Febronia(Me), Ereni, Christeena, Sarah, and Merna were put out for adoption by our parents. Our parents didn't like us I really don't know why (but not like we liked them anyways). We were put out for adoption on adoption day. We were a REALLY big directioners and to our surprise One Direction was adopting and they looked around to find 5 girls to take home. They picked US!!!! Our new lives began now...


7. I like him...

Holding hands! All our mouths dropped. And they pulled away fast noticing we were looking at there intertwined hands. It was all silent and then Louis burst out "EXPLAIN!" We all nodded. "There's nothing really to explain it's just we held hands that's it!" Harry said and everyone said 'mmmmhmmmmmm' giving him attitude. Febronia frowned and ran out of the room.

Merna P.O.V.

Febronia ran out of the room after what harry said.

"I'll go get her" I yelled and ran out the room. she wasnt anywhere to be found so I looked in the lobby. she was sitting there crying her eyes out.

"What's wrong" I asked, she didnt answer back. "answer me" i said on my knees infront of her.

'the truth is i like harry and he said we were just holding hands which means we are just friends... I don't eant to be just friends!' she said crying harder.


'I like him...'

Sorry this is short but i got alot of updates to do!

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