Bambi Tomlinson

Hi my name Bambi Tomlinson I am 16 and love Fruit Loops, I also have a thing for tattoos, and yes, Louis Tomlinson is my older brother, the type that would ignore me.
I have light blue hair and very odd purple eyes, although my natural hair colour is oak brown.


13. chapter 12

Bambi's P.O.V

I'm so glad Harry agreed to come meet my new “family” I really wanted him to approve. I love the way he made me feel safe when he held me. I know he will keep me safe. I hope he will...

'come on Bambi we have science' Darcy said

'Harry I have to go' I pull away from him and he looks sad 'I'm sorry Hazza but this is my favourite subject'

'I know, I just don't want to go back to that miserable place' did I make it miserable?

'well, I'm making it your job to keep them happy until I figure everything out' I smile at him and tap his nose 'so make it work' I wink and walk out the door. Harry stays there for a bit and when I get to the quad practically everyone's head snapped around to look at me

'who was tha?' someone asks me

'that was my brother.. uh Ben' I really suck at lying

'your lying that was Harry styles from One Direction!' a girl screamed, I could tell she was one of the crazy fans

'why would I lye about hanging out with someone from 1D?' she looked back to the dorm and started walking back there. We all followed and I hoped that Harry had gotten out.

She opens the front door and a lady walks out and bumps into me 'oh sorry miss' she winks at me..... was that Harry? Holey fuck It was! I smile to myself

'where did he go?' she asks

'he walked out before you guys got here but you guys were looking for Harry Styles not Ben' I laugh at them and so many people shoulder barged me on their way out but I kept laughing until Darcy looks at me

'who's One Direction?' I grab out my phone and show her a couple of pics of my brother

'that's Louis Tomlinson' I go on the internet and look up the rest of the boys

'but.. that was Harry styles. How do you know them?' I go back to my photos and show her one of me and Lou poking out tongues out and posing

'Lou is my brother' I smile and she almost drops dead

'but I though Harry was your brother' she was definitely confused

'My brother showed up a couple of days ago and then burnt my apartment down.. He-- He left me when I was younger and now I'm disowning him because of it. Harry and Zayn took me in under their wings and now I feel much safer with them' I shift uncomfortably under her gaze 'It's complicated' I sigh and start walking to my next class

'how do people not know your last name?' she grabs my arm and stops me

'they do, they just don't know that the famous “Louis Tomlinson” has a sister' she lets go and walks beside me to class. Her head down in thought and I know that she's going to come up with some crazy hypothesis.

We get to class as the bell rings and take our usual place, after a while Darcy hands me a note and I open it looking at her perfect handwriting saying

I know how you feel, I live in my mothers shadow. That's why she wanted me to become a model, so I can live up to her name. She's disappointed in me because I won't take classes or go to the photo shoots.

I smile at her sympathy and write back

Could you not tell anyone please? I don't want to live in his shadow at this school to, plus I don't want the hassle of being invited to every party just so they can get my brother there.

She looks at me and nod, thank god....


The rest of the class goes swiftly and I wrote down a couple of notes to help me with the stack of homework I have. I walk out to the front of the school and see Harry's Jeep and Mary's Holden, I walk over to Mary and open the door 'Mary, is it okay if my.. brother comes to meet you and everyone else?' I smile and she nods

'just tell him we can pick him up on the way' she starts then engine

'well, he can drive there and... he's kinda already here' I grimace thinking she was going to flip that I already said he could come without asking her

'that's fine, he can follow us in the car. Actually I can come with you to tell him, just to make sure he likes me. That way if he doesn't like me he can back out' she turns the engine off and gets out of the car.

'sure this way' I say walking to the parked black Jeep a couple of spots away 'hey Harry' I smile in through his window

'Mary said you can follow her car to the house and she wanted to come meet you first' Mary steps around me and holds her hand out for him to shake, Harry has to lean out the window to shake it but he does

'nice to meet you Mary' he smiles

'I believe your Harry, Bambi's brother?' I nod to him from behind Mary and he mirrors my response 'and yet your Harry styles from One Direction to, am I right?' Harry nods again 'okay. Now, lets go see Rob. I don't think the kiddies will be home for a little so we should have the place to ourselves' me and Mary walk back to her car and get in. I look over to Harry's car and see him wink, what an idiot.

The drive home was filled with lite chat and laughter and when we got to the house I was suddenly filled with dread. What if they don't like him? What if he does something wrong? I hope he doesn't stuff this up for me.

We wait for Harry at the front door and when he gets there he tucks me under his arm and pulls me close to him, all my worries disappear as he does this.

'Rob, we're home. And we brought a friend with us' I take him to the sitting room and Mary goes down the hall into Roberts study 'come on hun'

I sit Harry down and notice how tense he is 'calm down Hazza, I'm sure they're going to love you' I smile 'this feels like the first time I took a boyfriend home'

'how did that go?' he looks hopeful

'mum kicked him out and told him off for dating a low life like me, then told me I had to concentrate more on my singing lessons' the last part slipped

'you sing?' He looked like he was going to burst

'kinda, I'm better at the piano' I blush and Mary walks in

'you play piano?' she turns to Rob 'don't we have one in the entertainment room?'

'yea I think we do, unless we got rid of it' he walks back down the hall and calls out 'we still got it!' Mary smiles at me

'no, no I am no going to annoy you with my horrible playing' I could do almost everything easy on piano but anything majorly hard was completely off

'how about I play you sing' Mary says

'fine, I'll do that but at least I won't be attacking your ears by myself' I giggle and walk with everyone down the hall into the entertaining room

'can you sing.....' she looked around 'I don't know. Just for Harry could you sing “story of my life”?'

'yea I guess, you can play that?' I smile at her

'yea, I like to keep up with the kids' she winked and we all laughed

She started playing beautifully and Harry counted me in, I decided to change the words to kinda suit me

'Written in these walls are the stories that I can't explain,
I leave my heart open but stays right here empty for days.
She told me in the morning she don't feel the same about us in her bones,
It seems to me that when I die these word will be written on my stone.
And I'll be gone, gone tonight. The ground beneath my feet is open wide.
The way that I've been holdin' on to tight with nothing in between

The story of my life, I take him home
I drive all night
to keep her warm when time..
is frozen
The story of my life,

I give her hope
I spend her love.
Until she's broken inside.
The story of my life...'

I stop and sit down, man singing's pretty hard when you haven't done it in 2 years 'that was exhausting, I really should stop singing' I laugh at myself and stand up with sudden energy that Harry takes a step back 'can we eat now?'

Mary laughs and says 'no but it is time for me to get the kids and Rob can start dinner, can't you hunny?' Robert laughs and kisses his wife

'sure can' we all walk out and I follow Mary to the door while Harry goes back to sitting down

'we both love him dear' she smiles and hugs me to her 'keep him with you' she sighs and lets go, I close the door and walk back to Harry

'They love you Hazza I jump on him and turn the telly (t.v) on 'what should we watch?' the first channel comes on and its the news

'I will repeat the report. A missing persons has been filed, Bambi Tomlinson has been reported missing, again Bambi Tomlinson has been reported missing.
I you have seen her please call the number below, her family is looking all over for her'

a video of my mum and dad comes up 'Bambi, please, come home. We miss you and want you back with us. We love you and we're sorry or anything that we have done wrong' Mum had obviously been working on a speech or this and Lou must have told her that I went missing because I haven't lived with her for 2 years

The reporter turns to her 'do you know why or where she would have went?' she started crying and opened her mouth, she closed it again and shook her head as she buried her head into Marks neck

'we don't know where she went no.' he didn't lie to him, that's probably the most truthful thing they've said all night

'Bambi-- you shouldn't watch this' he snatched the remote and changed it to cartoons 'Bambi I have to tell them--'

'NO' I turn on him and look into his eyes 'I'm happy here. I like this place and I love the family' I grab his hand and squeeze it

'okay' he squeezes my hand back. We both turn back to watching the t.v and I rest my head on his shoulder and he kisses my hair 'I just want to keep you safe'

'I know' I close my eyes and just lay there. At some point I must have fallen asleep because I woke up in the spare bed and I could hear Harry singing, I open my door a crack and see Harry standing facing me performing to the people on the couch

'don't make me stay the night
or ask I I'm alright
I don't have the answer
heartache doesn't last forever
I'll say I'm fine
midnight ain’t no time for laughing
when you say goodbye
It makes your lips
so beautiful' I giggle at the change of words and he winks at me. I walk out and sit down next to Sophie.

'you knew One Direction and you didn't tell us?' she says to me

'I didn't think it was important' her eyes widen

'not important!? This is awesome' she laughs and hugs me 'I'm so glad to have you as a new big sister' I laugh and hug her to me, I have a real family now. But something still seems missing

My thoughts got interrupted by a husky voice yelling 'pile on' and bodies jumping on top of me

'get offffff, your crushing... Sophie' I laugh

'yea you are' Sophie says from somewhere above me, she must have slipped out when they jumped on she was now sitting on top with Mary. I reach up and tickle Harry, who was laying on top of me and he squirmed until they all toppled over, we were all laughing by the end of it.

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