Zayns new princess

Kassia is a normal teenage girl with a hard life but then she meets one direction. Zayn falls in love with her and they gain a relation ship. what happens when her ex boyfriend comes back and abuses her and treats her like crap. what will happen in the end of the story.


3. Chapter Two

Zayn’s P.O.V

I have known her for a week now and I have seen her every day when she came home after school. She did it because she wanted to get to know me and the boys. I really like her and I am planning to ask her out tomorrow but the good thing is it is her birthday tomorrow so I am excited. No one knows about it yet but she needs to be my princess because she needs to be loved and cared for properly.

Kassia- hey boys she said as Louis lets her through the door. I dropped the remote and ran up to her and kissed her nose. She likes that as I realized. She giggled as she always does and I stared at her.

Kassia- do you all want to go to my place? I need to get some things for my friend’s party tonight.

Me - yeah I will. I need to see what you place looks like.

Kassia- okay lets go. She starts to walk down the street and I run up and grab her hand as she leads the way. She was right it was only down the road. It was the little blue cottage that I liked. She grabs her keys out of her school bag and unlocks the front door and walks in to the kitchen and puts her keys on the bench.

Kassia- hey Micheal

Micheal- hey sweetheart and kisses her on the head.

Kassia- Micheal meet Zayn, Zayn meet Micheal. He is my step dad.

I shake his hand and have a look around the place.

Kassia- come with me as she grabs my arm and pulls me to her room. She opens the door to a room painted aqua with a white door and roof. It was really nice. I see pictures of her and her friends and posters of me and the boys. I saw them and giggled and I turned to find a little girl about ten standing there looking at me in shock.

Kassia- hey LiL.

Lil- hey ummm is this who I think it is.

Kassia- yep as she said with a smile.

I walked up to her and introduced myself and started a conversation with her little sister.

Kassia- im going to have a shower and get ready as she said picking out some cloths and walking into the bathroom that was connected to her room. She walked in there and closed the door with cloths in her hand and a towel.

Kassia’s P.O.V

I walked in the bathroom and locked the door behind me. I put my hair up in a messy but and pin my fringe back. Zayn and all the boys are going to the party as one of my presents for Natasha. I got undressed and had a quick shower. As I finished up I got out, got dried and dressed into my little red polka dot dress that Tash got me for my birthday last year. She was my best friend and I couldn’t wish for any other friends than the three that I have now. I put on some mascara and eye liner and lip gloss. As I took my hair out and brushed it, my curler was heating up and as soon as I was done brushing it i curled in into perfect curls and made it look good. I straightened my fringe and put my cloths in my wash basket. After I hung up my towel and unlocked the door and walked out to Zayn staring at me.

Zayn- you look amazing.

Me- thanks but its not much really.

Zayn- too bad I have to get really dressed up to try and match that.

Me- I still need shoes though.

Zayn- well get them and let me see shorty.

Me- hey just because I’m short don’t have to tease me I said with a sad look on my face.

Zayn- sorry

Me- its ok.

I walked over to my closet and pulled open the door and got out my red heels that were tied up around my ankle with a ribbon and had sparkles on the strap across the toe. I stood up and turned around and met Zayns was equal with mine.

Me- Damn it I’m still shorter

Zayn- good he said with a smile.

Zayn’s P.O.V

I was standing looking at her and our noses were touching she was so cute and little and now she is only up to my eye brows. Next thing I know I kiss her. It was so magical and there were sparks I swear. She slowly wrapped her arms around my neck and I wrapped my arms around her waist. She was so skinny and small. It stopped and I looked at her and she was blushing. I couldn’t wait until tomorrow it was too far away.

Kassia- what was that for?

Me- for you my beautiful princess.

Kassia- but I’m not yours though.

Me- will you be my beautiful and amazing girlfriend?

Kassia- a million yesses baby, anytime in the world as she said smiling.

I kissed her one more time and I walked her downstairs and she grabbed her phone and we walked out the door down the street to my place. She was holding my hand and we were giggling and smiling as we walk down the street when suddenly her grip got tighter and she looked like she was been shot. 

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