it has been 20 years since robin hood the outlaw tried to save england from the new king john and now nottingham is poor but robin is robbing the rich to feed the poor trying to save notting ham from his camp hidden in the forest.
robin has got a son called tristan and king john has a daughter who is called alexia she is the future queen of enland and france.
what happens when the son meets the daughter and falls in love?
(this story is not historically correct)


1. chapter 1: the princess

it is 20 years after king Richered was killed, john took the throne and tricked robin hood. in those 20 years robin has had a son called Tristan and king john has had a daughter called Alexia who at 10 years old left for France to live with her mother and learn to be a queen. now 7 years after the princess left she is coming back.

London is a buzz with the news about the princess and meany people are travailing to London from all over England to see the princess for the first time in 7 years.

king john was getting ready for his daughters arrival hoping she wasn't the same as when she left. hoping she dose not still pick fights with the kings nights or run of into the forest alone and not come back for weeks.

john was in his chambers being dressed by his servants in his royal gowns. a knock rang on his chamber doors. "come in" the king shouted as the last of his cloths where put on.

the door opened and a young servant boy came inside carrying a plush velvet pillow with the kings crown sat on it. the boy went down on his knees and presented the king his crown. the king took his crown and placed it on his head he was finally ready to see his daughter.

he sighed then walked out of his big chambers and down the grey brick stairs to the court yard where he climbed on top of the plat form set up for royalty then sat down on his throne to wait for his daughters arrival along with the large crowed of his people.

not long after the king had sat down the trumpets sounded and his daughter was announced.

first throw the crowed was two of the nights who protected the princess at all times. then there was the head of the princess guards and not long after was the princess maid Isabella and the princess her self riding side saddle on her black stallion.

the princess was wearing a light blue dress with long purple sleeves and gold embroidery round the neck and waist of it. she had a white vail over her face as well.

when they reached the plat form the guards dismounted there horses and the head of the guard went and helped the princess and her maid clime of there horses as well.

when they were all of the horses the head of the guard led the princess up the plat form steps with the princess maid following close behind leaving the other guards who led the horse away.

once the princess was in front of the king she bowed the guard still had hold of her hand to make sure she would not get hurt. then she turned to the crowed and bowed to them then the crowed all bowed back and went onto there knees.

"rise" she said to them and turned back to the king again and lifted her vail.

she was beautiful her tanned skin from the french weather made her emerald green eyes stand out and her knee long curly bright red hair almost looked as if it glowed. she smiled showing her perfect white teeth.

"welcome home lady Alexia" he king said standing up from his seat and bowing to her then taking her hand he led her of the plat form followed by her guard who had let go of her hand and her maid. they all went inside the castle and the crowd left the court yard.

"how was your journey lady Alexia?" the king asked as they climbed up the castles stone steps.

"long but i enjoyed seeing Sherwood again as we passed throw on are way here...if you do not mind i would much like to go back there and visit the towns people tomorrow?" she said still smiling.

"of course you can go as long as you take your head of guards and maid with you" the king replied as they reached a long hall way.

"thank you" she said as they came to a stop in front of a set of large wooden doors with silver handles shaped like lions. it was her room from when she used to live in the palace 7 years ago.

the king opened the door and they all stepped inside. her small bed was now replaced with a huge for poster bed with a small set of draws on each side of the bed that had candles sat on top of them. in the corner was another door to her own small toilet and bronze bath tub. on the other side was another door that led to a huge place for cloths to go. at the head of her bed was a large window that looked out over the hole of London.

" i shall leave you to retire princess i will see you tomorrow at breakfast before you leave for Nottingham" the king said leaving the room.

" i shall leave to my lady but i will be on watch out side should you need me" said her guard before leaving the room as well and shutting the door behind him.

Isabella went over to the draws to see if she could find some night cloths. to her surprise when Isabella opened the draws all the content of Alexia`s trunk was already unpacked into the draws.

Isabella pulled out a night dress for the princess and lay it on the bed.

"come on my lady you need your rest ready for tommorow" Isabella said.

Alexia walked over to Isabella who helped her out of her corset and into her night dress. Isabella then pulled back the sheets for Alexia to clime in then pulled them back over her once she was in bed. Isabella drew the curtains and put out the candles before saying good night and leaving for her own room so the princess could sleep.

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