Zayns new princess

Kassia is a normal teenage girl with a hard life but then she meets one direction. Zayn falls in love with her and they gain a relation ship. what happens when her ex boyfriend comes back and abuses her and treats her like crap. what will happen in the end of the story.


5. Chapter Four

Kassia’s P.O.V

It was getting to the end of the night and we were all slowly dancing on the dance floor. I was staring into his eyes. He was so wonderful it was hard to imagine myself with anyone else ever again. I heard Britney get up onto the microphone and say that Jorgia, Britney and I were going to sing ‘live while we’re young’ to her. I hate singing, I was a terrible singer.

Zayn- I didn’t know you could sing.

Me- I can’t I say looking at Britney.

I went onto up to the microphone and we started to sing. After the song I walked over to Zayn and stood there.

Zayn- wow

Me- how bad was it

Zayn- you were amazing.

I looked down and blushed but I got pulled into a kiss and was held tightly. I loved him so much. It was a Friday afternoon and I told Micheal I was going to stay at Zayn’s place for the night. We went back to his place and he gave me a shirt and some pants to put on. The pants were too big so I went without them. As I walked out into the lounge I had Harry’s eyes pinned on me. Zayn was looking at him and death glaring him.


Harry- sure he said with a smile on his face looking at me.

I walked in and we all went and sat in a circle on the floor around the coffee table. Louis went a got a water bottle out. I sat next to Zayn and Louis. Danni was there next to Liam and I had Natasha, Brit and Jorgia on the way over. As soon as I sat down the door-bell rang and Liam got up to see who it was. The girls were her and he told them we were playing spin the bottle. They dropped their bags and everyone moved out to let them in to play.

It started off with Zayn and he spined it first. It landed on me and he pulled on the shirt and kissed me until someone else spined it and it landed on one of us. It took a while because it got half way around the circle but I couldn’t get Zayn off me because he didn’t want to stop kissing me. Harry spined the bottle and it landed to where I was sitting so Zayn had to get off me and Harry crawled over and kissed me. I couldn’t stop him because he just wouldn’t stop kissing me so Zayn had to pull me away. After that Zayn just kissed me again and didn’t stop until it was my turn. I spined the bottle and it landed on Louis. Dam it. He was like my brother I couldn’t kiss him but I did anyway. Zayn spun the bottle and it landed on Liam but he spun again and it landed on me again. YAY.

Zayn’s P.O.V

It landed on Kassia so I just kissed her even more. I loved kissing her because it was just so magical. After an hour of playing that game we started a Disney movie night. We started with Aladdin and I just kissed her through most of that but we watched sometimes. She sat on my lap because there wasn’t enough seats. At one point I saw Natasha and Harry kissing. Kassia text me because she couldn’t see Natasha get hurt if he broke up with her. She has been hurt to many times. After a few movies, Kassia was asleep on my lap. I carried her up to my room and placed her in my bed and ran to the other side of my bed and went to sleep with her.

I woke up to the sound of birds and sunlight through my window. Kassia was still there asleep and she looked a bit cold because she was really close to me and her fingers were on my bare chest and they were like ice. I wrapped my arms around her and tried to keep her warm. After a while of lying there she had woken up with a smile on her face. She was honestly gorgeous. I kissed her nose and wished her happy birthday and have her a present. it was a silver ring with a purple love heart on it and a silver necklace with the letter 'z' in it. she kissed me and thanked me and then we got up to get out of bed. We walked downstairs to get ready for a day of fun.

we walked downstairs to a million happy birthdays and everyone throwing balloons at her. she was so happy and that smile lit up my day. she got photo books and canvas's and money from everyone except Louis who got her a black and white above the knee dress and strapless. 

today we were going to the beach that was down the road from my place.

-1 hour later-

Kassia- Britney!!!!

Britney- yeah

Kassia- did you bring my bikini back for me and my shorts that you borrowed that time.

Britney- yeah they are here

She handed them to her and I was looking at her with Britney to think at how alike they are.

Kassia’s P.O.V

I got my bikini back and ran into the bathroom to get changed. As I was done and walked out into the lounge everyone was already ready and looking at me. We left our phones here and only took one lot of keys in the bag with our towels.

We walked down to the beach and i took of my shorts and lied out my towel and as soon and that happens I have Zayn pick me up and throw me in the water. He came in after me and grabbed me and kissed me.

Me- I thought you couldn’t swim?

Zayn- I can’t, that’s why you’re going to teach me.

Me- sure I said with a smile.

After 2 hours of teaching Zayn to swim he was a better swimmer than me and I was being held in his arms in the water kissing him. I felt so safe until Harry and Louis came up and pushed us under the water. I got up and slapped Harry and pushed over Louis. Zayn was sitting there laughing at my reaction. I pushed him over and kissed him at the same time. He was so amazing and the best boyfriend anyone could ask for.

I started to walk out of the water when a familiar group of boys around Zayn’s height showed up. I ran back to Zayn and said “don’t let me go”.

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