Bambi Tomlinson

Hi my name Bambi Tomlinson I am 16 and love Fruit Loops, I also have a thing for tattoos, and yes, Louis Tomlinson is my older brother, the type that would ignore me.
I have light blue hair and very odd purple eyes, although my natural hair colour is oak brown.


11. chapter 10

I told him I wouldn't start eating without them so he sat across from me and started talking about them, he looked so proud when he started on the topic of their children. I wish mum would look like this when she looked at me. But she doesn't and there's no changing that.

'do you have brothers or sisters Bambi?' he asked, I didn't want another person to look at me with disappointment so I shake my head 'oh, that's to bad. What school do you go to?' Crap I forgot about school

'I go to a college here' I smile at the thought of Darcy and her unusual parents

'what's your major?' he asked, he talked so casually about everything. As if I was already his new daughter

'science, chemistry to be exact' I look down and I hear the front door open

'nice. Looks like the rest of them are home' The sun was only just starting to fall down the sky

They walk in and I giggle at them. The boy was about 13 and he was sticking his tongue out at his sister and she just stood there laughing at him 'I told you I could make you laugh' he smile confidently

'yea, whatever' the girl was short so it was hard to pinpoint her age, her dark hair fell over her shoulders in waves and her brown eyes sparkled with love for her family.

The boy, like I said, was about 13 and his eyes were a piercing blue as were his mothers and his hair was a lighter brown then all of the others, almost a dirty blond, he was confident in every way and I could see that he would take a bullet for his dear sister.

'calm down Sophie' I turned to Robert and his face was glowing for his children. Roberts wife walked over to him and kissed his cheek 'my dear, this is Bambi. I've asked her to stay for a while, I found her outside half' he looked to his children and whispered 'dead' into her ear

'oh dear' she gasped 'you must stay here for a while' she put a motherly hand on my shoulder 'my names Mary and these are the kids, Sophie and Travis' she pointed to the children as they look at me with curiosity

'hi' I wave a little and they smile

'hi' they say in unison.

We all sit down for dinner that Robert had cooked. We ate and talked about everything an I even found myself laughing at the light conversation.

'Bambi, where do we have to drive you tomorrow?' Mary asked

'what do you mean?' I smile at her and she gives me a motherly smile

'I mean where is your college?' she says while she grabs the potatoes

'you really don't have to do that, I could walk or I could just not go' I said lowering my head, I missed it today and I'm not sure if I could miss any more

'don't be silly, I will gladly take you to school. I don't want you to miss your calling' when she talked I felt like she would take me under her wing and keep me as her own …. and I wouldn't mind if she did

'okay' I put a fork full of green beans into my mouth. Mmmmm I love green beans.

'she can sleep in my room' Sophie says cheerfully

'no, no. I don't think she wants to sleep on the floor, she can have the double in the spare room' he smiled at me

'thank you for the offer though Sophie' we continue until all the food had disappeared and all of us were groaning and patting our full bellies 'thanks for the lovely dinner Robert' everything was all smiles. I don't think I want to go back to how things were before, I have a family that cares about me here

'I think its game time' Mary smiles 'I'm sure you know how to play monopoly' she leads out into the sitting room and pulls out a box and we start to play

Harry's P.O.V

ever since she ran away Lou hasn't slept a wink. We called Paul and he got us a room at a hotel but none of us have been happy.

Niall has been losing his mind but he wasn't thinking about her, he was asking why she ran away from him and if she was fucking some other guy. He really wasn't concerned for her.

He's a dick.

I walk into the lounge room and I see Zayn almost in tears he had treated Bambi like his little sister, we all had, and I went to comfort him 'Zayn.' I run a hand through my hair 'she's going to be fine, she's a smart girl' I sigh

'but what if it was Gemma?' he looked at me and I shook my head

'lad, don't be like this, we need to keep happy for Bambi' I put my arm around him and pull him to me. A tear slipped from my eye and I let it trace a line down my face until it lands on my jacket.

I wonder where Gemma is. I wonder if she's okay.

Did I leave her like Lou left Bambi? I should call her, see if she's okay. I will, I'll call her when everyone goes to bed.

'Haz, do you think my sisters are okay?' he asked me in a sleepy voice

'I'm sure they're fine Zayn. Go to bed and get some sleep' he gets up and slumps as he walks to our shared room. I don't know where the other boys went, although I think Niall went to a night club, Lou and Liam probably went to look for Bambi.

I get up and walk to the landline that came with the room, I dial the home number and mum picks up 'hello?'

I could hear Robin in the background yelling 'who's calling at 4 in the morning dear' he sounds half asleep and they must have picked up the phone in their room

'hey mum' I say, she made me realise how much I miss home

'oh my, Harry its so good to hear your voice. We both miss you so much' she sighs and I can only imagine how much stress I put her though

'is it Harry? Really?' Robin says

'yes dear it is' mum sounds exhausted and I feel sorry that I woke her

'I'm sorry I woke you mum. I was just wondering if Gemma's there' I hear shuffling on her side of the phone 'Gemma. Gemma wake up its your brother Harry'

'Harry?' mum had passed the phone to Gemma

'I'm sorry for waking you up but I needed to know your safe and okay' I sigh 'are you okay?

'yea, I'm fine. What's wrong? Why are you calling so late?'

'sorry Gem, it's only 10 here and I just--- I just wanted to know your okay. Are you happy?' I desperately don't want my sister to get angry at me like Bambi got angry at Louis

'yea, I'm fine. The only thing I'm not happy about is you calling me at like 4 am' she laughed a little

'yea sorry about that' I sigh

'harry?' she asks


'go to sleep' she sighs on her side and says goodnight

'night, keep being happy and if you need me at all, just give me a call' I smile as I hear her breathing get heavier 'be good' I hang up and walk into Zayn and mine's bedroom I look out the window and I hope that Bambi is safe.

Just as I slip into my bed my cell starts ringing 'hello?' I didn't know the number and I hoped that Niall didn't get into a fight

'H-- Harry?'

'where are you Bambi?' I practically yell

'I don't think I'm coming back, I'm happy where I am and they said they'll take care of me for a little' she's whispering, I don't know why but she sounds happy so I leave her

'o-okay. Just stay safe and keep your phone with you, I won't tell the boys that you called but I'll call every night. Kay?' I want her to be happy and I don't think we can do that for her

'yea that's fine but I'm going to keep going to collage and I want you to keep them away from there' I run a hand through my hair

'yea sure. I'm coming to that collage at lunch to see that your not hurt'

'yea, I have to go. Bye Harry' she was so close to hanging up but I stopped her

'why did you call me and not someone else?'

'because your the closest thing I have to a brother and Zayn would have come and gotten me as soon as I told him where I was'

'where are you?' I ask, exhaustion settling over me

'I'm happy, that's all that matters' she hung up and I gently put my phone on the bedside table and sigh. Sleep falls over me as soon as I realise that she was telling me the truth, she's happy and that's all that matters

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