Zayns new princess

Kassia is a normal teenage girl with a hard life but then she meets one direction. Zayn falls in love with her and they gain a relation ship. what happens when her ex boyfriend comes back and abuses her and treats her like crap. what will happen in the end of the story.


10. Chapter Nine

Kassia's P.O.V

-Lunch time the next day-

me- yeah ill meet you guys at starbucks

Britney- cool, see ya there mwah bye

me- bye

i hung up the phone and got ready to go to starbucks. i put on light make-up, put my hair in a pony tail like we always have it. straightened my fringe, put on some shorts a shirt and vans on and grabbed my bag and walked out the door. i have 6 weeks of Christmas freedom. thank god. 

i walked to starbucks and saw Tash, Britney and Jorgia there. 

me- heyyyyyyy

Jorgia- heyyy bub

i was attacked by Britney and Tash went in to get our coffee's. we always get the same thing every time. we talked about things and i left to go back home when i found out that Zayn was sitting out on the front lawn of my house upset. 

me- Zayn, whats wrong?

Zayn- nothing, dont worry about it

me- Zayn talk to me

Zayn- my sister is going through exactly what you were and there is nothing we can do to stop it because harm would come to both of you. 

me- ohhhh, im sorry 

Zayn- dont worry about it but i have to do something. even though my sister said she never wanted to see me again and i havent spoken to her in 5 years i have to do something. she is my sister. 

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