Nialls my love

I'm Brianna and I recently just graduated high school and now I'm getting ready to move out of my moms house and go move to Ireland and I meet a new friend and a few more


1. I new to the city

I'm Brianna I'm 18 my mom has just told me that I had to move out now I'm irritated 

Me:mom please can I stay mom .... Mom:no baby you need to grow up your 18 going to be nineteen in a few months its time for u to grow up..... Me:ok ill leave but I'm not coming back..... Mom:do not worry ill miss you .....seriously mom I hate you uggg I get my things and put it in my car and wave bye to my mum call you mum bye.....I drive off and find a hotel to sleep for the night in Ireland  till I  look for houses tomorrow I found the closest one and a bunch a girls were all lined up in front of it so I make my way around them.....girls:Come Out One Direction.....the heck I checked my self in and made my way up to my door I opened the door and put my stuff down and then I take a shower and get ready for bed I lay in the bed then I get a knock on the door....... 


Sorry for short chapter this is my first movella but my next will be longer promise:)

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