Febronia(Me), Ereni, Christeena, Sarah, and Merna were put out for adoption by our parents. Our parents didn't like us I really don't know why (but not like we liked them anyways). We were put out for adoption on adoption day. We were a REALLY big directioners and to our surprise One Direction was adopting and they looked around to find 5 girls to take home. They picked US!!!! Our new lives began now...


6. Hotel and I'm Back Bby!

Hey Guys,

I'm Back Baby! I'm gonna do a chapy everyday! Hopefully! Wish me luck! Need Co-Authors! Love Ya guys your amazing keep reading! And Liking! And Favoriting! And Commenting! Even the 'Update' Comment makes me happy! LOVE YA!!!


-Skip Rest Of Car Ride-

Febronia P.O.V.

We stepped out of the car and all of a sudden out of no where Paparazzi came up and asked 'Who Is This' 'Are You Dating Her' 'Is She your sister' ' Who is she' is the most popular question they asked. The boys held our wrist  and pushed us through the pap and in the hotel. Luckily the hotel had security so no pap came in we went to the check in desk.

"Yes may I help you" The check in lady asked us. I can tell she was holding in your scream.

"We need 10 rooms" Niall told the lady who had a name tag that says 'Hello I'm Sophie'.

"Here are 10 cards your rooms are: 200, 201, 202, 203, 204, 205, 206, 207, 208,and 209. How long are you staying" She said while swiping 10 cards so they can work.

"2 weeks and thanks" Harry said taking the cards and giving one card to each one of us.

"Alright your in" She says taking her eye off the computer.

"Thanks" Liam said and we all walked away.

-Skip Elevator Ride-

"Here are your bags go to your room and we'll meet you in my room in a bit after you change if you want and get settled" Louis said to all of us and we went our separate ways. I got in my room which was 200 next to Harry's which is 201. I put all my cloths in the closet and laid in by bed for a 5 minutes changed in this:

I had to dress to impress. Just then I heard a knock at the door. It was Harry! I opened the door and he asked "Are you okay?" He asked and I looked at my iPhone time and it was 9 we were supposed to be in Louis's room at 8:30."Oh yeah I guess I lost track of time" I said and Harry held my hand ant took me to Lou's room. I blushed and I guess he noticed cos he chuckled.

-In Lou's Room-

Merna P.O.V.

We were waiting on Febronia. She wasn't here yet, it was 9 and we were supposed to be here at 8:30. I was wearing:









We sent Harry to get her soon Harry and Febronia came in.....




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