Bambi Tomlinson

Hi my name Bambi Tomlinson I am 16 and love Fruit Loops, I also have a thing for tattoos, and yes, Louis Tomlinson is my older brother, the type that would ignore me.
I have light blue hair and very odd purple eyes, although my natural hair colour is oak brown.


15. chapter 14

When I woke up Mary was standing at the window looking out it and the spot beside me was empty 'you feel asleep last night and he told me to say goodbye for him' she must be talking about Harry, he must have done what I said.

Maybe I should go see the boys, tell them that I'm alright. I will, I'll go see them after school 'what time is it?' I ask Mary trying to keep my mind off the things that are to come

'around 10 am, you slept in pretty well. You must have been exhausted from yesterday' I sit up suddenly and start to get dressed

'10, I have to get to school' Mary laughs, her laugh like tiny bells

'today is Saturday dear' I collapse on my bed half way putting on a shirt, great now I have to go see them now 'come down for breakfast I can make you some bacon and eggs if you want' she walk out the door and I follow while I pull my shirt down.

'I have to go out today-- to get a job. I really want to pay you guys back for what you have done so far' I do need a job and I couldn't tell them that Harry wasn't really my brother

'sure hon, leave when you need and if you need a lift just give us a call' she opens the fridge and pulls out the eggs and bacon

'I think I'm going to go shopping first' I say to myself 'If I'm going shopping I need a couple hours extra' me and my brother are more alike then people think.' I'm gunna skip breakfast and just head out now' I tell Mary, might as well get it over with. I go back to my room and throw on the pair of dark blue jeans that they bought me, the grey tank top I wore when I left and a soft black jacket that Mary had let me keep.

'bye Bambi' Mary calls from the couch

'bye mu-- Mary' I almost called her mum, how embarrassing...

'Bambi, please call me mum' she comes over to me and hugs me 'be good and be home by 11 pm. Okay?'

'kay.. mum' I clutch her closer 'mum I have to go now' I walk out the door and around the corner, I kinda remember the way back home but I couldn't help but sit down on the park bench that I had sat on a few days ago and think about how things have changed since Louis came back.

'he—hello' someone sits next to me but I don't move 'I'm sorry but I've been trying to find you since that day you came and sat here for a whole day' I turn to him with a blank expression.

His light brown hair swept over his hazel eyes, his skin was fair and he was tall but not lanky. He was slightly muscled under his black and green shirt, I could see sleeves come out from underneath his T-shirt and they were striped.
His sleeve slipped up a little and there was a huge contrast between the ruby red on his wrist, his white skin and the black of his pants.

'hi' I pick up his hand and slip the sleeve up a little further 'what are these?' I trace some and he flinches for a second before he settles with the idea of a person looking at his secret

he leans in and whispers in my ear 'this ones for you' he picks up my hand and runs my finer across a recent one, it was long but not to wide. I could see a twinkle in his eyes as he talks to me and a shiver goes down my spine

'why would you do this for me?' I look at him as a smile plays on his lips

'because I didn't want you to feel the pain' he pulls my jacket sleeve up and put a soft hand on my bare wrist 'I remember the joy of short sleeves, now anyone sees my cuts they laugh or yell or get disgusted' he traces a finger across my wrist just like the one he had “for me” 'no one I've met has been interested in them, I've also never cut for another person before'

I lean forward and hug him, I can feel him rubbing my back but he was the one that needed the comforting 'I want you to stop' I say to him, I felt like I had to take care of him as if he were my life 'come on, I can help you with step one' I pull back and smile

'what's step one?' he looks utterly confused'

'first you need to promise me that you will try every step' he nods his head cautiously 'okey dokey, lets get shopping' I grab his hand as he pulls down his sleeves and we walk to the mall. We go in and out of shops, trying on millions of different outfits but all of them were pretty lanky.

'can we give up yet?' he asks me

'wait.... what's your name?' he didn't tell me his name in the first place

'my names Connor' he smiles, his smile was perfect, I didn't understand why he didn't do it more often.

'my names Bambi' I smile back and shake his outstretched hand 'now try on this' I pass him a simple light grey ¾ shirt and some dark blue worn out jeans, he puts it on and when he steps out I swear you could see his muscles ripple beneath the taught fabric

'bit cold' I walk through some of the store and pick up a light blue jacket that had the superman logo on the breast

'here this should be good' he slipped it on and it was a tad small I walked back and picked up another jacket one size up and it was perfect

'thanks' he smiled and I could see the pain and “misery” slide away I slip under his arm and he hugs me to the side of him 'he checked the tag of the smaller jacket and gasped 'crap, you'd have to be rich to shop here' I laugh

'it's kay. I've got it' I pick up the jacket from his hands and take it to the cashier with another pair of jeans and the exact same grey ¾ sleeve shirt 'hey Tim'

'hey girl, we haven't seen you here in a while' he picks up the clothes and scans them one by one

'Tim, could we get the new ones of those, you know, the one you have out back because my biffie (boyfriend) needs a makeover and I don't want him changing back into those old clothes' I smile at the only gay guy I've known since I got here

'sure babe' he winked at me and walked out the back

'how do you know him?' Connor leans over me and whispers into my ear, I giggle an shrugg

'girls secret' I tap his nose and Tim walks back out with everything and he passes it to Connor 'go put those on' I laugh at him when he walks away slouching like he did before the new clothes

'and a little something for you girlie' he hands me a white button-up top with small black polka-dots on it, there was a slit in the back where you would be able to see my back from the bra down until they criss crossed and were stitched together

'it's beautiful Tim' I smile and hug it to me

'wait, I forgot something' Tim runs out to the back room again and comes out holding something leather 'here you are' it was a pilots leather jacket and it had spikes on the collar instead of the fur, it was a deep brown, so deep that it was almost black. I run to the change rooms and put my new clothes on, I felt gorgeous. And I looked it to, I let my blue hair down to add a little sass to the outfit.

No outfit is complete without sass..

I walk out and Connor and Tim were standing at the counted laughing about something and I walk up as quiet as I could 'boo' I jumped on Connor's back and hug him around the neck

'ahh' I drop of his back and he turns and catches me in his arms, we were now standing at the front of the store and everyone in the complex could see him lean in and kiss me passionately and I pull him to me trying to meld our flesh together. I didn't just want to be with him, I wanted to be part of him but as much as I tried nothing would work, I gave up when I could feel both of us getting breathless.

He grabs my hand and raises it over my head until I do a small twirl, when I stop my eyesight goes over his shoulder and I can see Harry shakes his head at me. Is he talking about the kiss? But I look next to him and see a crying Louis...

I pull my grip loose from Connor and run to my brother but I get blocked by millions of fans who have just figured out who they are 'LOU!, LOU I'M SORRY LOU' I push my way to the front and someone pushes me to my knees 'Lou' I whisper as they trample me, my vision was getting blurry and I just see a person over me 'Connor?' I ask just before my vision completely fades


I wake up in another bed, this one was really well made and the sheets were crunch and white so I'm assuming I'm in a hotel room.. who's I can't remember.

I get up and walk to the nearest door, when I open it I see a lounge and then I hear a noise coming from inside the room. I turn so quickly the door slams shut, I see someone sleeping in a bed next to mine. I walk over to the bed and slightly pull back the covers so I can see the face, It was ZAYN. I lift up the blankets and slip into bed with him, hugging him to me, I really have missed these boys.

Crap what about being home by 11pm? I left there at 10am so I should be right, shopping didn't take that long. I look down and I was still in my white polka-dotted shirt and my leather jacket, I slip off my jacket and snuggle up to Zayn.

His arms wrap around me instinctively and I feel torn between a real family or a family of brothers 'Bambi?' I could hear Harry ask

'yea' I didn't move from Zayn's arms and Harry walks over to me

'what do we do with the kid named “Connor”' I sit upright and Zayn stirs next to me for a second and then goes back to sleep

'where's Connor?' I get out of the bed and walk to the door Harry puts a hand on my arm and stops me

'is he why you left? Did you stay with his family?' Harry turns me to him and stands over me 'who is he?' he said through gritted teeth

'I met him today at the park' I say prying my arm from his grip and stand there with my arms crossed

'you just met him and you kissed him?' he was obviously angry but he was being such a hypocrite

'hmmm, deja vu hey. Seems I've done that with a lot of people lately' I turn and open the door.

What I saw was horrible, I will never be able to unsee it. I gasp and Harry comes to my side and when he sees what's happening he instantly runs to break up the fight that was going on. I saw Niall laying on the floor with Connor on top of him, repeatedly punching Niall in the face 'YOU. DON'T. EVER. SAY. THAT. AGAIN.' he pronounced every word with a punch, as if he was trying to bash that into Niall's brain

'Connor stop!' I yell, my voice was hoarse but he did as I said and stopped a punch as it was mid-air 'Harry!?' I look at Harry who was leaning against the wall as I run to Niall's side 'Niall can you hear me?' he moans 'we need to get him to a hospital'

'he deserved it' Harry said simply, HE WASN'T EVEN THERE TO KNOW WHAT IT WAS ABOUT!!

'WHAT DO YOU MEAN!?' I try to calm myself down 'you weren't even there to know what it was about' I said through clenched teeth

'Bambi, this guy is the biggest jerk on the planet, I was just----' he sighed and rubbed the back of his neck 'he made me angry and I've delt with jackasses before' he looks pointedly at Niall and shakes his head

'Bambi, he's telling the truth' Harry walks to me and crouches down in front of me 'when you left he was always talking about how you left him for no reason' I look at Niall but Harry continues 'he blamed you for us having nowhere to stay'

I could see what Harry and Connor were getting at, but he was never and ass to me 'still, we should get him to the hospital' I look at Connor who looks kinda smug, I had a sense of pride over him. 'wait, where’s Lou?' I hadn’t noticed until now that I couldn't hear him making noise (for once)

'Bambi, I'll tell you later. Come on help us get him up' Harry looked exhausted and Connor couldn't do everything by himself so I do as I'm told and help carry Niall down into the lobby where Harry's car was waiting out front.

After we loaded him in there was an awkward silence, who was going to go and who was going to stay? 'I'll stay' I say and Connor grabs my hand

'she stays I stay' Harry nodded once and I think Connor went up in Harry's good books after that incident. We turn and head for the elevator while Harry drives off

'what did Niall say?' I mean, it was obviously about me but how could it be that bad? I scrape my hair from my neck and pull it into a bun that sits on the nape of my neck

'Bambi, he said things that I'm sure aren't true but still... I can't help but ask' he stops and looks at me 'did you kiss Harry when you first met as well, and Niall and almost Liam?' I look at him with a blank face. Yes I had done those things but it was different and I didn't feel anything with any of them, not like I do with him

'yes' I continue walking, if he felt the same way I did he would come with me and understand that I don't have feelings from them.

At that time I got a text from Harry.

H. xoxo

Hey, Louis is in a different hotel room. He's the one next to ours on the right.

Be good, don't be too mad at Connor...




I'm glad you guys like it, I want you to know now that its the holidays I should be doing more updates. I'm still in shock from how many people are reading this and I hope that more and more people continue to check out my work.

If you could look at my other books such as "don't tell" and "just a girl" I haven't been updating them much but I would still love for you to have a look at them and tell me if you want more on them. Thanks guys 

luv yall, jess out.. A.K.A Jenty_blue XD

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