Zayns new princess

Kassia is a normal teenage girl with a hard life but then she meets one direction. Zayn falls in love with her and they gain a relation ship. what happens when her ex boyfriend comes back and abuses her and treats her like crap. what will happen in the end of the story.


7. Chapter Six

I drove out of the drive way and down to my place. As soon as I got there I ran to my room and through my phone on my bed and lied down. Britney came and knocked on the door and came in and i spoke to her about everything. I couldn’t see Kassia like this. It killed me.

Kassia’s P.O.V

I walking inside and no-one was home. I ran up to my room and cried and didn’t stop. After 20 minutes of crying there was a knock on the door. I look and see who it was and I saw my brother Justin standing there. I haven’t seen him in two months so I opened the door and jumped on him for a big hug. He pulled out of it and I looked away.

Justin- what happened to your face?

Me- nothing don’t worry about it

Justin- who did this to you!?

Me- don’t worry about it

Justin- Tell me now!

Me- ALEX! Ok you were right he was trouble. Ever since you left everything went to hell and my life turned upside down but only you and my best friends and boyfriend know about it.

Justin just hugged me and brought me inside. I told him everything from start to finish. Once I had done mum got home and I just sat there on the couch when Justin went and saw her. I tried to act normal but it was hard with a black cheek.

Mum – hi sweetheart

Me- hi

Mum- whats wrong

Me-nothing im fine

Mum- Justin tell me what’s going on

Justin- she was beat up




I ran upstairs and I called Zayn and told him everything. He sent Britney over for a while and then mum was going to give her a lift home. We sat in my room and watched modern family season 4 episodes. After a few hours Britney was going home. I fell asleep.

-2 hours later-

I woke up to nightmares about Alex and him raping me. I called Zayn and he picked up.

Zayn- what’s wrong?

Me- I can’t sleep. I had a nightmare. Can you come and pick me up?

Zayn- sure

I hung up and packed my school bad with books, MacBook, chargers and cloths in it. I didn’t know how long I would stay but if I’m with Zayn I should feel safe.

Text message)


I’m here.

To bbyboy-)

I’m coming down now.

I left a note saying where I was and I don’t know when I will be back on the fridge. I walked out to Zayn and gave him the longest hug in the world. After the car ride when we got to his place I walked into his house and straight up to the bedroom and jumped in bed. He followed and held me tightly and didn’t let go. I felt safe and nothing could harm me.

Zayn’s P.O.V

I woke up to sun shining and birds as I always do and I look down and Kassia isn’t there. I get out of bed and run downstairs to find her curled up drinking coffee and watching SpongeBob. I giggled at it and went and sat next to her.

Me- morning beautiful

Kassia- morning she said with a tired look on her face.

Me- what time did you get up?

Kassia- 5am

Me- nightmares again?

She nodded and got tears in her eyes.

Kassia- I told Justin everything

Me- whose Justin?

Kassia- My older brother.

Me- and?

Kassia- mum found out

Me- what she say?

Kassia- I don’t know that’s when I ran to my room.

She burst out into tears and I rocked her back and forth holding her tightly. She slowly fell asleep so I took to coffee of her and let her sleep there. 

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