Bambi Tomlinson

Hi my name Bambi Tomlinson I am 16 and love Fruit Loops, I also have a thing for tattoos, and yes, Louis Tomlinson is my older brother, the type that would ignore me.
I have light blue hair and very odd purple eyes, although my natural hair colour is oak brown.


16. chapter 15

I walk to the elevator and sigh, I guess he didn't follow... as soon as I thought that I get spun around and someone crashes their lips onto mine, I could feel something in it that made me push myself closer to them. I move my hands up and tangle them in their hair so I could pull him closer, I could feel inside me that this was Connor and I push myself up and more onto his mouth.

A moan comes deep from throat and he pulls me up onto him, I hook my legs around his waist and he walks us into the elevator crashing me up against the back wall. The doors close and we both continue to make out until we were breathless and both moaning into each other. I pull back and look into his hazel eyes seeing that twinkle I saw from on the park bench.

I get down and walk over to he buttons pressing the floor we had to go to. I stand next to Connor and he slips his hand into mine and smiles at me, I had finished step one and now onto step two. When the bell ding's I get pulled back to reality, I don't know where my head was but it wasn't focusing on the 12 floors that we had passed.

'time to face my brother' I sigh and step out of the elevator hand in hand with Connor and we walk to Lou's room, knocking on the door I tighten my grip on Connor's hand and try to control my breathing. Someone runs to the door and opens it so quick that I couldn't see the flash of stripes until he threw himself at me.

'Bambi, I'm so sorry, I'm such a dick and I don't want you to leave me ever again' he pulls away and holds me at arms length while looking into my eyes 'are you okay?' he pulls me into the room and Connor follows along behind me.

'I'm sorry Lou but I'm fine and the family I'm staying with is a great family and Mary asked me to start calling her mum' Lou looks at me and nods his head

'as long as I know where you are it's fine' he hugs me again and we sit down on the leather couch 'I though Harry was going to bring you down' he looks at Connor then back to me

'yes but.. Niall had a little accident' I look at Connor and he stands a little taller

Lou looks at Connor then stands up with a blank face, he walks to Connor and stands in front of Connor. They were about the same height but Connor was more built then Lou, Louis stands there for a second and then suddenly he throws himself at Connor and hugs him. Connor was shocked for a second but then he hugged back and smile to me.

I sighed, Lou's gunna fall in love with this guy.... Louis pulls back and sits back down next to me 'you in a hug--' I start to say but Lou tackles me and calls out

'NOW' I laugh and Connor jumps on top of Lou 'gotcha Bambi' we were a laughing mess until Liam walked in the door, we shut up and looked at him.

'Bambi?' he looks horrible 'are you okay?' he sounds so worried, I pull myself from under the boys

'Liam' I walk over to him and hug him, it takes him a second to react until he hugs me and pulls me to him, I could feel his head next to mine and he smothers me.

'I missed you so much Bambi' he pulls me closer and I snuggle my head into his chest

'I missed you too Li Li' my voice was muffled by the cotton of his shirt, I felt Liam kiss the top of my head and sigh. He lets me go after a while and Connor was sitting on the couch with a lazy smile 'Li Li this is Connor' Liam looks at Connor and shakes his hand

'Connor, you should know Lou, Liam, Harry and Niall. You only have to meet one more' I can't believe that he's not screaming like all the other people

'so I guessed right, this is one direction' he smiled at me and I knew what it ment, it was the “I wish you would have told me” look.

Liam walks over and sits on the couch next to Connor, eyeing him carefully, and I stood in front of them 'we have until 11 to have fun' I smile at Lou and he beams back

'wait, your leaving again?' Liam looks so disappointed

'yea, I have a home now Liam, I have a family' I smile a little and he shakes his head

'you have a home and family here Bambi' everyone stands up and hugs me I nod and hug them back 'we love you Bambi' they Liam smiles at me and I laugh at the memory of us sitting in my room, I seemed like so long ago.

'I know and I love you all too' I grin and link arms with Lou 'now lets play... TRUTH OR DARE!!!' Liam made the sound affects of “dun dun daaaa”

'wait... what about Zayn?' Louis asks Liam

'we'll go see him in a little, after we play and when Harry gets back' Louis seemed definite to have this time with me

Harry's P.O.V

Leaving Bambi there was the hardest thing I could of done at that moment but she had things under control there and no doubt she would be coming to see us soon.

I got back to the hotel and everyone was asleep, I decided that I would watch t.v for a little before going to bed. I watched countless shows and yet I couldn't stop watching the hands of the wall clock tick until it was 7am and Liam walked out of his room holding his phone to his ear

'yes.... I know but she--........ very well...... her names Bambi if you must know' he walked pass me and over to the balcony, I could see him through the glass door but I couldn't hear him. He was obviously frustrated because he was pacing back and forth almost yelling into the phone until I saw him pull the phone away from his ear and throw it at the floor. Liam fell to his knees and started crying, I've only seen Liam cry once or twice but he was never this bad.

'Liam?' I open the door and he looks up to me 'are you okay? What was all that about?' he shook his head and sighed

'they haven't seen or heard from her, I hope she's okay' I couldn't see my friends like this, my phone vibrated from my pocket and I answer it

'hello, Harry's phone' I try my hardest to sound cheerful but it comes out as impatience

'hey, it's Paul. Simon said you were taking a break, could I ask why?' he sounded half concerned, Paul had always been a friend to me and the boys but he always chose his job over friends and family

'yea, sure. Louis' sister has gone missing and we're trying to find her'

I heard him sigh 'I didn't know Louis had a sister' it was silent for a second until Paul continued 'do you need anything Harry?'

I had promised Bambi that I would keep the peace here but I won't do that forever 'uh Paul, when is our next concert?'

there was paper rustling and Paul grunted 'it's this Wednesday and I don't think we can miss it' he sighed 'I’ll see what I can do Harry but you don't have much time to find that girl'

'no... that's not what I ment, we will go to that concert and I'm sure we'll find Bambi in time' if not I'll tell the boys where she is. I hung up and looked at Liam who was sill sitting on the ground 'we'll find her' he nods and I walk back inside.

By the time I finished breakfast and had gotten my own from macca's everyone was up... even Zayn! We sat and had a normal breakfast but everyone was to quiet and awkward, we finished breakfast with few word and if we did say something it would be something like “want more juice”

Time had passed and we had been sitting around the house all day, I decided that I would at least try to stay true to our promise 'everyone get up. We're going to the shops' everyone moaned... everyone but Lou, I swear that boy loves shopping more then life

'come on' I groan and drag Liam off the couch soon followed by Zayn and Niall. Everyone was piled at the door and he only two standing were me and Louis 'get up' I try to pick up Liam but he won't budge. He just laid there like nothing was wrong, other then the fact that his body was positioned really awkwardly.

'hmmm maybe some bacon will get there attention' Louis ran into the kitchen and came out with a plate stacked with bacon, where he got it from I still don't know, Niall instantly got up and was standing by our side shovelling his face. 'and what about the new toys story, we could go see that' Liam was up and awake

'aww come on Zayn' I run a hand through my hair 'what can we do to get you up and shopping?'

'bring Bambi back' he sighs and drags himself back to his room

'looks like it's just us 4' Niall says shrugging and walking out the door 'come on, lets go to the mall' he hadn't been himself since he met Bambi.

We walk down the hall to the elevator and see a few people there, Liam points out 'can we do that?, we don't have our disguises'

'no, I guess I'll go back and get our hats and sunglasses. I have to get a jumper anyway' I smile at the boys but all I really want to do is check on Zayn, we left him in an awful state. I knock on th door and there was no answer, I assume it's okay to enter and I let myself in.

I hear sobbing from the bedrooms, I look in each until I reach Liam's and Louis', Zayn was sitting at the foot of Liam's bed holding a shirt that looks like it belongs to a girl 'Bambi, please... please all I want is for you to come home. We love you and miss you soo much Bambi... I miss you' he wipes his tears and smiles 'but as long as your safe I'll be happy, I just wish you would talk to us or contact us in anyway possible...' his face turned grim and I step away from the door I had just been peaking in 'what if your being held captive or someone's.... hurting you'

his knuckles whiten and he grits his teeth 'Zayn? Are you okay?' I open the door, not being able to see him this way

'yea.. I'm fine' he drags himself onto the bed and hugs the shirt to his chest

'Zayn what is that?' I step closer and reach out my hand 'can I see it?' is it something of Bambi's? He pulls it closer to his chest and sobs once more

'no.. it's-- it's mine' he curls up around it, it looks like he was trying to protect it. As if he thinks I was going to take it.

I sigh and nod while I walk over to the dresser and sitting on top of it were LiLi's and Lou’s disguises, I pick them up without saying a word to say and walk out. I turn to Niall's room and grab his, when I get to my room I look at my dresser and see the moustache that Bambi had given to me the day we went for breakfast.

I put it on and look in the mirror but all I saw was Bambi's reflection with a moustache and a smile hidden under it. She smiled at me and waved, I waved back just as he image shimmered and faded.

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