Febronia(Me), Ereni, Christeena, Sarah, and Merna were put out for adoption by our parents. Our parents didn't like us I really don't know why (but not like we liked them anyways). We were put out for adoption on adoption day. We were a REALLY big directioners and to our surprise One Direction was adopting and they looked around to find 5 girls to take home. They picked US!!!! Our new lives began now...


1. School and Parents

*At school*

Febronia P. O. V.

Me: ''Hey guys guess what?''

Merna: ''Hey Febe whats up?''

Ereni: "Whadup girl?''

Sarah: "Hey"

Christeena: "Hey whats wrong where's our weird crazy friend"

Me: "I overheard our parents talking on the phone on loudspeaker and they said which adoption do you think we should put the girls in? They all said I don't know" I said worriedly. My friends mouths dropped to the ground. 'Why would they pick US instead of our brothers they we're mean, trouble, and destructive' I thought.

All: WHAT!!!!!

Me: "I know I'm scared what do we do"

Ereni: "I mean its not that bad we don't even like them but at least we're gonna be together"

The rest of the girls:" That's true" we look at each other and smiled and all sang at the same time "So let's get some and live while we're young" We laughed and everyone in the hallway looked at us as usual cos we usually sang in the hallway. We were all good singers and loved One Direction. We just ignored the fact that we were gonna get adopted and talked and about One Direction.

Merna:" So are you going to listen to Best Song Ever" We looked at her surprised.

All: "DUHHHHH" The bell rang.

All: "Talk to you after class"

*Got Home*

Parents: "Hey we need to talk" I knew we were gonna talk about the adoption which we did.

...... SKIP CONVO......

*On Phone*

On the phone with The Girls

Me:"Girls I confirmed it with my parents"

Christeena:"About what" She spoke for all of the girls.

Me:"The adoption thingy"

All: "YA US TOO"

Me: " we are leaving tomorrow right?"

Sarah: "Ya"

Ereni: "Yup"

Christeena:"Ya I am packing while talking"

Merna:"Ya and Ya"

All: "Yupe" popping the P.

Me: "Gotta go finish packing ttylxox" Girls laugh.

All: "Us too Byeeeee"

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