Fake Smile. Real Pain.

When she started she only used a pair of scissors and only made a few small cuts. But she didn't cut on her wrist. Not her thighs, not her arms, not her stomach. In a weird place but it's easy to hide, her feet. They were small, only looked like she got scratched by a small dog. Now? Well now she cuts on her wrist, arms, legs, stomach, thighs. Bigger and a little deeper.


3. Chapter 3

I sat down in a seat in the way back of the room next to my best friend Savannah. We both get bullied but she doesn't cut, I do. Oh, it's anther reason why I cut, they are so many reason, I'll make sure that I explain them all. Once the bell rings I see everyone scatter to their seats leaving a blonde haired guy with big, chocolate chocolate brown eyes searching for a seat. He sat down next to me in the way back. Savannah looks at me and mouths, 'Kinda hot.' I respond with a smile. She is boy crazy, I'm not. Ever since Seth I never really bothered looking for a guy to date thinking that their all the same and remembering Savannah's experiences with boys too I just lost all my trust in guys.

"Excuse me." The new student whispers as he taps on my shoulder.

I turn to look at him and he gives me an uneasy smile, "Do you have a pencil that I can borrow?" He asks looking into my eyes.

I get trapped in his stare until Savannah pulls me back to reality, "Here, I got one noticing that Morgan has froze." She hands him a pencil.

"Thank you. What's your name?" He asks talking to Savannah. I quickly reposition myself, slouching in my chair so them too can talk.

"Savannah." She responds.

"Well, I'm Austin. And you're Morgan right?" He asks.

I look over at him and nod before looking at Savannah, the corner of her mouth curled up into a smile. "You need help with your locker or anything?" She asks.

I giggle knowing what she is trying to do, "No, but could I just sit with you guys at lunch? You both seem pretty cool."

"Yeah sure!" Savannah says but then I just sink lower into my chair and let out a quiet groan.

I barely eat, forcing myself to starve because of the bulling and getting called a, "Pig." or "Fat whore." I started to believe them. Savannah can never get me to eat but she tries anyways. I then realize what I just did, I just groaned, making it sound like I don't want to hang out with him. That's not the reason, it's because when we go to lunch he will first, find out that I'm a r=freak who doesn't eat and then everyone will walk by saying, "New kid! Why you hang out with these freaks?" Only making me want to cut more and more. I look over at Austin who looks a bit sad before I flash him a smile, a fake smile, just to calm him down and not to think that I already hate him.


I sit at the usual table that me and Savannah sit at when I see Austin and Savannah walking towards me. I put on that fake smile and say, "Hello guys."

"Why aren't you eating?" Harry questions.

I hesitate before Savannah speaks for me, "She's just not hungry today."

I mouth, 'Thank you.' To her before Austin looks at me.

Austin opens his mouth to speak but doesn't have a chance to talk when a group of popular people walk over and start saying, "Austin, why would you hang out with these attention whores?"

"Why are you hanging out with these fat pigs anyways?"

"Seriously, their losers! Come hang out with us!"

I hold back tears and Savannah become angry. Normally, I'm the emotional one and Savannah is the one who tries to stick up for us. Austin looks at us shocked before he says, "I don't understand why you're calling them that? They're nice people." The group of people laugh. "Please go, I feel like sitting with them today. Maybe I'll sit with you guys tomorrow?" He suggest before they all walk away.

"What are you doing!" I almost shout standing up.

Austin tilts his head to the side and says, "I'm confused now."

"If you get asked to sit with the popular kids then you sit with them! Otherwise they will bully you. Don't sit with us. Get up and go before it's too late." I freak out and pull him out of his chair. He grabs his food, confused before I push him away.

"What did you just do!" Savannah screams.

"I don't want the new student to get bullied like us. He won't bully people but he will become popular instantly. Just let him be." I say before sitting back down. If you were wondering then yes, Savannah know I cut and yes, she tried to tell someone but I made her stop and tell no one. She does try to help me but it doesn't work.

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