson I am 16 and love Fruit Loops, I also have a thing for tattoos, and yes, Louis Tomlinson is my older brother, the type that would ignore me.
I have light blue hair and very odd purple eyes, although my natural hair colour is oak brown.


17. chapter 16

I caught up to the boys as quickly as I could after what happened, I didn't tell them because it was obvious that the shirt was Liam's property although I don't think it was his... 'hey! Can we go to forever 21?' Lou asked

'yea, sure, we can go wherever you want Lou. Today is your day.' I smile at his as I get into the drivers seat.


We finally arrive at the only mall in this district, we travel from shop to shop looking at all the things Lou wants to look at. We stop in front of a shop and Lou smiles 'what is it Lou?' I smile back at him and a tear falls from his eye

'I would always bring things home from this shop for Bambi' a man starts walking out and another person jumps on his back, he turns and hugs the girl while she laughs.

I recognise that laugh 'Bambi?' I whisper to myself and I don't think the boys noticed.

He leans in and kisses her in front of everyone. He twirls her and she looks completely happy, I should be happy too, I know I should but I will never be happy while I know that Bambi would choose some boy over her brothers... her family.

I could hear someone crying but all I could do was shake my head at the now surprised Bambi, she had left us for a boy? He eyes flick from me to the person next to me. I do the same and see Louis crying over her, over what she had done.

She pulls away from the boy and runs towards us but that's all I see until my vision gets covered with unfamiliar faces of girls that I didn't know 'LOU!, LOU I'M SO SORRY LOU' I heard but I couldn't see the pretty face that the voice matched, I couldn't until Liam walked over with a half dead innocent girl in his arms, these fans could get scary sometimes.

Our fans were coming in closer and closer until they were pushed up against us, I felt nails dig into my chest and I felt some claw at my face but it obviously wasn't hard enough to draw blood because I could only feel a sense of worry for my sister.

I had just called Bambi my sister.......

I get pushed from my original position and thrown into the throng of the fans 'LOUIS!!' I try to call for him but I couldn't speak as millions of lips kissed my mouth and everywhere else 'get off me!' I push at everyone in front of me as I try to get back to the boys, some people move but the greedy ones keep coming. Some of them push me back to the boys, I know they're trying to help me, and the othes pull me towards them.

Sometimes it's hard being the “flirt”

by the time the guards pull me up the girls had done some damage, a dad had even threatened me to come to his daughters birthday party but I could carried away before he could do anything... I hope he doesn't try anything.

'are you okay?' Liam asked me

'yea. How's Bambi? Has she gotten better?' I felt as desperate as I sounded

Liam smiled 'she's just asleep in you room' he puts a hand on my shoulder 'Zayn hasn't woken up and seen Bambi yet. I hope she's okay and nothing bad happened to her' he looks me in the eye and I could see the concern in his.

I sit as still as I could while a bodyguard who's name I think was Jessie cleaned my scratches, some on my arm had drawn blood although most of them were okay. The ones on my face had basically disappeared and all that was left was a couple of red lines but they would disappear soon enough.

'keep still' Jessie said, his voice was as calm as water as he dealt with the blood coming from my arm 'you better be glad that you don't need stitches for some of these, there are some really bad ones' Jessie smiled at me showing his white teeth, he pushed his side swept dirty-blond hair away from his clear blue eyes.

'Jessie?' he smiled at me, telling me that I could “ask away” 'do you have a girlfriend?' he looked shocked for a second

'No, Harry, but it's okay. They only think they love me because of my money and talents' I felt kinda sorry for him

'Talents? Do you sing?' I was wondering if he would join our group if I talked to the boys, I instantly liked Jessie

'no' he laughed 'I can't sing even if my life was in danger, but I can play the piano quite well and I like to help people. I guess that's not a talent though' he smiles again and gets back to disinfecting my cuts

'do you like piano?' he continued to clean my cuts while he talked

'yea, it helps me escape from the world... I hate all the fights and crime here' he puts the cotton ball down and sighs 'it's not that I had a bad home life, I just feel pain for those who did' I could understand every word. Jessie definitely had a good idea of the world, he stands and packs the disinfectant away, I should probably go look for Bambi and see if she's alright.

'hey Liam, which room is Bambi in?' he looks so hollow

'yours' he turns away and starts shuffling to his room, I start to follow him, trying to make sure he was okay but I thought better of it and turned to my room.

'Bambi?' I look in my room and see her huddle in Zayn's arms. Zayn pulls her closer to him as if trying to protect her in his dream

'yea?' she shifted but didn't move, I walk to her side and bend over until I'm eye level with her

'what do we do with the kid named “Connor”?' she sits up almost smacking me in the face

'where's Connor?' she finally gets up and starts to walk to the door, I follow and when she reaches for the door handle I put a hand on her arm to stop her

'is he why you left? Did you stay with his family?' I gesture to the door, I turn her around and ask her 'who is he?' I seethed

'I met him today at the park' she was so stubborn

She was soo irresponsible, she just decides to kiss every guy she meets? 'you just met him and you kissed him?'

'hmmm, deja vu hey. Seems I've done that with a lot of people lately' she was right, I let her walk out the door but she stops when I hear a person yelling. I walk out from behind Bambi and see Connor bashing Niall, I guess Niall said something again...

'Connor stop! Harry!?'she looked at me and I shrugged 'Niall can you hear me?' he moans 'we need to get him to a hospital'

'he deserved it' he probably did, I wonder what Niall said to piss Connor off

'WHAT DO YOU MEAN!? you weren't even there to know what it was about' she was angry. very angry.

'Bambi, this guy is the biggest jerk on the planet, I was just---- he made me angry and I've delt with jackasses before' he looks from Bambi to Niall.. I just wish I didn't have to get involved with this but I guess I have to.

'Bambi, he's telling the truth when you left he was always talking about how you left him for no reason' I crouch down in front of Bambi and try to reassure her 'he blamed you for us having nowhere to stay'

'still, we should get him to the hospital.. wait, where’s Lou?' he decided he would get another room for himself and he said that we could let ourselves in any time we wanted but he just needed to be away for a little

'Bambi, I'll tell you later. Come on help us get him up' we get to the car and load the injured Niall into the car with help from Bambi and Connor.

who was going to go and who was going to stay? 'I'll stay' Bambi says

'she stays I stay' I think Connor's strong enough to protect my little Bambi but I wouldn't trust him with her if Liam wasn't waiting at Lou's for them.

Niall squirmed and complained on the back seat and all I could do was smirk 'this is what happens if you talk trash about a loved one' I look in the rear view mirror 'and you should know that Bambi has a lot of people that love her' he nods and rest's his head on the seat

'I'm sorry. It's just that I thought we had something special, ever since she ate those fruit loops from my mouth' he laughed at the memory

'yes, but she had kissed me and yet I only think of her as my sister. I love her so much but I would never cross that thin line onto lovers territory' man I sound smart today... kinda.

I send a quick text to Bambi telling her where Lou is and hope that Connor is taking her straight there.

He sighs and looks down ' I really am sorry' I nod and smile as we approach the parking lot of the hospital, his face was bloodied and bruised when we got him inside. Some people looked our way but few were concerned 'hi.. again' I look at the nurse that was sitting at the counter the day that I brought Niall in the first time

'what do you do with this poor boy?' she kinda sounded sarcastic but she didn't look it 'anyway, I'll call a doctor, you're going to need stitches on that' she smiles at Niall and Niall smiles back, even if his teeth were bloodied. A doctor came out and guided us to a white room that smelled like the disinfectant that Jessie used, I smiled, his voice calmed me once again and Niall had fallen asleep. They had him under a strong anaesthetic and I knew that he would be out for at least a couple of hours.

When we left it was almost 10pm and I yawned 'it's been a long day hasn't it Niall?'

'yes, I do like bananas' he smiled a goofy smile and got in the front seat 'I can drive' he put his hands on a fake steering wheel and started making engine noises

'kay then Niall, lets go' I let him think he was driving until we got home and I had to carry him to the elevator, he was kinda hyperactive after the anaesthetic had worn off but he soon fell asleep in his bed. I walk down the hall to Louis' room and I knock on the door, I had forgotten my key card to his room

'LiLi can you get it?' I heard Lou say with a happy voice 'oh hey Hazza' I look into the lounge room and see everyone sitting in a circle and most of them were smiling... well Lou was

'what are we doin?' I sit next to Connor and look across me to Liam

'truth or dare and it's... Bambi's turn' Liam smiled at Bambi and I could tell she had a good one in mind

'Harry do you remember the first night we met and you didn't like the dark?' she gives me a devilish smile

'kinda, what about it?' she winks and goes serious

'nevermind. Truth or dare?' I think about it and still I don't know what she's talking about

'hmm Dare' I smile but she laughs

'I knew it!! I dare you to lay naked under the blankets with Liam' she looks so proud of herself so I shrug and start stripping off 'whoa boy, not here. Go get undressed in Lou's room and come out in a blanket then you guys can lay under the blanket together until it's my turn again'

I look at Liam and he shrugs, I do as I'm told and I feel so free without my clothes on and I decided that when this all ended it would end with a bang. I walk out with a blanket around my waist and I pull Liam to me. We put on a little act, just to show Bambi that this was fine with us 'Liam, please I can't wait for you any longer, it's now or never' I put a hand to my head

'I know, but what about Louis? What would you say to him. I know your body belongs to someone else and I don't think I could take that from a friend'

'but my heart belongs to you and as long as you have one I want you to have the other.. unless you don't want me.' I look down and fake sob 'I just wanted to be with you' I put my hand on his arm

'no! I want to be with you!'

'then be with me' I lay down as seductively as I could but I made sure to make it look cheesy, I got a few giggles out of Bambi but Lou was pouting

'yes dear' Liam smiles at me and winks, he slides in next to me but keeps at a distance and Bambi was laughing so hard she was turning red

'kay, now its Connors turn' I turn cupcake on their asses and Connor looks at me like I'm crazy

'I think it's hard to top that performance, but I pick... Lou' he point's a finger at Louis and Lou flinches

'ahh crap' he smiles and sighs 'I choose truth' he crosses his arms and we all pout

'alrighty then, what did you think the second you saw me at the mall?' suddenly everyone was serious

' I thought you were finally giving my sister the love that I never could. I was happy that I didn't have to be responsible for every side of her' Lou looked pointedly at Bambi and smiled 'I'm sure Harry is now feeling the same' he leans over a bit and whispers 'he's a bit slow on these things' and winks to Connor

'heyy' I whine at Louis 'what's that suppose to mean?'

'see' they laugh and I shimmy backwards under the blanket

'okie dokie it's Harry's turn!!' I pop my head out and look directly at Bambi 'I choose Bambi' I sneer at her 'truth or dare, my dear' she looks around her for help but she couldn't find an escape

'uhhhh ummmm dare?' I laugh and she cringes

'yes, dare, I dare you to...' hmm what was a good one? I all my normal good ones were for the guys and can't be changed to a girls version. Wait I know a good one, it isn't the best but it's gross. I smile at Bambi and she turns her head

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